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  1. They seriously need to be working on the Toughsystem. Packout is continuously rolling out new variations. 2.0 was something but pretty basic relative to Milwaukee. Would love to see a one-drawer unit like the Tstak. Would love to see some sort of adapter plate as well. Something you can attach a tool bag for hand tools.
  2. I'm too far into the Toughsystem for Packout. I really wish it would've come out earlier, definitely far more option. I like some of the T-Stak options. Wish there was more middle ground between the Toughsystem and T-Stak. T-Stak seems more functional but you need more boxes. Toughsystem you need fewer but those boxes can get pretty heavy and overloaded.
  3. Let's see them. I have some kaizen foam that I will be using in some. But I have some time on my hands and plan on building some inserts/customizeable features for some of my boxes coming up. Looking for any ideas.
  4. Looks like it'd be cheaper to just buy the individual boxes at Home Depot then one of Acme's kits right now.
  5. And like that....full line is up on Acme Tool's site including the insert trays. Home Depot has the other boxes up now too.
  6. Any updates here? Home Depot has the new rolling box listed but it’s unavailable.
  7. Ive only seen the small at Lowes. I'm wondering if the bigger ones are cut to fit inside the Toughsystem boxes like the storage trays coming out later this year for the 2.0 roll out
  8. Dumb question...but can a DeWalt battery be used in a Stanley tool since they are the same manufacturer
  9. Picked one of these up at Lowe's for $149.99. Love it. Heats a 400 sq foot garage easily....and gets it toasty.
  10. Agree with a bunch of the above. -Handle for the tote (like the UK models) -Vaccum built into a Tough System box -Another box slightly between the 150 and 300 (without the inserts or lids) -Love the idea of a soft side bag with bottom connections like the Packout concept -Dividers and maybe some more a la carte features. Hate having all the extra bins from my 130s and 150s lying around. -Integrate some of the mechanic's set boxes into a Tough System compatible box.
  11. Anyword on when the wall racking is going to come out. They have it advertised on the tags attached to the new boxes but it's nowhere on anyone's website
  12. jslsker

    Planer Advice

    Novice to planning but looking to purchase. Can someone in simple layman's terms tell me the difference between the http://www.lowes.com/pd_221857-70-DW734___?productId=1061487&pl=1&Ntt=dewalt+planer and the http://www.lowes.com/pd_473803-70-DW735X___?productId=4542274&pl=1&Ntt=dewalt+planer
  13. DeWalt Brad Nailer that works just fine. Considering getting the 18V Cordless one. Not in a trade, just for use around the house and various projects. Thoughts/opinions? Pros/cons of each one?
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