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  1. There are these https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-ONE-Tool-Lanyard-2-Pack-P922/303325962
  2. Interesting, the drill torque is listed and NOT in UWO
  3. Your voltage is too low and the charger won't charge them, time to jumpstart them. Take a fully charged working battery and 2 short wires, stuff one end of each wire in the the + and - of the working battery then connect one wire to the matching terminal of the dead battery, and tap the 2nd wire to the other terminal for 1/2 a second or so. This should bring the voltage up enough to get your charger to work. Also, those 1.5 ah batteries shouldn't be used on any saw, obviously they get you no runtime, the draw is too much for those little batteries. I only use double stacked batteries on like the 4ah and larger one mine, you'll get noticably more power.
  4. For the electricians and yellow tool collectors, this is $230 off regular price. DEWALT DCE151TD1 20V MAX XR Cordless Cable Stripper Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072NF3VGJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_yC6bEbSVTYHYX
  5. Sat at a table(Xmas eve) with my wife, all 3 kids, 2 daughter-in-laws, and our 2 grand babies..... Perfect! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
  6. So Dollar Tree must be a Milwaukee supplier lol. Couple t30's for a buck.
  7. I have been blessed with kindness. Stuart of toolguyd.com reached out to me to "get rid of unneeded tools"(loose quote). I am thanking him in front of the tool community here and will send him a personal thank you soon.....
  8. Fantastic and noble work you and your non profit do! Assuming a conversion could be done at the very least it would require the nail magazine to be replaced and the cost would be prohibitive. I agree with @JakeDewalt look at the used market like Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, letgo, and offerup, or in my area we have Menards that currently is selling their house brand framer for just $70 and they do ship. https://www.menards.com/main/p-1444448120166.htm?utm_campaign=40A-2019&utm_content=Octoberfest&utm_source=flipp&utm_medium=flyer_hosted
  9. So my roofer borrowed my DeWalt dcs391 and to shorten the story it took the quick way to the driveway. He offered to buy me a new one, so off to Lowes I went. They have a buy select bare tool get a 3ah and charger free deal, so I got the dcs570 with the freebies, win/win. Well after running the saw for a week or so something just wasn't right, I found the shoe to be 1/16 outta square from the blade. I took it back to Lowe's to exchange it and the customer service person processed it as a return giving me back the total in cash. I bought the same saw and got another freebie! So in the end I have 2 new 3ah slim packs, 2 more chargers and a new saw. Fun part is the dcs391still works just need to order a new shoe for it.
  10. Welp I'm just about done with a remodel after the client had a fire. We took this house down to the studs and changed the floor plan to open up the kitchen and living room and also increase from 2 bedrooms to 4. I just have to redo to front and rear decks then it's complete.
  11. 7 1/4", $35 at Menards til the 23, and all the other Knipex stuff is a couple bucks off til then too.
  12. Price? Doh!!!!! NVM..... Apparently I just need to read more......
  13. I have a dual tank mister heat, for the life of me I can't figure out why I would need it to be battery powered.... I get that it has a fan and USB ports.... I have all that on other things....
  14. I have multiple 2, 4 and 6ah, there is a significant noticeable difference when using the the 4/6 batteries in all my tools. I believe the discharge rate of the 3 is better than the 2 but not quite the 4 or 6. So based on that I'd go for the 5 vs the 3 all day long. the 3 is obviously a run time boost over the 2 but if my only choice were 2 2's or 1 3 I'ed take the 2's, charging 1 while using the other vs waiting for the 1 battery to charge.
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