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  1. Thanks a lot man really means a lot very seldom now a day do people take the time to care about others. Things are going great and amazing for years and then all of a sudden one day boom there not. but I'm trying to stay positive because again things will get good! I received two quotes one was for $53 and the other was $68
  2. Update -- Due to a lot of financial Issues for my family right now and in the near future, I will not be able to afford completing this project for a long time. I will be selling a few of my tools to try and pay for the parts. I was thinking that if people were willing to donate $1 to get the to total needed, I could get the parts and do the review, after that I could do a give-away for the parts to a confirmed member. also the $ could be donated to the website for webhosting or to the winners choosing to a charity. Of course, this would all be verified and checked out first by the site admins before anything was done. just a thought if I am not able to make enough $ after selling the tools.
  3. Wow very interesting that something I didn't know. I think a lot of people don't know that!
  4. I just picked up a bag of 90 minute it's way too hot for the 45 minute hopefully this will help me
  5. So all the pictures I see on the Internet, lines are perfectly taped & mudded. I guess I'm not that good I think I'm going to switch to 90 min hahahha. don't like rushing... These pics are about 10 minutes after I laid it. It's starting to dry
  6. This is my current saw... I have the following blades: Milwaukee stock blade, 24 tooth Diablo Blade, & 40 tooth Dewalt blade.
  7. Thought I'd start a circular saw blade thread since we all use them everyday. What kind of blades do you use?
  8. Thanks for the thought and support@Bremon Yea ur right. I am sure I am definitely worrying about small things that don't matter, but not having much work to compare it to is that reason I think... I will post some more pics tonight. I'm ready to tape now. I cut little "V's" in my butt joints. I have Mesh and paper tape...I know mesh will be faster for me and will eliminate the first layer of joint compound. Am I really going to notice a difference between mesh and paper??
  9. It looks like I'll be buying a bunch of Milwaukee bits again this is like the six one that did this....
  10. I hate seeing everybody post their brand-new shiny Milwaukee box cutters I figured I'd share mine hahaha
  11. Supplies for ongoing garage project: Contractor pack of molding for around garage windows & doors, bunch of tubes of caulk & liquid nails, coated mixer for mixing joint compound, Dewalt 6 1/2" 40 tooth blade (I love the Diablo blades, but thought I would try this one) -- I got the Dewalt blade for $10 (half price) so I figured why not...
  12. The one I go to daily takes then 75% of the time but the other 2 refuse. They are cracking down on any coupon recently thou. Even lowe's ones
  13. Thanks man! Have the K3 and got a deal on this so thought it would be better
  14. Haha yea that's a pic before I started drywall. I'll just hit them w/ a leaf blower or shop vac hahah
  15. Sorry for no updates recently... I have been super busy and have not ordered the parts yet due to wanting to make 110% sure I make sure I have a list of all the correct parts. I would hate to miss a plug or screws and have to ship them across country again. Took these a few days ago...
  16. I got my M18 Milwaukee Fuel drill & impact driver about 8 months ago or so. I used to baby the hell out of them, keep clean, be careful, etc... I have been noticing recently that's no longer the case haha. Are u guys still careful with them? I have been doing drywall in my garage the last 2 weeks or so and realized my tools have never been so dirty! haha. Tons of dust. Bad to keep them out when doing this? Worries about all the dust?
  17. I was planning to use 45 min joint compound for the majority And then I have a few of these 1 gallons down my basement + a bunch of paper and mesh tape.
  18. This guy is literally just hitting the drywall. Will break if I tighten it. Should I put some small pcs if wood in the gaps then mud over, something else. Want them to be sturdy
  19. So it's obvious this is my first time doing drywall... Planning on hiding any mistakes with mud haha. I didn't do the best job cutting around the boxes ... Suggestions on how or the right way to fix this? Bigger covers? Lol
  20. at the 1/2" gap at bottom between drywall and concrete.... should i foam from can, run the 1/2" round black foam stuff, just caulk, or something else. then after that I want to run baseboards at the bottom should i just let the baseboard rest against the concrete or leave a little space also
  21. So I had to share this today I get a text from my really good friend who's working around the house and his Ryobe drill and a few other tools just don't work anymore well or broken nor do the batteries hold a charge etc. you know you're like 1-2 years old ha ha. He asked me what I think you should that'll be a good deal. I told him to go to Home Depot right now and buy the Milwaukee M18 fuel impact driver and hammer drill combo kit.... ... 20 minutes later I get a text message: on sale for $350 right now plus you get a free tool - he chose the circular saw Hahaha. I thought it was pretty funny and cool.
  22. I got the heat gun for 10 bucks at my Home Depot it's the one with the digital settings on the back
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