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  1. Did I mess a memo about the new BL1850 5.0AH batteries where they don't fit in the LXT circular saw BSS611? I got two of these new things, they are OEM, they fit in 8 other Makita LXT tools I've got, but they for some reason won't slide into my circular saw (the damn tool I need these for the most). They slide in most of the way and then there's something keeping it from going in the last bit. It's not the button thing. Like I said these go smoothly into every other tool. I can't see a difference between these and the 3.0 BL1830's I have. The only possible difference I can see is a little nub on the side of the saw battery slot that that is the difference between the saw and the rest of the tools. Both of these BL1850's fit in all my other tools, and neither will fit in the saw (while all the 1830's I have fit just fine) Does this issue sound familiar to anyone?
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