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  1. I'm not certain you understand how Flexvolt batteries are rated. Those Ah ratings on Flexvolt batteries are at their 20V equivalent. A 12Ah Flexvolt battery at 20V is only 4AH at 60V. The battery's capacity should be measured in Wh (and indeed they are if you read the little label on the bottom, not just the marketing label on the side. 12Ah*20V=240Wh 4Ah*60V=240Wh Same same. The 40V line went up to a 7.5Ah battery. 40V*7.5Ah=300Wh That's more stored energy than the biggest Flexvolt. Due to their larger ampacity, those 40V tools can draw power at lower C ratings, which is more efficient and gives the batteries more usable cycles. Additionally, the 40V OPE tools put out more power than their 60V equivalents, again measured in Watts, not Volts. 40V sales hurt 60V sales, and they need the 60V sales because that battery platform is used in a lot more than just OPE. 60V tools cost less to produce than 40V because they can use thinner gauge wiring and smaller electronics to produce the same motor output. Simplifying their lineup also decreases manufacturing and distribution overhead. Ditching the 40V line is a pure marketing decision for dewalt. It sucks for those who bought into the 40V line expecting DeWalt to continue that platform for more than a few years.
  2. I'm all in for a Tough System vacuum. DeWalt did it for T-Stack; can't imagine why they're holding out on the storage box's big brother?
  3. Santa missed one of the big boy's toys this year, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. That's when I realized, stock is just gone. Is DeWalt not making this thing any more? Is it being replaced by something better?
  4. @Kirkk That dewalt dust extractor you listed is for T-Stack, not ToughSystem / ToughSystem 2.0
  5. I've got a ton of Dewalt tools; 20V / Flexvolt / 40V OPE / Corded... I shudder to think how much I'm invested in black and yellow. As I was cruising around Home Depot, I saw some great stuff I would buy today if it was made by Dewalt, but I can't. Ryobi's 18V line on the other hand is killin' it for the home gamers. Why doesn't Dewalt make a cordless backpack sprayer or a small inverter that works off of a single battery? How about a power washer or misting fan that can pull water from a bucket when there's no water on site? Cordless soldering iron and rotary tools? Sign me up Ryobi! Dewalt has 23 different drills you can power with a FlexVolt battery, but not a single vacuum for ToughSystem? Their battery lawn mower uses a pair of 20V batteries, not the 40V they specifically pushed for OPE? I've got enough Dewalt batteries to rival a Tesla, yet here I am looking at adding another battery from a competitor because Dewalt fell short in their product line. I'm sorry guys, I needed to vent. I just hope Dewalt understand that people want capabilities, not another saw that can detect which voltage dewalt battery has been plugged in. Not every tool needs to be professional, sometimes the home gamers need to get a job done. Once a guy invests in a single green tool and battery, it's easier to buy even more green at cheaper prices.
  6. Workshop addict reviewed both versions of the chainsaw and noted that the 40V version has more power than the 60V. I went ahead and picked up the 40V since that's what I'm already using with my existing outdoor power equipment. I'm totally happy with it.
  7. I'm invested in both 40V and 60V platforms. Is there a difference between the two battery chainsaws? I know they operate at different voltages (duh), but voltage doesn't equate to power; watts do. Are there subtle differences between the two units that are not advertised? https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/outdoor-power-equipment/40v-max-xr-16-cordless-chainsaw-bare/dccs690b https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/outdoor-power-equipment/flexvolt-60v-max-cordless-chainsaw-tool-only/dccs670b
  8. I did, and it is. I picked up the 21" self-propelled EGO with the 7.5Ah 56V battery. $600 bucks from Home Depot's website (ouch); but man-oh-man, it absolutely tore through 2/3 of an acre of a weeded field last weekend. I did stop to charge for a few minutes, but I needed that break more than the mower did. Sorry Dewalt, you were too late to the game.
  9. I emailed Dewalt to see what's up and received this response: "Thank you for contacting us. At this time we have no plans to offer a 40v XR lawn mower. I apologize if this causes you any inconvenience. Please check back with us in the future for new products. " That's either a canned statement or a total bummer! If you're in the market for outdoor tools and only want a single battery system / fuel type, you may want to look at other manufacturers.
  10. There's a chainsaw coming out this spring? Isn't it already out? http://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DCCS690M1-Lithium-Brushless-Chainsaw/dp/B014A0MO0E Can you confirm that a mower will be part of that outdoor offering?
  11. I’m a big fan of my Dewalt 40V XR tools. The string trimmer and blower are a perfect fit for my needs. Last weekend, my old gas lawn mower took a dirt nap, and I was ready to drop some coin on Dewalt’s 40V mower (sight unseen and totally based on how happy I am with the other tools) BUT there is no Dewalt 40V mower? Seems like a gaping hole in their outdoor tool strategy! The next best thing to me looks like the EGO mower, but I don’t want to invest in a whole new battery system or in a product that is only sold by Home Depot. I know the 40V tools only came out in March of 2015, and am wondering if I should expect more tools to be released this March? Seems like there would be a press release or an unveiling at an equipment show to preview the product before general availability. Does anyone here have a line on Dewalt’s product roll-out cycle for the 40V gear? My lawn is getting taller...
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