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  1. Jim86

    M18 Fuel combos

    With 5ah batteries fast chargers aren't really needed IMO it would be hard to use a full battery in a day unless you're driving lags all day. The faster chargers charge a 5ah battery in about 30 mins I believe.
  2. Jim86

    M18 Fuel combos

    No regular chargers.
  3. 300 is ridiculous I'd rather buy a 2897-22 for 350 and sell the impact and drill as standalone tools.
  4. I would recommend 18v 3 speed impact driver as the speed adjustment allows for a huge range of flexibility. Even with variable speed trigger it is very easy to over drive a screw in softer woods. I would recommend the Milwaukee 2753 it is super compact and extremely powerful. Dewalt DCF887 is also a great impact driver with plenty of power and excellent ergonomics but I still would recommend the Milwaukee due to there overall better 18v lineup.
  5. The Hexagonal pattern isn't stamped its the bi-metal design.
  6. Capacity should have no effect on the Voltage or Current draw.
  7. This. I would personally never use a angle grinder without a guard in fear of a fragmenting wheel which almost always results in catastrophic bodily injury.
  8. Milwaukee sawzall is pretty much the industry standard as far as recip saws go.
  9. It could be the detent is overly stiff and not really broken in. I highly doubt they Makita manufactures this impact with a different chuck in your region.
  10. Glad I don't live in the UK those prices are ridiculous.
  11. Mine sounds almost exactly like this https://youtu.be/9a9nafpKSUg
  12. I just got my new 2704 last week after my first one had some pretty bad chuck wobble. This one is extremely loud it sounds similar to a roots or screw type supercharger and its probably twice as loud as my first one. I will try to post a video of it tomorrow any of you guys have this issue.
  13. I don't see the point inductive charging takes a fair bit longer to charge then manually connecting the battery.
  14. http://www.ereplacementparts.com/motor-pinion-assy-p-679333.html
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