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  1. See this thread: If I were you, I would file off the nub since your saw is already old, out of warranty, and a paper weight - in other words, you have nothing to lose. I think the worst that could happen is you burn out the motor or electronics... just don't run it for extended periods.
  2. It's been a ghost town lately, so I'll post something... Even though I have no use for this, I thought it was cool.
  3. what the FAAAACCCKK! That's just a retarted price... in fact, that isn't even a price... that's essentially giving away money. Why can't I ever come across the penny deals?!?!
  4. https://www.makitatools.com/whatsnext?utm_source=Makita+Subscriber&utm_campaign=ba813f43e3-STAFDA_2018_ANNOUNCEMENT&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_653957b024-ba813f43e3-205866549 They show a 12V inflator... I hope an 18v exists but is not shown.
  5. Anyone saw this post by Toolpig?
  6. bee-man

    Battery Adapter

    So I am a cheap azz that doesn't want to introduce a new battery platform on my shelf just for one tool. I decided to hack a Ryobi battery that was given to me and sacrifice my half working USB charger. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you RYOKITA. Ugly as frig, but skookum enough for my needs
  7. I think it's time you retire your saw and purchase the XSR01Z or wait for the new BL sidewinder. Hehe, I know it's not very helpful but I couldn't resist
  8. First of all, let me say that I am not a Dewalt guy; however, according to what I read, hear, and see, Dewalt is right up there at the top. At the moment, I think they have the most powerful cordless circular saw (Flexvolt), and they have everything you need, as well as made in the USA (according to you). What's holding you back? The only complaint I hear is that some of their batteries are not cross compatible. I can't remember the specifics, but research or try posting your question in the Dewalt sub forum for better guidance.
  9. Fireguy, I see no mention of a mower. This was a huge factor for me, and why I went EGO 56V for OPE. Here is my opinion so far: Cordless hand tools - Draw. Milwaukee and Makita both have competive choices. Cordless lighting - Milwaukee. Absolutely no competition here. Makita is lacking and behind. Cordless OPE - slight edge in favor of Makita. They also offer a power head, a healthy selection of chainsaws, and a mower (albeit small) if push came to shove. Not sure if Milwaukee is planning to release a mower any time soon - maybe someone else can chime in. It may come down to what is more important to you... OPE performance/selection or lighting. Have you considered Dewalt or Ryobi?
  10. Welcome to the forums. I have read some of your other posts - I think you need to assess and lock down your needs/priorities as you shouldn't jump on a platform mainly based on the performance of one tool. How much are you really planning to use your power tools vs OPE? And if OPE is a big part of your decision, what other tools are you considering besides the trimmer? If possible, elaborate a litte more. So far, your needs sound minimal and you may be barking up the wrong tree... but we are here to help.
  11. bee-man

    Makita 18v Jig Saw

    I also have to agree with ToolBane on the brushless models - pretty much exactly how I feel about my XVJ02Z. Another bone to pick is the stupid power button that times out quickly. WTF? The trigger already behaves like a manual on/off switch since it's not even variable. Why didn't they just put a lock-off button and call it a day? OK, that was my chance to rant about the brushless models... Anyway, cliu, you needn't worry since the model you are looking at is the brushed version. I understand that it's tough to justify the higher price tag for something that doesn't get used as much (at least for the average home owner).
  12. I realize Makita had the single 36V; however, I was thinking more along the lines of a new single high capacity 36V battery that fits the x2 tools (like Martin mentioned). There is a lot of wasted space between the 18Vx2 batteries that could be consumed by a single battery. How's about this... a flexvolt type of 72V/36V battery that could be shared between the x2 tools and the rumored new pro OPE line of tools. Just thinking out loud. Only problem is that kornomaniac confirms 58V... Toolbane, I wouldn't be surprised if Makita had played with x3 or x4 prototypes at some point in time. Would be neat to see; however, I think swapping 4 batteries on one tool could be excessive. You know us Americans have to uphold our image of being lazy, lol.
  13. That's what I was thinking as well - a larger single pack that fits both x2 slots. One of the challenges I see with this super battery is the level of effort required for battery installation/removal. I could potentially see it incorporating a single push button unlocking mechanism, but the force required to overcome the friction of the current slide-in design would be high (especially if it is a high vibration tool with silicone(?) dampers in the battery well). On my x2 brushed rotary hammer, I practically need a rubber mallet to remove the batteries when it heats up... imagine if that were a single large battery. I know it's comparing apples & oranges, but EGO's 56V OPE tools allows for a one handed battery removal - that's a nice design, but not necessarily ideal for some hand held power tools.
  14. Are charge times really an issue in the real world? If it were me, I would make sure to have enough charged batteries in queue to buffer and counter the charge times. Now if one chews through a bunch of batteries faster than your charger can charge, then I would think a cordless solution is not ideal. I'm just a home DIYer and realize things are much easier in an environment where you don't have to lug batteries/toolboxes around and worry about theft - in other words, forgive me if I'm ignorant.
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