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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, Stripped down the motor & found a 100V stamp on the stator (nothing on the rotor/armature). Refurbished the carbon brushes, cleaned her down, put her back together, wired a 110v plug on & plugged her into a beat up old Davenset 3kva transformer... RESULT!!! Bit sparky at the brushes to start with but now seems to be working @ full power, plenty of juice. The inards of the pointy end need some work but thats for another day! I got in touch with a parts/repair company to see (cjsinclairltd, very helpful) who were able to tell me: - the 110v is discontinued - the only parts lists & diagrams available to them also is almost certainly 240v - of the 240v parts most of the service parts are discontinued... So even if it had been a 240v I might not have been able to get parts. To be honest though, I was hoping it was 240v: carting around a transformer is a PITA & I don't work on sites. I can get 240v Stators (£35) & Rotors/Armature (£72) to change it over but without the 110v parts list/diagram to compare with I don't know which other parts I'd need to change?! Ho hum
  2. Hi, I have been given an old Ryobi SDS-Max rotary hammer drill, ED-450E (for UK/Europe). The plug is missing & label is damaged & i need to know whether it is 220-240v/50hz or 110v/50hz (yellow plug for construction sites, its definitely NOT 120v/60hz for the US. From the Parts Lists & diagrams I've found there seems to be no distinction between the 110v & 240v models & the brochure dosen't list the voltages. I asked Ryobi Technical if the ED-450E is a dual voltage drill & therefore all spare parts are the compatible (except the plug & label); and if not, how can I tell which model & also which parts to order? The response was from Ryobi Technical was "...the wire in the power cord of a 110v machine tend to be thicker then that of a 240v. The only way it can be confirmed is by being inspected by a power tool repair shop. Parts for this machine can be bought from..." ...no use at all......Can u help at all? Many thanks
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