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    Thanks. Appreciate you looking.
  2. eddie1976


    Thanks @Biggie. Let me know what your test shows Monday. Very curious. A couple of weeks ago I was helping a friend who has a Rigid unit. On setting one he said that one goes to 60 ft pounds. When he was putting on the lug nuts, it made them pretty tight and then he hit them with the manual torque wrench set at 80, and the nuts turned a mm or two and clicked the wrench. It was pretty convenient compared to my DCF899. On the second setting on the DCF899 Dewalt says 300 ft pounds. If it is anywhere near that I don't want to hammer on the lug nuts. Thanks again for the response and for checking.
  3. eddie1976


    Anyone have a DCF899 high torque impact? The owners manual says 100 ftlbs tightening on setting 1. I was changing tires today and when I was tightening the nuts with it, it would start to hammer and it seemed like it was done tightening. I put my torque wrench on the nuts and saw that they were barely tight...I was able to do almost a full turn before reaching the desired torque (85 ftlbs). It is out of warranty (bought in 2016) and barely used. I used it to rotate two sets of tires every year since then. Very light duty stuff. Not sure if it ever worked differently or if it was like this since day 1. I'd kick myself if it was like this from factory and I never sent it back for repair. I'm able to keep the socket from turning holding it by hand while depressing the trigger on setting 1. I assume this is not normal????? Anyone have any thoughts?
  4. I have not read all the reply's so forgive me if this has already been discussed. I bought this last year and have used it about a dozen times. I have never been disappointed. And the price is really good...I have never seen it this low. http://www.sears.com/craftsman-6-gallon-oil-less-pancake-compressor-and/p-00916575000P?SID=IMxdCx-CoreTools-V2-activeusers&utm_medium=2706_92012_CoreTools
  5. Anyone have this caulk gun by dewalt? I'm thinking about getting it to caulk some window trim that I put up. I can't get a nice bead with my manual guns. Probably my technique, but was hoping a gun that applied steady pressure would take care of that issue.
  6. Well, in case you ever run into a situation during a remodeling job that requires you to attach your drill to another drill, you know which of the two drills to get. Clearly, this video demonstrates alot. Who needs to see how the drills function in the tasks for which they were built.
  7. That picture look terrible. Obviously they don't take any pride in what they are putting out there. It is rather sad. I tend to hold tools in high regard. I'm in awe of some of the high end tools. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that not everyone should have a $700 sliding compound miter saw or anything else that is meant for everyday use. I recently (somewhat reluctantly) bought a Kobalt sliding miter saw on Black Friday sale. I was really wanting the Dewalt or another high end brand. But, reality set in. I will use the saw twice a year, if that, do I really need a professional model. So, I rationalized getting a saw that isn't top notch, may have some fit and finish issues (haven't seen them yet, but wasn't looking too carefully) and may not have all the bells and whistles. My point is that not everyone needs the "best" and not everyone will look that carefully at tools and may not even care if the saw looks like the one pictured above. As long as it cuts a board and gets the job done, they are happy.
  8. Thanks guys. I have the 90 and 45 set perfectly using a couple of videos on youtube. To my surprise, the saw was pretty close to square. Need to get the laser adjusted and I will be ready to do some trim work.
  9. I just got a 12" Kobalt sliding miter saw and was setting it up. The manual says use a combination square to check the bevel angle and ensure 45 degrees is true. Seems easy enough with the combination square. It also says check 33.9 degrees to ensure that is true. How do you check this odd angle with the same square? I have the two squares below. Thanks
  10. So what do you keep your tools in if you are getting rid of the boxes? I got a drill/driver set and love the fact it has the hard plastic case. I have the tools in it and it sits on a shelf in my garage.
  11. As I have been reading and learning (more than I ever wanted to) about this subject it appears the issue is related to stability rather than total weight. I guess the slider coming forward or back off the stand might make it unstable and have it tilt forward or back, causing it to fall. I don't know how true that is, but many of the stands aren't recommended for 12" sliding saws. If you want one, you need to upgrade to a bigger one, for alot more money. The one I bought is $60, but the ones that are recommended for 12" sliders are about $150. I will try to use the one I have and see how it feels. If it doesn't feel steady or stable, I will take it back and cough up the extra money.
  12. Thanks for the comments guys.
  13. Not much to burn up....I already have the saw, just looking for the stand.
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