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  1. My Makita has done real good. It's the corded one. It's around 10 years old and it gets used at least once a week or two. And it's been run hard. And when I bought it it had the longest blade stroke of all the sawsalls. Resips. Or tied with a couple I think. Its been a long time since I have checked the specks of all them. You can't go wrong with Makita or Milwaukee in sawsalls. Millerz
  2. That's the one! I think I'll get it tomorrow if I have time. Millerz
  3. Is it the one that has the ridges on the blade part? I was looking at um the other day. Do you really like yours? Millerz
  4. My father's been building for around 45 years now. Millerz
  5. Me too. I learned most of what I know from watching listening and working with my father. Millerz
  6. I always sharpen a new chisel straight out of the package. They are never as sharp as they can be from the factory. The normal chisel from the hardware stores any way. Never had the money for the high dollar ones. Lol. And I could probley get them sharper too. I shapen stuff on the side. And like a hobie I guess. Millerz
  7. Welcome to the crew Robert. Glad to see a new member. Who did you learn the building trade from? Millerz
  8. If you know how to sharpen a chisel it don't matter... And there isn't that big of a difference in chisel. Unless you start buying 200 dollars pulse sets Millerz
  9. I've enjoyed them so far. Millerz
  10. I have the same set. Millerz
  11. And the kolbalt chisel are good or I've used some olympia chisel for a long time too. Millerz
  12. Just go with a cheap set if you know how to sharpen stuff. Like with a water stone or dimond stones. If not get the Stanley ones. Best for price for durable and sharpness out of the box. Millerz
  13. And a oil less compressor is a lot louder than a oil lubed compressor. If you get another compressor. But it should be about a universal part I would say. I don't have any trouble finding parts for my older compressors. Millerz
  14. I love it. I'm going to use about the same ad for me trying to find help. Lol. I can't find any help. If I do they say yes if worked construction. They get there and can't even use a hammer. Lol. Its sad here finding help. And of you guys want to work?lol Millerz
  15. All I use is 16 gauge and 18g. They leave a smaller hole for thinner materials. Like door molding. Its thicker on the out side of the molding than the inside. That fasten to the door casing. So you would use the 18g there. And 16g on the thicker part for more holding power with a bigger nail. Millerz
  16. Welcome to the crew Cleveland. Reminds me or makes me think of the Cleveland show on tv. Lol. Glad to have you here. More pictures the better we enjoy any pictures of tools or work you are doing. Lol Millerz
  17. Exactly. I'm glad you think so too hugh. Millerz
  18. Where at? Any where that sells them? Or Amazon. Or you know someone? Millerz
  19. Which if they wait for someone eles to work on the engineering and technology of a new type of tool it would cost the less money to make the tool in the long run. And keep from paying that big enginers payment. Making them able to keep jobs in America. And help the price for consumers.... Maybe. Just guessing and trying to look at it from a big competitive market. I could be off by a million miles. Millerz
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