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  1. To me the obvious answer is get both! I know you probably don't want to diversify to the point where you're carrying around five or six types of batteries, but two isn't so bad. You can get the a nailer or two, a router and anything else you're pining for long with 3-4 batteries and run both platforms happily. Then, when it's time to replace your red tools, you can always replace it with an equivalent / upgraded yellow. Ditching all of your Milwaukee tools just to be on a single platform with a couple of new tools you're looking to get seems like a great way to spend quite a lot of money for questionable return on investment.
  2. So, I know this thread is all but archived, but I figured that I'd resurrect it rather than start out a new thread to tell my sad saga. As you might have seen, I scored a Flexvolt 790 with two batteries on BF last week for a pretty good $459 plus tax. I get the shipping notification that it's going to be delivered on Thursday - woo hoo! Well, Monday morning, I was told that I needed to travel for work and to hop on a plane and plan to be there for the next couple of days. The family is out of town visiting relatives, so I got a ticket and went to the airport. Well, this afternoon, I get an email from UPS saying - surprise, your package is going to be delivered TODAY (Tuesday, two days early). Ordinarily, this would be cause for rejoicing as I get to play with my new toy early. However, I am not home. My family is not home. UPS routinely leaves packages at the end of my driveway. There is construction on the other side of the street with a developer building three new houses. Anyone want to bet on whether a giant yellow and black box labeled "Dewalt super cool miter saw!" would still be there after two days when I got home? No problem - I figure I'll just call up UPS and have them hold the package until Thursday. No can do. They blame CPO saying that their contract with them prevents any changes, but no problem - just call them up and CPO can reschedule delivery. So, I call CPO. CPO tells me that UPS won't change the delivery on the package, which I know not to be true. Apparently this damned saw is radioactive and no one will hold it, redirect it or even wait for a friggin human to receive it - it's going to get dropped of Tuesday afternoon come hell or high water and nothing is going to change that. Well, after spending an hour on the phone calling them back and forth, the ONLY option is to cancel the order altogether and have UPS return the saw to CPO. So, now I have no saw coming. I presume that I'll get my money back at SOME point in the future, but with the clusterf#$% that this has been, who actually knows. A word to the wise - CPO absolutely will NOT change anything about a delivery once a package is out the door. I've had good luck with them in the past, but I think this experience has soured me on the company. Talk about going out of your way to do nothing at all and to screw customer that has spent quite a bit of money with them in the past. Buh bye CPO - I'm out.
  3. Yes - actual fuses! When I bought my shed a few years back, the previous owner had wired it with a real-live fuse box instead of breakers. Unfortunately, there will be no saw for me - see CPO thread here:
  4. I fell victim to the frenzy of consumerism on Friday and ordered this... I'm hoping to sell my corded saw and not have to worry about blowing fuses when I turn on my vacuum and try to saw something at the same time. Then again, $500 (with tax) is not cheap and I could buy a lot of other toys for that. Should I keep it or send it back / sell it?
  5. I'm of two opinions on this one. One one hand, I totally agree that if you're just getting started out, you really don't want to start out buying top of the line gear. You're still learning and, speaking from personal experience, you'll likely make a bunch of bone headed mistakes and don't need the precision of high end wood working tools. I have a friend with too much $$$ and not enough common sense who went out and bought a 12" sliding bosch and could never get a consistent cut because he was marking with an un-sharpened pencil and didn't take blade kerf into account. (this was not me btw, but an actual acquaintance) Now that having been said, I do have a real problem recommending that anyone buys cheap, throw-away tools. Years ago, I bought a cheap miter saw (craftsman) that was probably fine for framing. However, the miter and bevel adjustments could never tighten up and my cuts routinely ended up not square and off by a little to a lot. I'd say buy a good, reliable brand, but maybe their entry level saw. A good quality entry-level saw from Dewalt, Hitachi, etc. is going to be better than a 12" slider from HF (maybe). You can also find some killer deals on CL, though if you're not comfortable fully checking out those, it might be better to stick with new.
  6. I was hoping that this vac would be good for DC when doing smallish but messy jobs around the house where I don’t want to have to haul out the shop vac (cutting drywall and sanding mostly). But if it is going to clog with fine dust, I’m going to keep hauling out my big vac or maybe I’ll Consider buying into flexvolt, since it has auto filter cleaning.
  7. I think Milwaukee has been talking to Festool. They just raised a bunch of prices. The new 12AH kits went up by $50 last week too.
  8. Damn it - now I'm going to have to pay for shipping across the pond. I didn't need to know that these existed...
  9. You don't need much CFM with sanders, so it will probably work just fine for that. Miter saws are a whole different discussion, just because the DC is so bad on most, that you need tons of air moving to suck in the dust. I really want to like the backpack blower, but the low CFM, combined with the fact that a number of ad-hoc reviews say that the filter clogs pretty quickly with finer dust is really making me think that I'm going to pass. If I were on FlexVolt, the new Dewalt cordless vac looks very nice.
  10. Nice. Now I wonder if anyone wants to buy a gently used br700. 😮
  11. I know that companies have come up with slide to stick converters, but I sort of doubt that you can make something that goes the opposite direction for the simple reason that the stick has to go somewhere. While I don't doubt that you could solve the electrical connection issues, the physical limitations of the battery form factor might be too much to overcome.
  12. That is one insane staircase. I wonder how much of that is carved and how much is steam bent.
  13. Are you looking for a woodworking planer or a hand held construction type planer? As far as I know, the 734 is not being discontinued. It hasn't received an update in some time, but that's largely because it doesn't need one. Honestly though, if you can track down a used 735, that is a much better machine than just the extra 1/2" of blade width would suggest.
  14. Why I wonder is it that the Ryobi brushless jigsaw gets a speed dial and lock on trigger, but the Milwaukee Fuel D Handle does not. I know that technically TTI doesn't interfere with the product roadmap, but the product designers at Milwaukee need to step up their game if the DIY brand is out-featuring them on new tools.
  15. I was checking out the new brushless jigsaw when I noticed a few new additions to the catalog. First up, a 400 lumen Evercharge area light https://www.ryobitools.com/power-tools/products/details/18v-one-plus-evercharge-area-light-kit Next up, looks like the project light got an upgrade and is now a hybrid https://www.ryobitools.com/power-tools/products/details/18v-one-plus-hybrid-led-project-light Finally, a crimp ring press tool! I wonder how much this is going to be. The one from Milwaukee costs a fortune for a non-pro.
  16. For those looking at the free 12AH battery with the new saws (chain, table, circular, super -zall), the Acme veterans day 11% discount DOES stack. Most other promos I've seen have specifically excluded these deals, but there's a good chance for a double deal.
  17. Awesome - I can't even find a Stihl deal around here that has one in stock. What did that bad boy end up costing, if I may ask? (If it's not in stock, the Stihl dealers don't even list the price on their websites)
  18. Deal is also available online through Toolnut and Acme - free shipping on both and no taxes (at least for me).
  19. I"d love to pick that 12AH up, but I have no idea what I'd do with it other than stick it on an impact driver just to be absurd.
  20. Good morning all. I've got a question that, while it might be better aimed at GJ, I figured I'd ask around here first, as I don't really frequent those forums much. I need the plastic piece that goes on a door strike post of a Jeep Cherokee. I found a picture of the whole assembly, which I've pasted below. All I need is the plastic piece and not the whole bolt / post. Does anyone know what this part is and if you can buy just the plastic piece. I don't especially want to shell out $30 for the whole assembly when I just need the one part. Thanks and have a great day.
  21. Found some more pics on another site. TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE!
  22. I'd leave out the things you did to it and send it back to Milwaukee with eService. I don't think the detent pin is designed to be a replaceable part or that it's supposed to wear out.
  23. My bad. When I clicked on it, it loaded from the cache and hadn’t updated to read “excluded from promo“. Now it does.
  24. I don't know - the promo is through Festool and not Toolnut and says " Any new TS 55, TSC 55, HK 55, HKC 55, OF 1010, OF 1400 or OF 2200 "
  25. I've been seriously contemplating the TSC55 deal with this - $340 for a cordless saw with four batteries is almost too good a deal to pass up. Of course, this will mean that I'll probably just go out and buy something else cordless from Festool to get a charger, so I'm pretty sure that I'll just end up spending way more than I should on tools, but that's my problem I guess.
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