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  1. I used to go shopping at Sears a lot but now that I work at Home Depot and seen a lot of the tools out there I have stopped shopping at Sears me went from some craftsman to husky. Does anyone or have anyone used and felt the difference between the craftsman and husky hand tools!!! I know craftsman has its ups and downs and one of my customers said that he used craftsman tools and purchased some husky tools and did not feel a difference!!! Any thoughts!!
  2. Well a lot of our Black Friday deals are over but I heard that compared to the regular silver socket husky set is ok but the black set is better. I would use them quite a bit for house hold use!!
  3. What are everyone's thoughts on these and does anyone here have these and use these personally???
  4. Welcome to the forum Dave, enjoy!!
  5. That's my bro n law lol that guy!!!!lol
  6. I know Black Friday just passed and there were deals everywhere in all stores. What deals and awesome tools did everyone buy or get good deals on???
  7. Lol sorry guys I forgot to attach the file!!!
  8. My fence will be rod iron and wanna weld some design pieces. Comp 56 do I have to prep anything or make sure that the area is sanded down for the area I am welding???
  9. I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and gathered with all family and close friends and had a safe Black Friday shopping!!!
  10. Oh ok thanks bro I appreciate all the help man you do a lot of cabinet work???
  11. What is the best welding for welding sbd doing fence posts?? I want to fix my parents house and wanna weld it together and heard you have to use tig weld or stick weld??
  12. How do you apply or use them??
  13. What are these and what would I use these for anyone???
  14. This is a pict of my baby!!! I love cars and Hondas especially!!! This is my daily and my project and my wife's worst nightmare!!!!
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