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  1. I won't ever buy non genuine for my lithium I just don't trust them for my older 14.4 v nicad yes but I don't use it to much but u get what u pay for in my opinion genuine battery I would trust vs Joe smo that u have no idea where it came from or how good they put it together
  2. How good are they I am thinking about getting some I use Milwaukee the axe and they are outstanding blades for cutting
  3. Battery life I believe just my theory this is more fuel efficient one battery dead throw it on charger put other battery on work and probably by time u run out if u do then other will be done and plus 2x the batteries to charge isn't a option its more of a pain
  4. I agree milwaukee and makita make the best corded sawzalls hands Down
  5. Anti vibration tec I don't think really a sawzall is always going to vibrate around lol
  6. Lol it is I love it more then my corded and I really love it I have used the shit out of my corded
  7. Love this new makita sawzall its brushless powerful two speed settings and a variable speed trigger and a trigger lock. Rafter hook light on front , adjustable shoe. I would highly recommended I use 4ah batteries with it and works great.
  8. Looks like shit dewalt blades aren't good at all and if bind it would snap off what a dumb idea lol I would rather not use the inch or whatever blade then use something like this
  9. My new makitas and a orange makita jigsaw and a old 7 inch grinder
  10. Hell ya man loven the collection man love to see fellow makita fans ?
  11. Welcome back man glad to have you back
  12. Lol I don't buy 5ah I get to 4for 98 5ah yes are 100 by them selfs
  13. Thanks man I appreciate you saying that I missed everyone all of yas
  14. Thanks man I appreciate it glad to see ya ?
  15. Thanks man I am glad to be back good to see ya too ?
  16. I disagree but hey on eBay there are pretty good deals on genuine batteries.
  17. Thank you man it will my grandpa is looking really good
  18. My grandpa kicked cancers ass lol it is looking good thanks for that it made me laugh yes I ment by the laugh part him tearing buildings down because sounds like something my gramps would do
  19. I wouldn't trust those batteries its not worth something burning down because the battery shorts out
  20. Yes it was that's sad sorry to hear about your gramps man glad to see ya how ya been
  21. Thanks man god bless glad to see ya . man how ya been
  22. Yes man it can thanks man It means alot ? I got your back too ?
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