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    TE76 ATC oil

    Thank you, HiltiWpg; I figured there had to be something out there that Hilti doesn't want to acknowledge. Rick A
  2. Ricka

    TE76 ATC oil

    Does anyone know of an acceptable substitute for the Turmopol 20 Hilti specifies for the gearbox? It's not available here (Hilo, HI) and very expensive to get from elsewhere. I understand it's basically a medium weight synthetic hydraulic oil. Thank you. Rick A
  3. Hi all, New guy hoping someone can identify this hammer head. It was literally dug up by a friend here in Hilo, HI. There's never been any industry here except sugar cane growing that might have used a specialty tool like this. It looks like the handle went through the larger hole shown in the first pic, based upon it's location at the balance point. The other, smaller hole seems to have been cast around the first. There's a thin web separating them. It's shape suggests that maybe a rope passed through it. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you. Rick A
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