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  1. How do they hold up over time for daily use or even weekly? I'm a general contractor and thought about investing in some of these products. Wanted to hear from the community about them before making a decision. Read some mixed reviews, mostly positive but according to the negative reviews these batteries don't last long, a year at most. Is this true? Only other competitor I thought about investing in was Milwaukee although most of my tools are from Dewalt's 20v lineup. I mainly wanted the Flexvolt tools for a miter saw, circular saw and reciprocating saw. I would get the table saw but since it doesn't have an a/c adapter I thought about waiting. Thanks for your time and input.
  2. Hello, I came to this forum seeking help in choosing a cordless nailer for residential work. Mainly seeking a cordless nailer for punch out work. I've seen a couple reviews on the Dewalt 15g and the Milwaukee but not sure which one I should get. Was hoping those who have these nail guns could point me in the right direction. Seems like both are fine and it's just a matter of preference, I heard that the Dewalt jams a lot which makes me lean more towards the Milwaukee. Thanks for any information.
  3. I'm annoyed, the night maintenance came. They said they would of come yesterday to open up the ceiling and check things out, they never did. I got home from work 10 minutes ago and still nothing is done...I've been working long days, I start at 7am. I'm about to open the ceiling up myself and fix it but, I shouldn't have to. I need to get out of apartment living is what I need...
  4. This water flow continued for about 10 minutes, after the video I placed the trashcan under the Fan and areas where water was seeping through then continued to clean up the mess. Maintenance is here now examining the problem.
  5. Ha, yea I'm checking the kits I buy from now on before I leave to make sure everything is there. I trusted that it would be. First time it has happened, actually no. I once bought a dvd and the cd wasn't even in there lol...f***ing Best Buy...
  6. That's exactly what happened, whoever returned the first nailer I got previously either snagged the charger and the person checking it in wasn't aware that it was a kit so he/she just saw a nailer and battery and thought "this looks ok" or when they were restocking forgot to put the charger back in the box. Either way I'm glad I got a replacement, I don't want to buy a return that might of been used for full price. That's kind of messed up actually...I wouldn't of known someone else had it otherwise.
  7. RobertMcNjr

    HD Story

    So today after work I went to HD to buy myself a new tool, I go to the aisle where the item I want is and see it on display. I start looking around to see if they have it in stock when I find an employee who looks like he hates people, the moment I approach him he says "What is your question" in this smug god damn it piss off dude, kind of way. He just wants to organize the hardware, maybe had a bad day I don't know. The guy was rude, I ask if he has this nailer in stock and he says "Do you see it?" I say " I saw the display and that's all, wasn't sure if maybe you all keep some in the back." He says "Then we don't have it, we keep stocked items on top." I thought "wow..." didn't bother with him anymore. Shouldn't of even approached him to be honest, I just said "ok thanks, take care." I check the website cause I knew that it said they had 4 in stock, went to customer service and asked them to check for me and the lady said "We actually have 5 in stock" I told her about the lovely employee I dealt with while she continued to call up another hardware associate and told me to go back to the aisle where I previously dealt with this guy. I thought "oh god here we go..." So I go back and find a different employee waiting for me looking and that guy is there as well, awkward...So the new guy and I are looking and we see it way up there. Kind of hidden, as the friendlier HD worker kindly grabs it for me the smug guy apologizes and I say "Its alright, I didn't see it either the first time." I'm happy at this point, go up and purchase it. Go back to my vehicle and drive home, when I get home I open it up and my first thought is "wtf.... -_-" I bought a kit which is supposed to come with a charger and battery along with obviously the nailer and the charger was missing. God...damn...it... So then I decide to go back, go back to customer service. Explain to them that this kit didn't have the charger inside, the lady apologizes to me and tells me I can get another one. Shit...I hope that guy isn't there I'm thinking as I'm walking back to that aisle with the I hate people person. Annnnd he's there of course, so I approach him and tell him the situation. This time around he is actually nicer, apologizes for the inconvenience and gets another Dewalt 16 gauge cordless XRP Trim Nailer (yep I bought it, gave in. Don't judge me, I held out for almost 4 months! I can always return it if I don't like it. Just more reasons to come back and say hello to my new grumpy friend here at the good ol' HD store) We started joking around as we went back to customer service for the exchange and after all that was done, went home to tell you fine people all about it. Hope you enjoyed the read.
  8. Got the splinter out, for awhile there I was sure nothing was even in there and that my finger just needed to heal. Until I saw the bastard poking out of my skin, was able to gently pull it out. Was about 1/2 inch long, very thin piece of wood.
  9. I like it, now tell me. How many people did it require to move it into the living room or did you get a forklift? lol
  10. When I first started working construction their was a guy I knew named Mel who would always bring a 32 oz thermos to work filled with coffee, even in the summer. He had to have his coffee regardless of how hot it got, at lunch I would be drinking lemonade and he would be drinking coffee lol. I love coffee too but in 80 degree weather having a cup in the morning is all I need and maybe one when I get home. He was a great guy and teacher, really enjoyed working with him.
  11. I've been using this Framing Nailer everyday for 3 months now, remodeled a house with it and a few small additions so far. I've been using the 4.0 battery and it has lasted all day (8 hour work day) fires great in any direction. Toe nailing is a breeze, I've dropped it 2 times so far from 10 feet high. Picked it up and so far "Guaranteed Tough" is true. I've had about 5 jams in the 3 months from me either hitting a nail accidentally or I think sometimes when the gun gets to the last nail in the chamber it misfires (unfortunately but this is rare) Overall I am happy with the nailer, I'll know if this is one of the best purchases I've made in a few more months of testing it. I choose this over pneumatic any day now, sure pneumatic fires faster but how fast do you need really? This isn't a Wild West stand off, the bump fire is fast enough for me. Been getting more work done with this nailer compared to my co-workers still using pneumatic simply because I don't have to drag a hose and compressor around. This nailer also gets in tighter spaces than most pneumatic nailers. I really like this nailer and I hope it last, honestly when I use it I am a little scared because it is cordless. I'm afraid of it dying and me being disappointed and then having to go back to pneumatic and my co-workers will say "Told you, knew you'd be back."
  12. So yesterday I got this splinter, pierced it's way into my index finger, right in the joint where I bend my finger and it's callused over so I'm surprised it even got in. I got part of it out or all of it, not sure. Feels like something is there or I'm just feeling a sore spot where I was digging to get it out. I can't tell if their is anything there, I don't feel a bump. It's sore at the moment and when I was trying to cut bits of skin away to get deeper to see if anything is there I couldn't find anything. Little bit of pus came out when I was searching but, don't know what to do beyond this point. Do I just let it heal? Think I should go see someone professional to examine my finger? lol... Never had a splinter I couldn't get out, maybe it is out and it is just infected now from me getting it out or it is infected because some bastard lil piece is still in there >< It doesn't hurt being idle, but can't bend my finger fully. When I try and bend it a sharp pain occurs but that could either be because a lil piece is still there or it could be that when I bend my finger it puts pressure on the cut causing a sharp pain....ugh this is annoying, it's almost like having a foreign body trapped in your eye and you can't get it or you scratched your eye so it feels like something is there but isn't.
  13. Oh and one more thing that drives me nuts, parents who bring their children or baby even! To a rated R movie and the kid just won't shut up or the baby won't stop crying....
  14. Do you ever go to the movies? Something came out and you're excited to see it, are you a movie-goer? I know I am and one thing that never fails when I decide to take my wife out to see a flic. Their is always some disrespectful, non-courteous, I don't give a crap about the people around me type of person(s). These people ruin the whole experience for me, its as if newer generations have forgotten about manners and proper conduct in public. The general young populace seems to just be getting more rude, the kind of people that only care about themselves. Drives me up the wall, what happened to parents disciplining children properly and teaching them manners and respect. Technology is great but, I think we're degrading as a whole because most of the time I believe we have our children distracted watching T.V or playing video games so parents can do what they want which to me is selfish if you decide to have children and everyone now as a whole has their face buried in their cell phone updating their status on facebook or something. Instead of talking we're texting, young children especially. Its like they don't know how to socialize properly or how to act appropriately. All these young kids acting tough on the internet...ugh... Back on subject though, I would love a theater in which a security guard is put in each auditorium and kicks the loudmouth, texting and calling people out of the theater. Security guard with the walkie signals the dude up in the projection booth to pause the movie while he proceeds to escort the a-holes out of the movie theater. I would love it and would pay extra just for a peaceful experience when going to the movies. I'm probably coming off as a prick here but, that's my opinion.
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