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  1. This happened to me once. My understanding is that the blade over heated in the cut and actually warped during the cut. Next time use a low tooth count. 16 tooth. I think festool has a 12. Another option is running the cut is incremental passes.
  2. Why does everyone think that solid state is so close. Everything I read about it suggests it is still several years away at least and even then we will only start seeing it smaller devices like cell phones and laptops before access will be cost effective enough for power tools. I would be blown away if Makita could pull that rabbit out its secret hat but I won't be holding my breath.
  3. I've been saving my peanuts for a fancy dust extractor. I saw that the Makita vc3012l is slowly starting to be available in Canada. I don't know what the Nilfisk model of this vac is. Only thing I see is that is seems less powerful than the bigger autoclean one. On the site it was rate at 113cfm Despite that, price I found was almost the same. I certainly prefer the smaller size. Can you guys share any experience or reviews of this vacuum and if it is a good choice or is it better going with something else considering its all in a similar price range Cheers
  4. Hey kornomaniac Do you have any news/details you can share about the vc3012l. Saw a post on Instagram. When can I get my hands on it in Canada?
  5. as in just a demo hammer x2? no rotary?
  6. what makes this better than the dewalts?
  7. makita DDA460. An x2 angle drill. I goto give it to makita, I always guess wrong with what they are going to come out with next. Could be though because I just keep holding my breath for some proper nailers.
  8. sooo.... when are we getting a cordless 18g and framing nailer?
  9. looks amazing. I won't be getting it just because i'm broke but I would still love to add it to my collection. Kornomaniac, any more scoops on the cordless nail guns? I looked up the manual for the 16 gauge that you mentioned before. It looks awesome. Any idea when it's supposed to come out and if there is an 18 gauge close behind? I'm saving my next purchase for that since it's what I need the most since selling my compressor.
  10. hey guys, this isn't to blast makita at all. Im invested in them and a bit of a fanboy but I still try to be objective. It's true everything is just perception on runtimes (since we aren't measuring everytime we are working). Everything has it's plus and minus. Just wondering if my experience is more common and if others here have shared it or have had vastly different experiences. Maybe my batteries aren't holding their charge the same as when I first got them.
  11. Hey, I have a serveral 3 ah and 2 5.0 amp. How do you guys find your batteries lasting in a day? I was using an old brushless impact and the 2x circ saw (brushed). My impact died by the end and I wasn't even sinking a ton of screws. I had the 5.0 running in my circ saw and had to swap in some fresh 3.0 I had on me luckily to finish the job. It was just a small job setting up a roof on a shed, so decent usage but not a ton (not to mention I don't fly through setting up rough like the pros out there). There was someone on another forum once mentioning his makita crew always having to switch out batteries at midday. It's easy to have fresh batteries with the fast charging but it is still more steps (down the ladder and back up the ladder). What is your experience?
  12. Hey, Seeing some new makita impactx bits on the website. How are these different from the impact gold? step up, step down? How do they compare?
  13. I have the single battery brushless. I am happy with it. Apparently the sawzall is faster and has less vibration but i've never compared myself. I only wish the makita had an orbital option like the new bosch. One thing to keep in mind that i've noticed, is running the saw between 3ah and 5ah batteries, there was a significant boost with the 5ah. so depending on my task, i'll opt for the bigger battery when i'm using it.
  14. I finally found it at atlas machinery, It only popped up on their site a few days ago. I got it today and man is it great. Actually i did see it at home depot just before, but it was in a kit with a dtd153 fast charger and 2x 5ah and the lunch bag for 500$. I think this was a home depot holiday special, because i didn't see that combo anywhere else. Not bad, but I couldn't spring that much cash and found the bare tool only at atlas. Anyway, it feels great. My last drill was the bhp454. It's still running, and they have the same listed torque but it was so heavy and long. This new drill will fit so much better in between studs and joists. my old drill will be retired to mixing cement probably. I tested it with a 2+ inch self feeding bit. Worked on low gear, doesn't even try on high. I sunk a few 3 inch screws just testing it. I did a little head to head with my old impact btd141. Even though they have the same listed 2000rpm, my new drill was definitely faster. Before with my bhp484 I would always pick up my impact for screws, but now i'm wondering if my drill will be better, (it's definitely quieter) I know a guy who prefered his drill, he said it felt smoother. Does anyone else use there drill over impact for screws?
  15. i'm reading a lot of support for the lower voltage lines, but not a ton of reasons. Okay, it can be a little bit lighter and maybe a bit more compact (compared to 18v subcompact versions or possible sub compact versions bigger 18v tools) is that "little bit" benefit worth having 2 battery platforms?
  16. with the subcompact 18v I really don't understand why have a lower voltage battery platform. If you need a lighter sds, just make one on the 18v platform. Hitachi even has compact 3ah batteries. It seems like a useless platform to me considering the potential of just lighter 18v tools.
  17. How do you like this drill so far? It seems to have very similar dimensions to the new ultra compact, just with a bit more oumph. Still for the size, i'm surprised they couldn't get more torque in there seeing as the new milwaukee is also about the same size and almost triple the power.
  18. is this drill out in canada? What would the code be? I wish makita would make their model numbers easier.
  19. Hey, I have the x2 makita I really like it. I do use the chipping function quite a bit, and from what i've researched, the x2 has more power than the single battery brushless version. However, if I was just using it for mainly tapcom screws or such, I would opt for the brushless. It's lighter and only 1 battery. but I need the chipping function so x2 it was for me. Hope that helps.
  20. oooh i think i found what it is. toolpig has some nice pictures of new subcompact drills. Essentially 12v drills but with 18v batteries. interesting.
  21. on coptool http://www.coptool.com/makita-18v-brushless-subcompacts-are-12v-killers/
  22. Hey, I saw on a site a mention of a makita event november 1st. Makita 18v black, " November 1, New Makita 18V Cordless Tools will be launching what promises to change the way we think about 18V cordless. " Anyone have any ideas or hints?
  23. okay so I took the chance and ordered it. I'm actually very pleased with this speaker. First off, the sound. I will compare it to my bose soundlink. It is similar, but the bose will sound a lot fuller and richer. The makita still gives a great sound, and actually better than I expected. The volume is pretty good too. I would say my bose soundlink get a little louder but not by too much. I really like the small portability of the speaker and of course and the fact that it uses the same battery, makes it much more convenient than using my bose (which when it was dying, I had to find a plug close by to where im working to charge.) I You could maybe find better sounding outdoor/rugged speakers in a similar price range that should hold up pretty well but I'm very happy with this option.
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