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  1. I had Milwaukee brushed circular 2630 and I used it a month. I replaced it to Fuel. And I would say it's so cool and powerfull. Build quality is also much better in Fuel model. Important to say that if you have time - look for special offers, you can buy saw much lower then RRP
  2. Haa I can recall one funny case. Last year I bought fuel grinder - but when it comes I found that gear locking button kit was fully missing. It was pure factory assembling error. I sent number if photos to proove. And it works. They sent to me few $$ kit - btw it's not available as a parts http://www.ereplacementparts.com/spindle-lock-kit-p-2127519.html I recieved it after month or so and replaced by myself. That was a good service I appreciated. But my drill is about 1.5 year and I do not have docs for it anymore.
  3. That's correct - in my area worldwide warranty is not available. I have 10 Milwaukee tools and I am quite happy with it. I am concerned only about this case - but it will be good reason to upgrade it to gen2 models. In any case if anyone knows solution please share.
  4. Sure - this will be plan B
  5. I have 5 m18 batteries, I tested and understand - it not the case. I assume issue with tool. I found some notes from users that it could be possible issue with "motherboard" weak electric contact. But not possible to check because it covered with strong compound. I would say - no repair possible in this case. But not sure if that is the case. Warranty topic is a bit difficult to go. Tool is quite far away from US. Cost for delivery to pickup point and back could eat any profit. So that's why I asking if anyone has same problem. p.s cold weather is it's not a strong minus. It's just below normal room temperature.
  6. Hi there ! I had an issue with my Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2604 From time to time it's not in operation. When you plug battery it works as it shoul - but if you leave it for a while - this is completely dead. Rotate chuch or move switches, shake tool will not help. One moment - when it hot tool will likely work longer with no issues. But when it's cold it will have highter chances to stop working. Only one solution to back his to work - to switch battery. I tried with different battaries - same issue. Cleaned all relevant contacts outside and inside with toothbrush. Use spirit to clean all I can touch with no luck. Anywone had same issue or idea how to fix?
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