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  1. When you see the box that pops up, it should give you the option to disable notifications per-the website that's asking you to grant access. Just tick the arrow next to the button (highlighted in my screenshot below) and select "Always Block Notifications" and you shouldn't be bothered by the site any longer. I highlighted the button in red. ------- Hope that helps!
  2. Hey guys! I was wondering if there was an existing list of web images / artwork for TIA that we could use for linking on websites and other forums? I did some searching and couldn't find one. If this doesn't exist, would it be possible to have a page with a list of various sizes, image formats, or perhaps logo guidelines? I think this would help out folks that want to share the TIA links on their personal sites or on other forums, otherwise the people that want to link back to TIA, would have to rip the existing logo on the forum or site. This could degrade the quality if they have to upscale it or something, which is definitely not good for the brand. I don't know how many folks would be interested in this type of post, but I thought maybe it would help some of us out. Thanks!
  3. That's a great deal. I'll definitely have to check it out, for $15 you can't go wrong! Thanks for the heads up!
  4. That's quite impressive. I wonder if it could really drill into something like balsa wood.
  5. That looks awesome! I need to do something like this too. Bottle caps end up everywhere because I'll just toss one on the counter, table, on the desk, etc. A collection box would make cleanup a lot easier.
  6. Those look great! I love pallets, unfortunately can't seem to find any freebies anymore. Everyone wants to try to sell them instead of just throw them out, haha! Great job!
  7. That was really interesting. It's always cool to see publications from that far back. It's also pretty amazing when you think about it, those tools are still holding up today. People still use them and they keep on ticking. Certainly built to last.
  8. I've never been a fan of the Avalanche, I think they are super ugly to begin with. Haha this guy just made it even worse! I have seen some pretty awesome jobs done with plasti-dip and even seen some rhino lined cars that came out great, but this bed liner job looks REALLY bad. It's amazing what some people do to their vehicles and think it's an art or looks badass, hahaha.
  9. Hahaha! You're definitely right about them being out dated. My previous cordless system was all craftsman, jigsaw, drill, sander, etc. and used nicads and they have bit the dust for the final time. I guess I should iterate a little. I didn't sell all of my tools - I still have some manual hand tools, like screw drivers and wrenches. I also have sockets coming out of my ears haha! But power tool wise they all had to go. I had to rebuild the battery packs on that craftsman system at least twice over the years and it just wasn't worth it any more. So, I guess it was a good thing I got rid of that, haha. I've owned and used Milwaukee drills and circular saws in the past and have been infatuated with the Fuel for quite a while but just cannot afford it. I used to have the old gen 2 Ridgid drill and dug it quite a bit, but it went when I got rid of everything else. I've been looking at the Ridgid Gen5x kit / R8611503 drill for some time and I'm in love with it. It seriously kicks some major butt, especially compared to the older Ridgid drills. That particular drill offers everything I need and I really dig Ridgid's new stuff. Their new tools are pretty damn good right now and I'm super impressed by what they are doing. I just bought a variable speed random orbit sander (ridgid) and couldn't be happier, the thing was cheaper than the Dewalt and the ergonomics were even better too. So I guess it's safe to say I'm really into Ridgid right now. Aside from Ridgid and Milwaukee, I also dig the smaller 12v Bosch line for light duty work. I'm really all over the place, I think every manufacturer offers something decent. Some do one thing better than others and vice versa. I don't mind mixing brands, I have preferences but am always open to new stuff and other brands. ------- A half acre ain't nothing to me I grew up on 10 acres when I was a kid and had to mow it almost once a week in the summers haha! My grandfather flew model airplanes and he had an airstrip out in the field/ back yard, so I would have to help him keep it trimmed and looking good so his planes would land properly. It was a lot of land and a lot of mowing but it really conditioned me hahaha. So I'm good with a push mower, good exercise too! Which I definitely need, haha!
  10. I just bought some nylon, brass, and steel bristle detail brushes to clean up some grime around this apartment before I move out and I tell you what, best $1.79 I have spent in a long time. These come in a 3 pack and the handles are curved so it makes scrubbing super easy and less strenuous. They hold up super well and do a lot of scrubbing. I cleaned the stove, around my brushed stainless steel sink, shower tiles, round the faucets and drains. I even cleaned up some rust off of my Leatherman and a few other things around the place and they are still ticking! http://www.harborfreight.com/3-pc-detail-brush-set-69638.html Harbor Freight also has a 6 piece set for $1.99 which really, it's a better deal because it comes with the 3 detail brushes but it also comes with full-size brushes as well. The handles aren't as nice but they will definitely do the trick. http://www.harborfreight.com/6-piece-detail-brush-set-93610.html ------- I'll go to HF every once in a while to pick up odds and ends like sand paper, sanding discs, stuff like that. Their 5'' random orbit hook and loop pads aren't too bad for what they are. They certainly are not Diablo pads, but in a pinch, they'll get the job done. The various dremel / rotary bits they sell are also not too bad. The diamond bits are actually pretty tough and last a long time, they are a fraction of the cost of the dremel brand. The key to getting the best stuff at HF is to think practical. If something seems to be way too good to be true, it probably is. A lot of their handheld power tools are not really worth it, but sometimes you can find diamonds in the rough. It's definitely best to check out reviews and see what others have had experience with before purchasing something like a power tool from them.
  11. Hahaha! I also thought it would look pretty good in a bar top or even computer desk. Actually! It would be neat in an entertainment center too. Use it to set up mood lighting.
  12. Flipping great work. It's a really simplistic design but it certainly looks a lot more complex, it really stands out! I really dig it!
  13. Really good design there, leandrorr2011. Your metal brake and sheet bender are also pretty sweet! @pmiller383 - You did a great job on the cart, I dig it!
  14. Extremely great build! Like RickyMcGrath said, it could definitely be modified to fit all kinds of work styles. I could really see this being put to use for a stage hand / roadie or guitar tech for a band. Having done that before, it can be a pain rolling around cabinets full of tools and rigging equipment. Never thought to build a sweet add on like this, it definitely would have helped out back in the day, haha!
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