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  1. Just a heads up. HD has the table saw available with a free additional 12Ah battery. I just got mine delivered and the battery is just shipped alongside in a separate box and comes in the standard retail single pack packaging. Nice deal considering how expensive those batteries are.
  2. I scored a great deal on the large Packout box. I needed a water resistant tool box for when I take my car to the track this week up in Lime Rock with rain possibly in the forecast. I saw only one store had limited availability of the box and wanted to see it in person to judge if it would fit in the trunk. When I showed up it had a piece of copy paper on top saying $129 and looked like it might have been a return or just a store demo box so I wheeled it over to the pro desk and asked the guy if he could do better on the price because it looked like a return. He said sure and took me over to the register and gave me $50 off. I’m thrilled because I was just gonna spend nearly as much on some cheaper rigid or husky box but my store had tons of those with half of them with broken latches sitting on the shelves. I had to put a moving blanket down in the back seat to get it home but figured the top handle looked removable and when I got it home with two screws removed the handle slides right out and fits perfectly in the trunk!
  3. Lookie what drove by my house at a good clip! I think it’s a plan to make me buy more tools. I just got the M12 inflator and small 1/2” impact ONE-KEY™ m18 and it’s not enough!!!
  4. I think the big advantage with high voltage batteries running lower amperage is you can get away with cheaper smaller gauge wiring to carry the juice whereas lower voltage systems are more prone to needing heavier gauge wire to keep impedance, as well as heat, down. But yeah 60v vs 18v is academic when the underlying battery tech is using the same or similar 3.6v cells in different configurations. But 60v is three times + better than 18v! I think the real world advantage of Dewalts flexvolt is 60x2= easy and convenient adaption to mains power. For table and miter saws that once set up remain static for the actual work most of the time it is handy...
  5. I used the 10% off st Patrick’s day coupon ACME had going and got the inflator and a one key 1/2” impact with free shipping so it was a win win.
  6. I just got the inflator from ACME today. When I ordered last week I was surprised it said in-stock but after I placed the order the product page said preorder again. It shipped Friday and I got it today. I haven’t had time to really play with it but it seems smaller than I expected. The display is nice too.
  7. I just picked up this bad boy...well err I mean girl... my Giulia is a very very bad girl...
  8. Hey thats pretty cool. I could see that being handy in a zillion different ways. I have the right angle impact and love the thing. I bought it because I needed it for a tight spot installing the island in my kitchen and found myself using it more and more for drilling in tight spots and it is handy for assembling things that you normally use hand tools for.
  9. Wow thanks for the detailed posts! It took me a while to get through them. It looks like the Mitshubishis are a good choice. I'm leaning towards getting the pro to install it. There doesn't seem to be anything crazy about installing them but I've never even used one before and it would take me tons of time up on ladders outside doing something I have no experience with which I'd lean towards avoiding I may change my mind when I see the estimate though...
  10. Anyone have experience with getting these things installed? I had a HVAC guy take a look today and while I'm waiting for him to build an estimate I was wondering if anyone had experiences with them? I have a 100 y/o Victorian with gas furnace running hot water and no ductwork so the ductless systems seem like a no brainer and super efficient. The guy I spoke to uses Mitsubishi which I was leaning towards anyway but researching costs on these things online is a major PITA. My house is a two family and I'm only doing my first floor 2 BR apartment which is about 1200 ft^2. I'm looking at 4 possibly 5 rooms to have units (two bedrooms, the kitchen and a large converted porch living room - the dining room is centrally located and doesn't need one absolutely). Looking at the costs of the hardware it doesn't look crazy expensive ($4-6k) and the install looks straightforward (power to the box and run the lines drill holes and mount the units on the intererior walls). The tech said it's probabably a 2-3 day job all in. Any experiences would be appreciated; I hate having no frame of reference for having jobs done. I'm half tempted to do it myself but these things seem better to have pros do them for warranty and reliability issues imho.
  11. These are definitely the type of tool that if you don't have a specific use for them might be a little meh but if you DO have a specific use are a lifesaver. I have a Milwaukee M12 right angle impact that I don't use all the time but when you have a cramped space that you can't even think about getting a regular pistol grip impact into it's a lifesaver and worth every penny. Still though I find myself using it more and more for jobs where all out power is meaningless...
  12. I went with a Toto elongated. I does seem to have a deep well with a low amount of water in it but the swirling flush action is pretty robust so it seems to do a great job of clearing away debris. Overall I'm pretty happy how the bathroom came out. It's tough to make a tiny bahtroom look good and still be functional.
  13. Yeah I like how you can make really sharp corners unlike pvc pan liner and you can keep putting on as many coats as you want. I also embedded fiber mesh on the wall floor junctions and all corners for stability and it seems super tough. It also helped with my linear drain that I used to be able to seal it to the floor perfectly. I have a tiny bathroom I'm remodeling and I decided to do a wet room to save the space of a curb as well as a wall hung hidden tank toilet and wall hung vanity, all stainless, so nothing is on the floor and nothing is water damageable and I could avoid using a glass shower door. Using pvc pan liner over the whole floor would have been problematic at best but the redgard allowed me to have an entire wet floor with little difficulty.
  14. Thanks but too late! Overall I like the stuff. Pretty easy to work with but the one issue is if you use clear glass tile like I'm using on the back wall you gotta make sure you have complete coverage of the thinset or you can see the red through the finished product.
  15. The organizers are on sale at HD for $19 again. I love these things...Part of my Spax collection being organized.
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