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  1. So far it is paying off. My job sites are all over Northern IL. Some being a 2 hr drive each way. At 1000 miles a week its been a huge payoff on my back to have a smooth ride.
  2. Awesome rig! Sucks that the process was not too smooth, but in the end you are all good. Be sure to post pics of the final setup. I always learn something from other people's work truck setups.
  3. Hey fellas! Life has been nuts lately to say the least. I had the new baby girl a few months ago now. NOW I have another baby to take care of. She's a 2017 1500. She has the V6 and that's awesome, 22.4 mpg so far. It's the same as my 05 Colorado 4 banger was. I have since done a spray in liner from line X and installed a weatherguard saddlebox. It seams like I am changing it every other day to adapt to ever-changing tasks. But so far it is perfect for the work!
  4. I wonder how they withstand getting suck in a cut when the blade gets bent. It may have its place but i dont see it yet.
  5. I have a straight edge similar to that. Just clamp and go. And a fraction of a track saw in price
  6. Thanks guys! She is truly a blessing. We have had some issues along the way to build our family. We had lost our first a daughter and our third a son. Now we have an amazing son who is 7 and Lilly. Thanks Chris, I hope your little one is doing well. Her first tool will be from team red for sure. As soon as she can follow basic safety she will be hanging with me and her brother.
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know the newest crew member is here! Lillian "Lillypad" Ann Hess She was born 3/6/17 7lbs 2 oz 19.5 inches we came home yesturday and are settling in. Soon she will be another helper for daddy and mommy.
  8. Lol thats hilarious! If I had a tube in the garage I would get less done than i already do.
  9. Welcome J! I was born on the south side but im a Cubbies fan for life, well before the bandwagon came to town haha. Nice to have another IL boy on here.
  10. Looks really nice. I would love to get into turning, seems like it could be therapeutic.
  11. You can find them here... https://www.ohiopowertool.com/p-16837-southwire-19-mini-compact-chest-cc191932.aspx
  12. Congrats!!! Dont worry, take everything one step at a time. My son is 7 it goes by quick and my daughter will be here around march 8th. Congrats again!!!
  13. Welcome buddy! Powerplants have been my bread and butter for years, thanks for keeping em running!
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