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  1. Been waiting 5 years for this and have had all sorts of fibs from Makita about a cordless framer. I have seen patents for a fly-wheel type design similar to DeWalt. I would rather see a nailer along the lines of Milwaukee and HiKoki as I prefer that design overall.
  2. I have had every Makita 40v tool available here for 2 months now and the best improvements from the previous 18v and 36v models are the 5" angle grinder which has heaps more grunt. And the hammer drill / combi drill which has more grunt and an electronic clutch system which gives the tool a lot more functionality. I have done reviews of 6 40v tools on my YT channel.
  3. The blades are on different sides of the tool, the 660 is more compact, the 660 has a blower, the 680 is tougher built. I would buy based on which side you want the blade on.
  4. If you value all the things you say in the last line of your post then you want the xtd16. Simple. You won't regret it.
  5. Bloody hell! I just got my first flexvolt battery. First time I charged it the charger got so hot I could barely touch it. Instantly made me a bit wary.
  6. Don't need it in this part of the world BUT that plow looks really cool!
  7. The Planer is here! Biggest changes: 3mm cut depth, brushed was only 2mm 25mm rebate, brushed was 9mm dual port dust extraction AWS Batt gauge Torque control Quite a lot of changes! My review:
  8. Christmas/New Year present to myself. Runs pretty sweet. Cuts 3mm, old brushed version does 2mm And this new one has a 25mm (1") rebate, super handy and one of the main reasons I got it. Not available in the states yet, but shouldn't be long I guess. I have done a review on my channel for those interested. Happy New Year!
  9. In this part of the world the correct blades would be B-56823 (thin kerf) or B-15540 But basically any blade with lots of teeth as you say. I use 60-100 teeth on my mitre saw when cutting Ali. When cutting ACM (0.4mm ali both sides of 3mm plastic) with a circular saw and a 48 tooth wood blade it cuts fine, just don't push too quick.
  10. This will be the next Makita Driver I buy... although I might wait a while to see how they perform with others.
  11. When I saw Makita "4 in 1 drill" I thought "Oh No!" Thinking Makita had released one of those awful multi headed drills that becomes a jigsaw, sander, recip saw etc, like Black and Decker, AEG, Ridgid that are always shit.
  12. Brilliant! I often drill with my impact driver and it would be good to turn the impacts off, yet have the speed of an impact for drilling, and it looks like this tool offers just that. I would probably not use it for masonary drilling as it will involve getting new drill bits with the 1/4"shafts that still won't stand up to a rotary hammer. I certainly like the direction they are going with this.
  13. But in the real world on a jobsite you use the tool and chuck the battery straight on the charger when it dies. The cooling light never came on. I tested all my batteries the same way and only the 3ah came in close to Makitas stated time. I filmed it for a vid I will have up on YT soon.
  14. Hi Guys, I entered a comp about Makita Efficut blades and would really appreciate a thumbs up on FB if you can find the time. Click the FB symbol bootom rigth of screen to give me a thumbs up and watch the short 1 min review. Thanks in advance.
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