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  1. I watched a video on YouTube that addressed that issue with the screech and lag in trigger response. Gen 3 seems to have fixed that
  2. Why haven’t u sent those tools out for fixing? It’s free and in a week it’s back to u
  3. this kinda thing is why I switched to Milwaukee. Little more money up front than an eBay tool but every time it breaks I send it off and have it back in a week. My drills get beat up so the quick turnaround keeps me going. Last time I took my dewalt drill in they told me 4-6 weeks. Just a thought since u seem to have to keep working on it. Write the numbers down and compare
  4. Good deal! Wish they would offer these new tools in packout cases
  5. Hmm I’m finding it hard to believe that milwaukee makes their own chucks, but just for one drill? Why don’t all their drills have it then?
  6. So the knurled pattern gives u 30% more grip strength... lol I wish they’d cut back on all their percentages sometimes it’s starting to sound so cheesy. Either way I’m on my 3rd bad chuck this year on my gen 2 so I’ll definitely be getting one of these
  7. I think if u shoot YouTube vids and tool fights and run tools trying to max them out then I’m sure they get hot. Everyday use I’ve never had this issue and if I did it’s because I was too lazy to get out my hole hawg or my sds. I agree tho on the small vents. Seems like any tool branded with ‘fuel’ is sealed up with small and/or minimal vent holes. Kinda opposite of what other brands do. Can’t wait to get this drill tho. I’d like to know the specs on the chuck and if it’ll be available for purchase and able to be mounted on the gen 2 drill.
  8. Sent my 2704 in for service and they put a non-carbide chuck on it from a 2703. I like it better and I haven’t had the need to use channel locks to loosen it. That’s been a big issue with a few of our drills. I can’t see wear being an issue, once the chuck is locked down it’s not going anywhere. I think the carbide inserts help it bite more into bits with a round shank but anymore all the bits I use have hex shanks so I don’t see the need.
  9. That’s a good video, nice to see someone get up close and show the tools a little bit better
  10. All I saw was for the new drill on Acme and they say July 5th for a ship date
  11. Maybe that’s been released as well as a budget option. I saw a video of a new compact brushless drill (non-fuel) also released but I haven’t heard anything about it.
  12. The new drill looks nice with improvements on the chuck, lighting and handle. Any info on the chuck they are using?
  13. Sorry but I’ve used that ridgid drill and the computer shuts it’s down, wouldn’t let me drill a 3/4” hole into wood in speed 2. I was really disappointed. In comparison my milwaukee 12v drill in speed 2 will even tho it only has like 350 in/lbs of torque. So no matter what the specs say every drill is different. Every ice auger video I’ve seen the guys use a dewalt or milwaukee 18v drill. I’d look at those personally.
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