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  1. its always stories like this that make me wonder what would happen if the person(or in your case you) were to say no
  2. I've heard great things about the ridgid sander but i have a 30 year old craftsman that still works for me
  3. this is the best comparison video about hammer drills ever made in my opinion.
  4. the fact there is an 800 number to order it says all you need to know
  5. http://gizmodo.com/this-tiny-toolbox-transforms-into-an-entire-woodshop-1688509138
  6. i like Makita but have no use for drywall gun... now if Milwaukee comes out with a drywall gun that would get just for the hell of it
  7. so today i got an email from Stanley to take product research survey the entire survey was about axes, hatchets, mauls, etc. but the one question that really took me by surprise was the made in us question, it basically said "would you be more inclined to buy a product that is made in the us?" so with this could we be seeing made in the us axes from Stanley or at least axes in general? what do y'all think would you buy one if it was priced right? ps: i have never gotten an email from Stanley before this one so this could mean absolutely nothing -shade
  8. it will also have a assortment of car themed restaurants and shops
  9. i am in the market for a tap and die set, i would like a set that is complete and will not need many add ons thanks -shade
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/makers/hardware-store-decor-9-ways-to-repurpose-tools-110582262340.html
  11. the guy who had the house before us was a huge car guy so the garage is only a little smaller than the house itself
  12. http://www.homedepot.com/b/Featured-Products-Power-Tools-Milwaukee-Promotion/N-5yc1vZcasm
  13. the pay would have to be astronomical for me to go up that high
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