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  1. That's good to hear ???
  2. Got this from my job and dont really need it or would use it . Asking $100 for it with the two bits and the grabber super drive . 2 finger Variable Speed trigger with lock on and settings on clutch


    Have a picture of your makita router ??
  4. Look at eBay ,ereplacment parts I'll keep a eye out for one for ya. My dad has the same model
  5. New armature I would say . if do u mean 180 degrees f ?
  6. So as you guys know I work at a tool repair shop . I took a couple of pictures for ya.
  7. Loved the review man what a sweet tool ?
  8. Possible Burnt up armature it is common. Can U send a picture of what it looks Like ?
  9. Lol I thought it was pretty sick . I Was laughing when he cut it in the wrong side ???
  10. Congrats man ?? Keep up the good work ???
  11. Weird anyone else have that issue ?
  12. Won't let me type a message .
  13. Very nice shop man. Welcome aboard ?
  14. welcome to the crew ?
  15. The electronics on the sawzall are junk but gearbox , handles , light ,tool hook are for sale pm me for an offer . Gearbox I have took apart and put new grease and cleaned all the other parts up
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