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  1. builditguy

    5.0 dead 😭

    Only had 2 batteries go bad in the last 4 years. One, I dropped in the lake. It was only underwater for about 10 to 15 seconds, but that was enough. Can't really say it was a battery problem. The other, a 5ah, just stopped taking a charge. We have about 10 batteries in each truck, so 1 battery in 4 years is pretty good.
  2. We use the DCG412. One in each truck and they get used a few times a week. On some jobs, it is one of the main tools. It will do everything you want it to do. It will run down a battery fairly quick. Never been a problem. 2 batteries will cover it. For straight grinding, it will get hot and shutdown after a while. I think its actually the battery that shuts down. Never been an issue. We have corded ones, but they never get used anymore. They aren't even in the truck and I would have to look around, at the shop, to find them.
  3. His complaint was the lack of torque on start-up. Same as my lead guy. They both said the saw does great, until it gets slightly bogged down. Then you can't back up a little and keep going. You almost have to take the saw, out of the cut, wait for the blade to get up to rpm, and then start over. It can't even get back up to rpm when you just stop cutting and wait for the rpm to build up. With the 6 1/2 you can either stop pushing and it will quickly get back up to rpm or you can back up, slightly, and it will get back up to rpm, quickly.
  4. I had posted that my brother in law thought the saw was great. I saw him this weekend. He decided it is junk. He went back to the 6 1/2"
  5. I should add, the reviews were in the 7 1/4” 20v. Not the flexvolt. People were making comparisons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Mostly we have 5ah batteries. About 10 in each truck. They have always done fine in the 6 1/2" 20v Dewalt. I can't say exactly which battery we were using, but I'm sure it was a 5ah. I used it myself. I would have noticed if it were a 6ah. They are noticeably bigger.Ther The saw just didn't have as much power as the 6 1/2 , 20v DeWalts. I've seen that others have no issue. That is good for them. Interestingly, I was looking for a new flexvolt 7 1/4" and started reading reviews, on Amazon. Apparently I'm not the only one that experience this.
  7. We ran into the first issue with the nailer, yesterday. Not a major deal. I put in about 1400, 8d nails, in a row, in a period of about 1 hour. Very short breaks for the nailer. It started to cycle a little slow, so I switched batteries. Still going slow. Maybe even a little slower. Checked it with another battery and it was still slow. I decided it was getting hot, so I let it rest. About 2 hours later I picked it up to test it out, and everything was fine. This happens to some of our tools. The 6 1/2" circular saw is the first that comes to mind. Occasionally the impacts will do that also. I've always said I think the nailer is best suited to small work and I still think that. I also think it is very handy. Glad I have another one coming.
  8. We have one. I works great. So good, I ordered another one today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. You guys can buy anything you like. I posted a very honest account of what I experienced. Today I was ripping 16’ treated boards with my 6 1/2”. It did the job. As I was ripping them, I was thinking how the 7 1/4” would have never even compared. I’ll go with the flexvolt. If it works for you, great. Not for us. My brother in law thinks the saw is great. He is extremely happy. Maybe we did get a bad one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I used the Ryobi angled finish nailer, 15ga, yesterday. It did fine. It is big and heavy. after the first 5 minutes, nobody even mentioned it again. It cycles a little different than the Ryobi brad nailer, but everything worked as it should and it sunk nails everytime. If they come out with a Ryobi framing nailer, I will buy one.
  11. One comment on the rafter hook. Although we didn't use this one, I like the hook. Not that we are normally "up in the rafters" and need a hook, just that I like being able to hang the saw, somewhere. While at the saw horses, I usually set it on the ground. It's just my way. A long time ago, I had a boss that required the tool be hung. He had some crap peg on the saw horses to hang a tool. My thinking was that the saw could fall to the ground, which happened occasionally. I like to just sit it on the ground, near and under the saw horses. My preference. As far as the rafter hook, I notice it most, when we are sheathing a roof. I like to hook the saw on the top sheet. Just my preference.
  12. Just a small update on the saw. My foreman mentioned it a few times, yesterday. Mostly as he was cutting stuff with the 6 1/2". One of the main issues, in his opinion, was the slow start up. While ripping a board, the saw would stall/stop. Then, you couldn't just pull the trigger again and get it going. He thinks the slow start up/ wind up was a big issue. Admittedly he used it more than I did. Doesn't matter either way. I called Acme and they let me return it. I feel bad about it. This isn't something I normally do. They said I need to pay for shipping. They also mentioned, there may be a re-stocking fee, because I used it. I'm fine with that. We did use it. That is kind of the point. Packaging it up, today. I appreciate their understanding. The new one will come from them. (I order alot from them anyway) Just need to decide on which flexvolt to get. The foreman asked me why I thought we needed anything besides the 6 1/2". I just think it will be better. The 6 1/2" do fine, but once you get your hands on a corded saw, you realize how how nice it is. Don't get me wrong, I am committed to going cordless, but going with the old stand by, is nice, once in a while.
  13. I’ll probably get one of the flex volt. Same battery platform. Sort of. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I guess I should add, we were cutting Carr siding. #2 white pine. In my opinion the wood was rather soft. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hit the Wrong button. We used the saw, today. I got some “hands on” time, as did everyone else. Overall, it is worthless. No power. The old 6 1/2” have more power. About 2:00, I heard, “ $&&$&&?£€>It jus doesn’t have any power. Complete waste of money. Tomorrow, I will call Acme tool to see what their return policy is. In a positive note, the bevel adjustments are very good. The switch and overall motor running, is good. The guard is great. My opinion stay away from this saw. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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