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  1. I'm in Austin. Seems Houston is the worst and rockport and port a got all the wind damage. Here in Austin only got 6 inches of rain.
  2. That looks tuff. How heavy is it?
  3. Bought this drill for 25 bucks shipped just cause I liked the way it looked.
  4. Finally saw the new Dewalt tape. Felt big but I'll give it a try. Needed a head light. Will see how this one works out.
  5. Got some vampliers from amazon today.
  6. This is why I live in Texas. I don't have to deal with the snow.
  7. Was at lowes today, and couldn't pass this up. I have used hitachi impact driver for years and really like it. It was priced at $202.30.
  8. Got some sockets for my new Milwaukee 3/8 impact wrench in the mail today.
  9. Been wanting one of these. Just picked it from Home Depot tonight. Can't wait to try it out.
  10. I thought about getting the one key,but didn't think I was smart enough for all that fancy stuff.
  11. This colt. We got him 4 months ago. He is 6 months old now and is smarter than me.
  12. New toys. Needed a cordless jigsaw. The other? Why the hell not.
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