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  1. Lowes sucks, I wanted to buy the DeWalt XR stubby recip saw which came with a free 6.0 battery last week. And wouldn't you know it they never had it in store. The guy said they have been sold out for months, plus I tried to buy it online and it wouldn't let me pick a shipping option for the battery. Lowes blows!!
  2. Hey guys hurricane Irma is going to hit us tomorrow and it is gonna be ugly. I live in Homestead FL and have been here all my life and have been threw tons of hurricanes. I survived Hurricane Andrew and Irma is going to be worse than Andrew and possibly throughout history. We lost everything in Andrew, house had to be gutted and had a partial roof collapse. Homestead suffered the worse and we still haven't recovered from it there is still many empty lots today. With Irma now history may repeat itself and I will be in the same house I was in with Andrew in Homestead. Prepared as much as I can but you can never be prepared enough. Walmart has been closed since yesterday and gas stations have been out of gas for days. Water and gas has not been restocked like the media has been saying if any water delivery comes its gone in seconds. They also have been saying how gas tankers have had police escorts to bring gas in as quick as possible. This is a huge problem and those tankers never made it here. I will survive the storm, hopefully I will survive the violence that will ensue after the storm. Loss of power will go on for a long time they estimate 4.1 million customers and thats just FP&L. My poor 2017 Super Duty which I just got less then 4 months ago will most likely be heavily damaged which sucks. Its parked in the garage but I don't think the roof will hold I hope it doesn't fall on the truck. But it can be replaced just like the house but lives cannot!! I hope to be back on here soon its gonna be a long ride and some outer storm bands are already here. This isn't a goodbye its a see you later!!
  3. 8 months old that should be a penny buy it..lol
  4. It's to much money you can buy the sawzall and the battery on ebay for $180. You would get the charger for free buying this kit but I always consider chargers to be free when buying a kit. Plus when I think about it I thought I saw this kit on sale for $199 months ago, so they took $25 off so big deal. I saw two circular saws at the first HD too but didn't look how much they were. I think the box doesn't market very well and is confusing for most people. To me it looks like your only buying a battery and charger for $249 the small picture of the sawzall in the corner doesn't even catch my eye. But then they try really hard to market how much it would cost if purchased separately $449, give me a break HD. How would a 9.0 battery and a charger ever cost $249, what a joke. So yea bad marketing and price inflation made these kits a dud. Ebay has great prices as everyone is buying big kits and then selling individual tools. They make money and save us money win win
  5. Found two more!! When will this be 75% off, sticker born date of 5/16/17. I would buy when it goes to 75% off and paint it yellow!! Hope to have my first M18 tool soon!
  6. It may or may not be hiding under the shelf planks
  7. In a few months I will but this for a penny and have my very first Red M18 tool. Can't wait!!!
  8. Future ebay sales..lol That isn't rite they couldn't price match it, the manager was probably acting like he was the one losing money. I don't think I ever price matched anything from HD, but if you can't price match from HD to HD what's the point. I'm fed up with HD two weeks ago they had a online deal of the day, a 20v bandsaw kit for $150 was over $400. It was just a scam as it was sold out and everyone is saying the same and questioning if they even had one kit. Then last week pro's got 25% off select ceiling fans, I bought two and only got 25% off one. Luckily I looked at the receipt when I got back to the truck and went back in
  9. Damn totally missed out today, that bandsaw was a smoking deal I really needed it to, would have bought three of them. Sucks I was at HD returning stuff early this morning too. I must have saw the email because it was in my trash folder, I guess I thought it was just the usual junk deals. Hopefully one of you guys bought it, I'm pissed at myself. I only found out about todays deal from a youtube video but it was sold out already and then I check my trash and it was there..lol http://www.homedepot.com/SpecialBuy/SpecialBuyOfTheDay?mi_u=112741325&mi_job_id=3044592&cm_mmc=hd_email-_-SBOTD-_-20170703_sbotd_3044592-_-sbotd_cta&et_rid=35413048
  10. Oh yea here's yesterday weather 106 when you count the 82% humidity
  11. Hey what's up Mike!! People would melt if there was no A/c here the humidity is crazy high here 82% yesterday and it hasn't rained in days. Its hard to say which way is more affordable there is a ton of variables to consider but it all depends on your contractor. You may not have to run duct work with a ductless but depending on how many units you need you would have to wire up each condenser which gets pricey. Lets say the way your house is built you can't do one condenser (outdoor unit) with multiple head units (indoor unit). So you would have to have three outdoor units plus wire each one, and if your electrical service can't handle that it would be a huge expense to upgrade your service. They have an inverter which is the same energy efficient technology as a mini split that is ducted and looks just like a standard A/c split system. Which may be cheaper then mini splits, because it would need less breakers added and only two units to wire up. You do have to do the duct work as well but Its much nicer than having this huge ugly machine hanging on your wall in every room of the house. Plus you would have all these crazy ugly pipe raceways on the side of your house for the refrigerant piping going to each room. I will one day change my standard units with an inverter model one day. But theres so much to consider, I think mini splits are great for one or two rooms. But to do a whole house with mini splits I believe an inverter with ductwork is a better option. Plus who want's to keep up with five mini split remotes..lol I hope this helps Mike and not confuse you more
  12. So I saw Dan's facebook video about a pair of wire strippers and a video from Klein on there YouTube page today. To say the least I'm confused because they are saying its a new product, when I bought two pairs at HD last August. That is when I took these pictures, I bought them because it had been listed as discontinued on HD website since well forever. I really wanted to try them so I would keep checking to see if HD took them off there site, or updated to a new model number. So a few months go by and I'm digging all the way in the back of shelve at HD and I see a familiar shape. Wouldn't you know its the strippers!! and two pairs!! So I bought them and was going to do a review for you guys and also show you want I thought was an extinct tool. I thought maybe someone returned them and they have just been hiding on the shelve for years. After I bought them a month goes by and all of sudden I slowly start seeing every HD stock these. At that point I'm just lost, confused, and frustrated because I have been looking for a pair for a long time and some how they came back in production and every HD has them. Funny thing is I haven't even used them yet after all this time since I use my linemans pliers for everything and have been quite busy. As an electrician your trained to use them for everything, some people call lineman pliers an electrician's hammer. So I only use strippers for wire in lighting ballast's because its hard to strip wire that gets heated up as well as wire that is outdoors in bell boxes. I guess I should find them and actually use them so that maybe I could review them for you guys one day..lol Once again I bought them last August and the pictures are from back then. New pliers I think not! Go home Klein your drunk
  13. Getting warmer http://www.homedepot.com/SpecialBuy/SpecialBuyOfTheDay?mi_u=112741325&mi_job_id=3037111&cm_mmc=hd_email-_-SBOTD-_-20170608_sbotd_3037111-_-sbotd_cta&et_rid=35413048
  14. So do I, this is perfect just what i was looking for sad no one ever. http://www.homedepot.com/SpecialBuy/SpecialBuyOfTheDay?mi_u=112741325&mi_job_id=3036320&cm_mmc=hd_email-_-SBOTD-_-20170606_sbotd_3036320-_-sbotd_cta&et_rid=35413048
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