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  1. 22? Got to be an error. I ordered it, so we’ll see if I actually get anything besides a phone call from HD corporate. 😳
  2. This would be pretty nice. I'd also like to see some kind of adapter plate that would allow other things to be attached like the miter saw etc. I routinely set my miter saw on top of my stack to wheel it in to a site, but would feel better if it was locked on. To combine the fold our cart idea and this, you could have some fold our rails that the miter could attach to.
  3. Great for the new HO batteries, but I'm disappointed it doesn't decrease the charge time for all the older batteries at least a little bit. I only have a couple 12's that I basically rotate thru my table saw. Its rare that one is not ready by the time the other dies. I'll be sticking with the current rapid charger. I'm guessing these will show up in kits that have an HO battery eventually, so maybe I'll get one then.
  4. I would agree. Definitely need to make good contact and keep it pressed tight. I use Hitachi nails from Lowes and don't have too many jams. I've shot several thousand through mine. I am 100% cordless with Milwaukee, so I do have that pressure to stay on the same platform and not introduce a new brand/battery, so it's worth it to me to stay and deal with a few minor issues.
  5. bummer. dust extraction was what i was hoping to use it for.
  6. Ended up having to drop off at local service center and they are mailing it off to Milwaukee eService for faulty trigger. Should be a quick fix and should have it back soon.
  7. found this on patent website... http://pdfpiw.uspto.gov/.piw?docid=10044197&SectionNum=1&IDKey=DE260B42AEB8&HomeUrl=http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2%26Sect2=HITOFF%26p=1%26u=%252Fnetahtml%252FPTO%252Fsearch-bool.html%26r=5%26f=G%26l=50%26co1=AND%26d=PTXT%26s1=Milwaukee.AANM.%26OS=AANM/Milwaukee%26RS=AANM/Milwaukee
  8. i'd love to pack away the 1/2" stubby M12 and the new M12 inflator for trips in the car. 250 ft/lb should be plenty for lugs, right?
  9. I just got mine yesterday and have been playing with it. Seems like there is a trigger issue. If I ease on the trigger, it's fine, but if I squeeze it to full power immediately, then 90% of the time nothing happens, like there's some kind of disconnect when you pull too fast. I wondered if this was maybe some kind of safety feature or something but doesn't seem right. I called customer service and the tool is so new they don't even have one on hand to mess with or look at, so they just told me to see if AcmeTools would exchange it for a new one and see if it did the same thing. Or wait a little while and take it to a service center, but they won't have parts or anything for a while if Milwaukee techs don't even have them. I'm also disappointed in the dust collection; chips still fly everywhere, but at least they don't pile up by the blade. The light is a nice bonus. Definitely more power. And its a bit smaller all around, so it fits in my old jobsite organizer better!
  10. I just super glue tiny rare earth magnets from Harbor Freight on to the side and they hold bits just fine.
  11. Thanks to ToolBoss for the heads up... Acme Tools has the pre-order for the new FUEL d-handle jigsaw KIT for $199 (same price as the bare tool). Snatch it up!! https://acmetools.com/shop/tools/milwaukee-2737-21
  12. FedEx showing my table saw to be here (TX) on Saturday!!
  13. I messaged Acme Tools asking about my table saw and they said , “so far we expect to ship them on July 16”. I would assume that applies to any of the other pre-order items.
  14. I feel like there is some basing of the current gen M18 jigsaw. It’s not the greatest, but for this little project it should be more than sufficient. It was mentioned earlier and I agree, you could make the side “left and right” cuts with the jig, then knock out the little “tab” end piece with the OMT. Also, I wouldn’t be too worried about it rotting. Just paint both side with KILZ and it will last plenty long enough.
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