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  1. I picked through our front door with one of my sisters bobby pins... lol
  2. I have used one a little bit, and its easy to coil (altho nothing like the add) when you turn on the water it expands then when you turn on the attachent on the end of the hose, it shrinks back, because there isnt any pressure in the hose.. if that makes any sense...
  3. You would think something like that would be more common, but then if it was common then you would never need it, lol
  4. Just bought a new stanley socket set! very excited, so the fist thing i do is go to the tools in action forum and tell every one about it, lol. but any way,got it at walmart for $46, also got a 10% discount because there was a little bit of damage on the case, came with the little socket set too.
  5. You mean the orange ring at the bottom?, i think that is so you don't get to close to what you are weed eating around, because it accualy has a replaceable plastic "blade" other than that it doesnt do any thing besides pushing the grass over before the blade gets to it, making it so it doesnt even cut... lol
  6. its an old Makita 7.2v weed-eater thing.32" long,I haven't had any luck finding it on the internet. I accually found it in the trash, along with a 7.2v drill, charger and two good batteries!! So if any one knows any thing about this, or what it's worth, please let me know!
  7. This is my EDC, I don't have a leatherman, just a cheap multi tool from Walmart. A kershaw knife, a lighter (I DON'T SMOKE!) Thrunight Ti2, and a tactical pen..
  8. Very cool, and that is a beast of a charger!
  9. Right now walmart has them for $20 and i think farm and fleet has them for $16
  10. I have had pretty good luck with cheap tools so far, i'v never bought a cheap power tool, but i'v bought lots of cheap hand tools, mainly from menards, they are great for what i use them for!
  11. nope, haven't bought any thing yet (I am very indecisive) Was just in Home depot and menards yesterday found a ryobi 4 piece combo kit for $130.Comes with sawzall, drill, circular saw, and work light.I wouldn't be using it that often exept for the drill. i know ryobi isn't the best, but it has a good 18v tool selection that is fairly cheap, and in the future i would also like an impact wrench, which they also sell for $120 Do you think this would be good?
  12. Thanks! I wasn't accualy planning on buying one, was in the hardware store and saw the cordless chainsaw (and a makita 18v coffee maker!) and was curios on how it would stack up to a gas one. But i will remember this if i ever do buy one! ok, correction, maybe i am planing on buying one, lol
  13. MAKITA!! they even have an 18v cordless coffee maker!
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