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  1. Does anyone know of a source who might have any of the old two drawer tough boxes for sale? Maybe on close out??
  2. Very impressive! Where's the coffee table?
  3. Damn son... can't go wrong with that! You'll love the sawzall! All I got was some ho-hum pizza and a bottle of water and a job well done. Pretty disappointing when we're close to becoming a billion dollar company.
  4. A little side project I've been working on the past few days when I can find the time. Pretty happy with the out come so far. Might redo it when I eventually invest in a router. Still have a few more adjustments to make. I made it with the idea to leave it in the tough box vs. having a caddy to pull out.
  5. I don't doubt their a good brand. I personally find it annoying to return any item if it doesn't live up to your expectations.
  6. That's what I'm afraid of. I'll have to give it more thought or con someone else to buy them!
  7. Definitely like the set up! Might have to come up with something for my own... God knows I have enough chargers!!!
  8. Today while at Home Depot while looking at the usual. I just so happened to remember a past job this week where I could of really used a ratching open box wrench. So I came across these today. So as usual my question is. Has anyone used these or something similar from another company? How did they perform for you? Do you feel your investment was justified? I found these to be rather inexpensive to me at $39.95 for the set. I just hate buying something only to return it the next day.
  9. I'm very happy with my PC pin nailer. I've had it almost eight years and never had an issue.
  10. Poisonfang pretty much covered all the bases. Liscense, bonded and insured is a must and be sure to check if it's all current. Some cities may charge a small fee but shouldn't be more than $15. Make sure your contract is legit and solid and that there are no gaps left open. If the contractors estimate if off (which is not uncommon these days) make sure he/she provides you with a change order contract and that it's not written on a napkin! Good luck!
  11. Since I can't find one yet to see for myself. Can the handle on that particular be removed? I know two different totes are coming to market, just curious if that has the option to.
  12. What do you think of the tote so far? I've been stopping by HD and our local Dewalt dealer hoping to come across one. I'm planning to use it for my collection of drywall knives and accessories.
  13. I think the news over exaggerated the snow here in Denver by let's say 100 times over!!! You can't get a fair forcast from a metorogist to save your life. 5" from midnightish to 8am and it was all gone by 11am. I could go on and on about the weather here, but as they say.... "If you don't like the weather, wait a couple of hours it will change". This morning for example was 32 degrees with a projected high of 50-55... so why was it 68 around noon? Smh!
  14. Man you're a lucky dog if she buys it for you for xmas! I ask for tools every year and end up empty handed. BTW nothing but great results with the fuel sawzall. I've owned plenty of sawzalls in the past and this one rocks. The power this one puts out makes demo days a breeze. No cords to come unplug or get wrapped up in. Plus it might just be me but I really like the rafting hook too.
  15. Yes. One switch turns on the main bulb while the other switch turns on the bulb inside the base.
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