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  1. Just bought ,myself a 6.2 Ah liHD battery, will give it a good test next week when I'm back at work.
  2. Just bought myself this: http://www.metabo.com.au/Product-catalogue-handheld-powertools.24128+M5adf5c001f1.0.html Haven't used it in anger yet, but I think it'll be the goods. My LTX 200 has been great, but lacks a bit of nut busting torque (I work on earthmoving equipment). This will solve all those issues.
  3. Latest Metabo Australia brochure, some cool stuff in there. Brushless 18V angle grinders and the LiHD batteries among others. Check it out. http://cdn.metabo.com/up/media/Metabo_A5_Product_Catalogue_2015-16-online_lr.pdf
  4. Electrician, work on diesel - electric drive dump trucks at a coal mine, so not the same as the usual house wiring electrician, not sure I want to go back to that.
  5. The one thing I'm not into with the Milwaukee impact wrenches is the anvil has the detent pin to retain the socket. I much prefer the friction fit on my Metabo - less fiddly. Otherwise the Milwaukee is awesome IMO.
  6. Having a shorter shank on the socket adaptor bits means less torque is lost through the fitting. It's still no substitute for a proper impact wrench, though.
  7. That is seriously impressive. Say goodbye to corded tools.
  8. Over this side of the world, Metabo is quite prominent. Not as popular as Milwaukee or Hitachi in my industry for cordless tools, but everywhere as far as grinders go. Here almost nobody touches Dewalt...
  9. Metabo and Milwaukee are my cordless tools of choice. For corded tools - Hitachi and Metabo.
  10. herbs

    Hilti Gx120

    I've seen the GX 120 in action years ago, nice nailgun. From memory, it does have a small battery that is replaced once a year, it's not the normal rechargable battery.
  11. This sounds interesting. http://www.metabo.com.au/LiHD-Technology.56489.0.html My 5.2 Ah batteries last for ages as it is. Sounds exciting either way.
  12. ^^^^Metabo make the best grinders in the business, IMO. Well worth the money.
  13. If I had my time again, I'd never have bought a Snap On 18 volt drill, what a grand waste of money that was. Should've bought a kit by Hitachi/Metabo/Milwaukee instead. Now I'm building up a Metabo set. The Snap On drill is just taking up space.
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