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  1. I agree California Air is quiet especially indoors. I bought a 220v air compressor 30+ years ago and the tank rusted out. Replacement tanks are not cost effective, so you might as well get a new compressor. One of the first things I bought after my tank rusted out was a California Air just because of the aluminum tank and I'm glad I did. I finally found a broken compressor with a good tank (took over 1 1/2 years) at a garage sale. Now I have to transfer the compressor to the new tank.
  2. Oh Great! Now I want a Bandsaw.
  3. Good point. I'm going to try cutting down a Diablo sawzall blade. But first I'm going to check to see if Stanley or Kobalt keyhole saw blades will fit. I measured the blade and it is 18mm or 13/16" wide.
  4. I have thought of modifying a reciprocating saw blade but so far all have been just a tad too wide. Less than 1/4" that I could grind off. But then there is the tang at the rear of the blade. My guess is that grinding would alter the temper of the blade. Unless I grind a small amount at a time, but patience is not one of my strong points and I'm not sure what would happen if I tried to snap off the tang.
  5. I have this hack saw (or utility saw?) that I got from my father. This has been a handy little saw over the years, but now there is a split in the blade making it much less stable. I have been looking for a source for some new blades for it but so far have struck out. Anyone know of what brand of saw this is? More important where I can get some new blades for it?
  6. We tried to tell them but it seems like most of these guys are hung up on stuff from Home Depot. Milwaukee makes great tools. I know cause I have a bunch of M18 & M12 tools. This light is good for a company that specializes in tools, but there are many other companies that specialize in flashlights.
  7. We all have our preferences, but in our household this is the most used tool in the house. It sits on a shelf in the utility room and the wife uses it more than I do. When she was cleaning a spot in the carpet I suggested she use this flashlight, that started her obsession with this flashlight. I will eventually get another flashlight for myself when I find one with a better throw and uses AA's. When our alarm goes off at night I grab this flashlight to see what triggered the alarm in the yard and it's great at seeking out the intruder. Generally the intruder is deer or skunks but coyotes
  8. Not interested in this light, too big and expensive. I get 980 lumens out of 4 AA's in a much smaller package. http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?364639-Sunwayman-D40A-(XM-L2-4xAA)-Review-RUNTIMES-BEAMSHOTS-VIDEO-more
  9. My batteries are pampered, never left in the winter cold or summer heat.
  10. Did not know they made a fast charger. I just checked the HD website and can't believe how much they want for a charger. I guess I'll just wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. It's better for the battery if it's charged slowly, Right?
  11. redmed


    I only got $11.57 Got to buy more stuff!
  12. I have used two of the Craftsman 100' hoses for eight years with no problems. Just bought a 50' for $4 after using points.
  13. Man, I can't wait till next year. So there is going to be a strange color (Yellow) in my pole barn. Now that I have some Dewalt batteries I'm starting to look at ads for Dewalt stuff. I'll have see what tools Dewalt has that Milwaukee does not.
  14. I would tell you but then I'd have to take all your Harbor Freight coupons. Look for a HD near a Harbor Freight.
  15. Find a young cashier to better your chances. I know of a HD that takes Harbor Freight coupons but it is a long drive for me. I was out and about in a area I rarely go and was turned down at two HD's. On my way home I almost did not stop at another because they have only taken the coupon once out of many tries. I went to a young cashier and she was so new she did not know how to do a competitor's match. She called over another cashier to help her and she could not get it to take. They called over another older cashier, and I figured I was screwed, but she did the discount.
  16. Buy a 20v Dewalt string trimmer, hedge trimmer or blower with a 5ah battery and charger and get a 3ah battery free. I'm going to return the (free)3ah battery and should get $66 back. Bringing the price of the string trimmer down to $133 ($199 - $66). In place of the one 3ah battery I returned, I bought the double pack of 3ah batteries on sale for $99. I used a HF 20% off coupon to get the double pack of 3ah batteries so for a $14 difference I will end up with two 3ah batteries instead of one. Also HD will also match the Menards 11% rebate on purchases this week so I should get another 1
  17. You may be right about Milwaukee stuff but I now have a big investment in the red stuff. Two years ago I gave up on my Nicad drills etc and went all in with Milwaukee. The main reason I went with Milwaukee was their warranty and a good deal on their 12v stuff. I now have 3 12v drills, 2 12v impacts, 3 18v drills, 3 18v impacts, 3/8 12v ratchet and the 18v 1/2 drive impact beast. Of all that so far I have only sent one of the 12v drills back because the light would not shut off. Granted the drill had only light use before the light malfunction, but the new replacement they sent has been tr
  18. With the HD deal you can end up with the trimmer + 5ah battery + charger for $118. The battery and charger is worth the extra $19. Unless you already have yellow batteries. Up into this week all I could see is red (Milwaukee).
  19. Now that I'm invested into Dewalt. I bought the two Dewalt 3ah battery deal giving me one 5ah & two 3ah Dewalt batteries. I'm now looking at the Dewalt tool deals. My Milwaukee tools will not be happy.
  20. I got the Dewalt 20v trimmer and I'm impressed. Better yet my wife likes it! It has more power than I expected and ran it for 20 minutes and its still going. HD has it now for $199 with a free 3ah battery. It comes with a 5ah battery and the free 3ah battery is a plus. I see on the receipt I can return the 3ah battery for $66 which makes the trimmer only cost $132. Plus this week Menards has their 11% off sale that HD matches, so I can probably get another $14 back. Bringing the cost of the trimmer down to $118. I'm happy.
  21. Truckers knot. Learn it you'll be glad you did!
  22. I have the Sthil FS46. It is fine for me but my wife makes a big deal about how she misses her Weedeater and how light it is. I'm tired of fixing the Weedeater. My arm is sore trying to get the darn thing started. The Dewalt 20v has good reviews and has a free extra battery deal going on now. I'm going for it! Plus HD is discontinuing most of the Dewalt 40v stuff.
  23. I have a 18+ year old Weedeater gas String trimmer that I am finally giving up on. It is my wife's favorite and she does most of the trimming. I also have a Sthil but my wife won't use it because it's too heavy. I don't want to do the trimming, I already spend 2+ hrs cutting the grass with my garden tractor, so I'm looking for a decent battery powered string trimmer that is light weight for my wife. After reading reviews I'm leaning towards the 20v Dewalt String Trimmer DCST920P1. The reviews about the Dewalt seem good and as a plus I can use the batteries for more some Dewalt power tool
  24. Lowes does not exist anymore for me. I had bought a few items online that where on sale. When I came in to pickup the items they tried to give my money back, I had to spend over a hour on the phone with corporate to get the items and they acted like they where doing me a favor. There are other places that are more honorable.
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