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  1. Yea, MDF and HDF are treated with anti termite and pest chemicals, so when you cut them, the dust can be incredibly dangerous in large amounts, of an un-ventilated area. Wearing a dust mask when cutting it counteracts this of course.
  2. LDF (light density fiberboard) is great for model making, and making replacements for furniture, such as a table leg cap, or a table fold. Also, its light and maneuverable, so you have tons of freedom on a bandsaw or scroll saw. Additionally, it is relatively easy to cut through, without risking strength, so you dont have to whip out your 20 inch radial arm saw! ;-). And one final pro to it, it is much much much less toxic to you than MDF, this way when cutting it you don't have to worry about your lungs collapsing an hour after your project! (Trust me, I have had a couple of patients with lung problems from this back in my EMT days). This is why I love LDF, and why you should too. Please reply with more pros/cons of LDF -Kyle
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to discuss caulking today. I was caulking a basement window because it had leaked severely during the last rain storm, and while doing so I decided to do all of them, which was 5. Anyway, I came across an interesting technique. So you all know that caulk/sealer is made of silicone, and silicone dries from the outside in, meaning it will form a skin before it hardens. Well I was experiments and noticed that if you just sloppily lay the caulk down, and wait about 20 minutes, you can almost sculpt the caulk. What I mean is that instead of leveling it with your finger and getting all messy, you can just form it like play dough after it forms that skin, to any shape, size, or form. This would also come in handy if you have a hard to reach angle that you need to seal. If you try this, please share your results! -Kyle
  4. Tell me in your replies what your dream shop would be, and why. I already have a floorplan for mine and it should start construction in about a month, I'll be sure to post a picture when it's done! -Kyle
  5. Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about hot glue. If you have never handled hot glue for some reason, it's pretty much a melted plasticy type thing that forms a bond. This versatile tool has many many many applications, and I can't help but share them. While it forms a very strong bond, you don't want to use it on painted or polished wood, glass, fabric, or metal. I know that seems like a lot of stuff you can't use it on, but when you think of the things you CAN use it on, it weighs out the cons. I absolutely love using it with a combination of wood glue. Allow me to explain, when i'm working on a project that includes wood glue, it just takes too long to set and dry. My solution it to put a regular amount of wood glue on the joint, and then a couple dabs of hot glue. This allows to form a strong bond for the wood glue to dry, but I can also keep working with that joint since it is joined. Now obviously you cannot put significant pressure on the joint until the wood glue sets in, but it works out well in the end. Hope this helps!, Kyle
  6. Sheesh, I wonder if he is even licensed
  7. Yea i'm not really a detective, I do mostly the medical sides of cases, but since the victim was injured by the car, we needed to know how forceful the impact was. And this usually does not happen at the place I work in, the guy I was working with was a well known hothead at my workplace.
  8. Ugh, horrible day today. I was continuing a hit and run case (and don't worry, the victim lived), and my validator, which is the guy that check over my work, blew his cap today. So we had disagreed on whether the tire tracks were from the suspect trying to slam the breaks, or him trying to speed off. He starting going furious, he even knocked over a dang set of papers on my desk. I really hope he gets fired soon, he really has a short temper.
  9. Hey everybody, I put this topic up to allow people to vent off some stuff about their job. Maybe a tough day or a friend got laid off. Whatever it is, post it here!
  10. Wow! Glad you're ok. I have had similar accidents with a Dremel and those dang cut off wheels. They crack so easily and send shard right at you.
  11. Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk about Wen, and what to and what not to do. Wen offers functional power tools, at very acceptable prices. This is not the place you wanna buy a mitre saw or bandsaw, but they seem to really thrive in rotary tools. They have somewhat good drill presses, and quite good hand tools, however, these are meant to get the job done, not to have in your shop for the next 5 years. Their type of tools are for beginning wood workers since they are low price, and not very durable, which is pretty much the opposite of Milwaukee. So here it is: Do- get small hand tools Don't- get something you want to have for a long time Do- look at reviews extensively before buying a tool from them Don't- buy hand power tools from them (I.E drills, drivers, impact hammers ECT.) Hope this helps!, -Kyle
  12. Ok so, I have had a Milwaukee Fastback for a while now. I cannot stress this enough: GET A MILWAUKEE FASTBACK!!. I freaken love them, it's a damn good tool to carry, and one that will last you. You can cut something open, shave off some excess wood, bang in a nail, cut a stretch cable or pry open a paint can with this. I highly recommend you get one. -Kyle
  13. I actually had that same one, I rarely use it anymore, but it was pretty good. It kept me hella warm during outdoor installations in the winter. Its a nice jacket, but it kinda restricts movement and is a bit bulky. If you looking for functionality and not too much full on fashion, then yea this is the thing to use. -Kyle
  14. Thanks for all the info guys, I actually went to Home Depot recently and got a Ryobi 10 in. mitre saw. BEST BUY EVER. Thing works like a charm and for a great price.
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