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    I know it’s not green, but the Flexvolt dust extractor has amazing CFM, a wireless remote for the hose and an auto-cleaning filter. It’s another battery platform, sure but if you need cordless DE, it really is one of the best.
  2. A few weeks ago, I picked up a two pack of the 4ah batteries for $79 on clearance. The two packs generally go on sale for $99 every big sale time - i.e. Black Friday, spring BF, Father's day, etc. After those promo events pass is when you can sometimes find them on the clearance rack.
  3. I suspect that what you're thinking of doing won't work. I've got one and it doesn't actually pressurize the output. It is quite easy to stop the flow on the output with your thumb.
  4. There have been lots of posts on this topic, so I don't want to rehash everything. However to sum up: Can knock off batteries work with your power tools: yes Will they perform as well as the branded battery packs: no Will they destroy your tools: not likely - but it is possible I guess Are cheaply made Lithium Ion battery packs responsible for fires: yes - (hoverboards were particularly bad) Everyone has to make their own call - is the savings worth the small chance of losing your tools and/or having the thing smoke and go up in flames in your house / garage / truck?
  5. I almost pulled the trigger on this deal at HD, but decided to behave at the last second - that'll teach me. Question for you - How does this compressor work with a blower for compressed air? How long can you use a blower before it has to kick on again? I've heard the small 1 gallon tanks just can't blow much more than a benchtop before having to cycle on again.
  6. I got annoyed with Dewalt for abandoning their 12v line back when I was staring to replace my NiCd tools, so I ended up primarily going with Milwaukee. The 5 year warranty didn't hurt either. Since then, I've got a couple of Dewalt 20v's to fill in the gaps and I forsee a Flexvolt DC in my near future.
  7. Slightly oldish thread, but I just read it, so it's new to me I'm going to disagree about wearing gloves around anything that spins. On one hand, I don't want a splinter, so I see the point there. On the other hand, I want to keep all of my hands and gloves can get pulled into spinning blades of evisceration. Anything that hangs (gloves, sleeves, hair gets put away. Breathing and hearing protectors are non-negotiable, but gloves just seem to have too many downsides.
  8. That's the Evercharge version. I imagine you could make a bracket out of wood that has the same dimensions and shape as the slot, but I don't know that I've ever seen the just the mounting point / charger for sale separately.
  9. That's only 12 cu inches. The product details sheet says it has 45% more capacity than the DWH302DH, which looks like it's the same dust box that's on the DWH161b. Either way, this looks like a very small, portable vacuum D/E for point of use and not a big, haul around tool.
  10. ^ this. The fact that it's 20v and only $249 vs. the Flexvolt's $349 makes me think it'll be lower powered and / or not have auto filters cleaning. Then again the Flexvolt is a beast of a DC that has more CFM that some corded models (The new Makita hybrid only does 125 when plugged in I believe.)
  11. I've actually had decent luck with mine - no jams to date and I've driven maybe a thousand brads. I do have to say that it is quite finicky when it comes to sinking nails fully. If you don't get the angle just right and have the face fully flush against the work piece, you've got a decent chance of a nail sitting proud of the surface when it fires. This is more of a problem when you're in a tight spot and maybe can't get the gun all the way in or are at an angle. The Ryobi is much more forgiving in this respect and even though it has a ramp up, is heavier and can't fire as fast, I think I prefer it.
  12. Actually the Mafell cross cutting saws come in five sizes. The beast is the kss80 that can cut better than 3" stock. That one is corded though.
  13. You’d think, but if that were how festool figures their pricing, the MFT/3 wouldn’t have increased in price every single year along side all the rest of their tools that have seen no new features. I’m not saying that the tools aren't worth the cost but the company's pricing model is just absurd.
  14. This is interesting - I'm eager to see how it performs and how much will get sucked out into the cyclones and out of your filter. Question though, doesn't the dyson canister have to be vertical for it to work?
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