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  1. finally found them, credits to KrugerConstruction!
  2. yeah something like that,a dtd153 and an dtd158
  3. hey guys, last week i saw a few new pictures on instagram, but i can't find it anymore. it was about 2 or 3 new 18volt impact model from makita. anyone who can remeber it?
  4. oil impulse is overrated i guess, its a lot of money for a tool that isn't giving the torque you want. i have an xdt09/dtd148 and can't live without it, SO.MUCH.POWER
  5. sorry people, but this right here, is already available in the EU. its not the new fuel 10' mitre saw, source: http://www.milwaukeetool.eu/powertools/cordless/m18-sms216/ perhaps this is what you mean?
  6. when is festool coming with a cordless vac, in my eyes still number 1 in vacuums
  7. no but i saw it at the same time as the td170, so should be launch near each other
  8. New? i saw it months ago. source http://ecatalog.makita.co.jp/flash/administrator/20/src/967_6-7.pdf the japanees catalogs reveal a lot.
  9. anybody mentioned the 18/14.4 volt buiscuit joiner?
  10. my fuel m12 impact is not top of the line build quality if you ask me, housing split in 2 in the bottom side of the grip. pull the battery out and look for yourself
  11. thats not a hint, thats the answer ??
  12. i think the dtd148 impact is a winner... can't believe someone could beat it
  13. 08 is brushles, so is the 09. the XDT042 has a 4 pole motor.
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