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  1. I just found out that I was one of the lucky winners to win a cordless metabo grinder!! crazy excited to get it and try my first Metabo tool Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a brand new Milwaukee 9.0 battery and Rapid charger that was purchased yesterday. It came in a kit I got since I only needed the 1 tool. Both are brand new, never used, & sealed. Willing to sell the battery & rapid charger as a pair, or individually. I will cover priority 2 day shipping, tracking, & insurance... - 9.0 Battery & Rapid charger - $200 - 9.0 Battery only - $175 - Rapid charger only - $45 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. hey man i just started another tread about looking for coffeee table style build for my brother as a present. This would def be a good plan to start w/ and mabye extend a little longer. PLEASE PM me when you see this. I would really like more pics, the prints you followed, etc. thank you!!
  4. So after I got my Kreg jigs and started to buy higher end tools & converted my workbench to have Kreg clamps slide in, etc. I really have been wanting to get into woodworking & making high-end items for around the house. I follow a lot of stuff on Instagram and there's always really cool rustic looking tables that look like they where bought a crate & barrel. My brother is getting married & I thought I would build him a coffee table or something similar ...can anyone give me some ideas or pictures or something that they think may be a good idea. It can really be any look/style, just something that you think is nice ....BUT also something that I'm able to find blueprints or specs for as well!! I find a lot of pictures but they don't help me that much when it's just a picture and I can't see underneath or get specs or anything like that that's why I'm running into trouble. I was hoping others may know of some good places for that kind of stuff. Your help is always appreciated thanks guys you're the best
  5. Hey guys I'm sure a few of you know that over the past month I've been fully finishing my garage (I have to update the thread I started & add tons of pictures, I'll link that later). I air sealed the entire garage, insulated, vapor barrier, hung drywall, drywall finishing, & 2 coats of primer so far + painted & installed molding around the doors and windows... my plans are now to do some work in the attic after I was up there today. I'm a little worried that it's unsafe... in the ceiling there's a built in pulldown ladder and 10 years ago or so my father had basically laid a layer of plywood in the center of the attic about a 20' x 12' section. It looks like he literally just cut pieces and screwed it straight to the 2 x 4's. most attics I've seen anywhere that people are walking they run a second layer of reinforced 2 x 4's or 2 x 6. this is literally just screwed straight down to a 2 x 4's that The ceiling drywall is hung from... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I think I'm going to buy the Milwaukee sawzall and 9.0 battery combo, keep the Sawzall and sell the 9.0 battery with charger for $150 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. OK so I'm thinking I'm going to give this another go and order the parts. I've been trying to save about five dollars a week from each paycheck, all I can do with the financial issues in my life right now... i'm going to spend the next day or two looking over all my research and make sure I'm 100% sure I'm not missing anything. Is anyone else interested, that way we could try to get more than one kit at a time. To save on some shipping at least Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. So is it weird that I didn't notice any difference between the 40 tooth Dewalt and My 24 tooth Diablo? I was going to buy a 40 tooth Diablo but don't know if it's worth it since I already have a Dewalt one, didn't want to buy the Diablo and then not notice a difference either... and waste the money. I know Diablo is not like the only blade out there but I shop at Home Depot so that's what I get. Has anyone here used the 40T Diablo and also the 40T Dewalt? Maybe I was just over expecting a much different cut.. who know thou. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Did anyone else see these crazy deals for the 9.0 batteries! Fuel circular saw and fuel Sawzall are both $200 for tool only. So you're getting the 9.0 battery and charger for 50 bucks
  10. Not a power tool but definitely a tool for painting. Does anyone else use these they got a ton of great reviews. My issue is that I went through about 10 of them at Home Depot and every single one soon as you extend the pile, it starts to wobble and shake a decent amount. I'm just worried that it's brand-new what's it going to do a year from now.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. So I got this Dewalt 40 tooth blade for half price while back. I was using the regular 24 tooth Diablo for a while. I ran a couple 2 x 4 cuts with my 24T diable and then and then switched to the 40T Dewalt and honestly I didn't notice a difference... I was super surprised I didn't notice a difference. Will I only notice when cutting plywood? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Also regards to the questions above I've noticed some small issues after I applied the first coat of primer is it OK to do some small patch work with bagged setting-type compound or should I just use regular spackle. Like dry-dex or green lid joint compound Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hey guys sorry I haven't been following up with this thread I've made a ton of progress and taking a lot of pictures. I'll be posting all of them tonight, my current state is all the walls sheet rocked except above and around the garage doors (this is something I'm going to have to figure out I really don't want to take the doors down and pull the rails but we'll see). Also the ceiling needs work it's the original 15 year old drywall wall. Some boards are pillowing (sagging in the middle, about 1/2" down). I'm not sure if this can be fixed somehow or I need to replace them. I'm worried if I push on them and set screws it'll rip right through...? I really need help and suggestions with the ceiling. Also the two new walls and the two old have all have been covered in 1 coat of Behr drywall primer, should I do a second coat of primer or should I just paint now. This is the primer I used it was cheap and I had a can laying around. If I need a second coat of primer should I use a different one or the same. and I'm planning on painting the walls in eggshell in an off-white color. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Should I call Milwaukee... will they send me a new set or something for the ones that are stripped? They are literally three months old!
  15. This thing is so great I use it every single day I love it. I got mine free with a kit I bought a while ago
  16. This is not really a deal but my local Home Depot had all these 25% off the other day I heard and I missed it. They are now back up to regular price now. This set up as new as of a week ago at my store. So check your local stores because it seems they go on sale soon as they come up a store for the first few days
  17. Hahahah. The kitchen part was hilarious just made my bad day a good one
  18. I just dropped a 5 gal bucket of drywall primer on my foot that I got your back and never used. going to use it for the garage walls. I think it's going to be bad tomorrow ha ha
  19. The reason I haven't spent a lot of time on this recently over the last few weeks and making all my international calls is because I've been spending 15 to 20 hours a day looking for work, posting resume's, looking for side jobs, etc. Since I have the next four days off and then one day at work and then three days off after that.... it looks like I will have some free time. the majority will be spent looking for work and helping family out, but I'm going to dedicate a couple hours maybe about 10 to finalize and 100% complete this project! I feel like a total dick and 100% completely embarrassed that I created this thread and spent all this time and now I can't even complete it, but I at least promise I will follow through and get an exact PO list ready with every part and every diagram. --- if anybody else is interested in doing any other tool conversions please Posten let me know post pictures and the info of the tool I will work my friends and spend the time I have to continue this project for you
  20. Yeah the pics are not showing it good it's white inside everywhere. If I blow it literally blows dust cloudier and over and over. In regards to the piece I'm talking about see the picture below. I used a black sharpie to draw line near the V to follow This is a little piece I need does anybody have an extra or I heard a lot of people don't like them they toss them...
  21. In regards to the above post I think I'm just going to use The green ones I have at home since I don't have money for a 5 gallon regardless right now.. I posted this on another thread but thought I'd share here since it's related to the drywall... here's a picture of my Milwaukee jigsaw that was one of many tools sitting on the other side of the garage while I've been hanging drywall. It's hard to tell from the pictures but the fins inside this thing are covered in white dust! Should I pull apart any other tools that are this dirty inside and properly clean them out or just blowout with air or use the shop vac to clean? -- also a sidenote the little rectangular clear piece of plastic with a circle for the blade broke off the bottom in this last picture. I used it to kind of guide me for my lines where can I get another? https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http://www.professional-power-tool-guide.com/power-tool-forum/index.php?/topic/10805-How-do-you-treat-your-tools%3F/page__view__findpost__p__147539&share_tid=10805&share_fid=3816&share_type=t&share_pid=147539 I am less worried about the brushless tools but this jigsaw is not brushless or does it really not matter...
  22. In regards to the above pictures I also noticed that the clear flat piece of plastic that's rectangle with a hole in it broke where can I get a new one
  23. Here is a picture of my Milwaukee jigsaw it is one of the tools that was sitting on the other side of my garage when I was just hanging drywall... Should I pull apart any other tools that are this dirty inside and properly clean them out or just blowout with air or use the shop vac?
  24. Since the job is being done by myself i'm even having issues with a 90 minute since it's like 100 here if I notice a issue area, I got to tape and get down and fix by the time I do that it's starting to dry again! I'm thinking of finishing the rest the premix What one should I go with? I already have a bunch of the all-purpose green at home but what about this +3 stuff?
  25. I know this sounds crazy/bad but it's taken me at least 10 hrs + so far of international calls, tons of research, pulling apart my saw & matching to line items on CAD diagrams that were not in English, etc. I am currently about 95%+ positive I have all the parts needed, down to extra screws in case the thread pattern is different than ours in the US (which sounds crazy but there's a very very good chance that even the screws and the thread patterns will be different from other countries to our US saws, so I think I have worked that all out as well) as well as the conversion to US pattern threads as backups! That was the whole point behind this project though... to put a quality tutorial together. That had side-by-side drawling's, specs, measurements, videos, etc. So others could do it & ultimately we could have a solid section on the site w/ sticky threads (broken down by the full conversion of each tool as I do them). This would make possible bulk ordering for Everyone on the site ...or an individual who just wants to do it on their own. The few guys I'm working w/ overseas like the idea of me having a correct list of all the parts needed so a PO can be submitted easy. The whole reason it's taking so much time & is important is b/c i'm getting all the correct compatible parts so there's zero modification to any metal or plastic on the tool (important b/c none of this will void any warranties, it'll all be bolt on). Also there's a lot of little things you don't think about like the thread patterns, spacers, extra parts for the dust port, adapter so it fits US hose sizes, anglers, etc. remember the shipping from overseas so for five missed parts adds up to hundred some shipping and still might not be correct. Plus international calling is tricky due to the time differences and the cost. The other thing is that I found a few guys who are really helping me out with this over there and taking photos and scans from some of their books & measuring sizes of parts. I was even thinking of having these parts shipped inside one of the Milwaukee black Dino cases
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