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  1. I bought them directly through Hilti, if you call them they just set you up with an account over the phone. They won't quote you any pricing through there online chat,email,facebook or on the phone unless you have an account. It took about 6minutes total to set up the account and place the order. A normal fluent English speaking person answers on first ring no automated machine BS, or foreign call center crap you can't understand. I noticed when searching around on all websites including eBay the best pricing was on there own website. One guy from eBay quoted me over $850 in a private message
  2. Guys, I made my decision and placed my order this morning. I ended up going with a Hilti combo like my friend suggested. I got the new SF 10W-A18 hammer drill & the SID-18A impact. The combo came with 2 of the larger batteries, charger, case, and some bits all for under $600. Part of the reason I went with them was their customer service was insane, they were facebook message chatting with me at 11pm on a Sunday night answering my questions through there Hilti North America page & when I placed the order this morning they overnighted it to me for free so I will have it tommrow. They
  3. In searching around online about my friends Hilti suggestion which I know nothing about I also came across metabo. Any thoughts on them as well? Electronic clutch sounds pretty cool
  4. Guys, A friend of mine suggested I buy a Hilti Impact driver kit that included 2 batteries for around $400. Then buy the new Hilti SF 10W-A18 as a bare tool option for $200 when it releases soon. He said hilti has a lifetime warranty and is on an entire different level of quality compared to the others. He said the new drill has like 1100lbs of torque eliminating the need to get an sds for my concrete wall drilling. This would put me at about $600 total and I would have 2 top of line products with cases and batteries. I am not familiar with the Hilti products at all, it seems the impact mode
  5. Thanks everyone for your input, I really appreciate you taking the time to give me your opnions. Does Bosch ever do any promotions or specials at any particular time of the year or website etc. I have searched the Internet today and on most sites I can find some sort of promotion for free tool, free battery or xxx amount off when buying multiple tools for just about every manufacturer except Bosch. My local Home Depot /Lowes has deals on Bosch, but it's the cheaper entry level models. Is there any place or time of the year Bosch has deals on there more flagship models? Reason I ask is, when I
  6. Hello all, Been lurking on the forums, finally decided to sign up. I need your guys help in making my next purchase. My budget is $650 and I'm looking to get an Impact Driver/ A drill/ and an SDS plus rotary hammer. I'm looking for all cordless and preferably brushless. I'm down to the following unless you have a better suggestion: ***Option 1 Makita Xt25m combo kit for $384.97 ( The promo also includes a free dual 18vx2 36v rotary hammer ) So this would give me the ( xph07z Hammer Drill, Xtd01z Impact, & free xhrz053 Dual battery rotary hammer) Then I could use and additional $150
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