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  1. The Dewalt 12” will not fit. I put a 10” Oregon bar on the pole saw. I’ll look to see what part numbers I used for the 10” combo set up.
  2. AdvanceCut™ Saw Chain, 16" Part# 90PX056G
  3. Anybody see the Home Depot 20v trimmer "deal" . It's dcst925. I'm guessing it's a diy Home Depot cheap version Compared to the original one like I have: dcst920 that's been working great since initial release.
  4. I have the Dewalt's depth as shallow as possible, and the foot adjusted to the flooring. I don't think I'm pushing too hard on it; I'm used to rapid/sequential mode and a quick nailing pace.
  5. I tried using my DCN682 Flooring Stapler for the first time, owned it for a year now. Customer must have bought some real soft 3/8" engineered wood. (3/4 osb subfloor). It easily sends the 1-1/2" staple 75% thru the board. Way too far. Using pneumatic Bostich 18 gauge 1-1/2" staples at the lowest air pressure, it set them ok.
  6. I guess the only runtime clue I have is that I've used 1/2 gallon of chain oil with my flexvolt saw. It does what I need it to do.
  7. out of 8, some as soon as they were released, some in-between, and some just recently. None of them seem abnormal. All seem to to have acceptable release buttons, nothing to be concerned about.
  8. Just clarifying, DCF895 vs DCF887? I think the only real difference is preference with the different chuck "styles".
  9. The longer the string is, the higher the speed of the end of the string.
  10. For this question, I have 5AH's and XR 6.0AH's. The XR 6s last quite a bit longer in my Grinder and Circular Saw. The 5s show a little warmth, the XR 6s stay cool. I just got my first Flex 6.0 because it came with the power station. Haven't used it much yet.
  11. Who else would like a Flexvolt Table Saw Version 2.0? My list of different features: Dual Flexvolt Battery. 120v to run on batteries or corded. 36" ripping capacity. Handle 7/8" Dado Stack.
  12. I'm waiting for cordless Dewalt cement board shears.
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