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  1. I have thousands of dollars worth of Ego products. I don't know of anyone else on this forum who uses their stuff as much as I do. Lawn care and snow removal are my main sources of income. While I have experienced problems with their products, I don't expect you will as long as it is homeowner use. My stuff gets more wear and tear than the average Ego user so I am already at an elevated risk of failure of a product. On this list I would recommend Ego over the others. Makita would be a close second.
  2. I would contact Sears. This is technically Craftsman but under Sears. It is kinda confusing since SB&D sells products under the Craftsman name in addition to what is left of Sears selling their Craftsman products.
  3. I ordered a Woodpeckers Clamping Square Plus Rack-It Kit. I wanted a nice set of clamping squares. I went with these because of the metal construction and the quality you get with a Woodpeckers product. More affordable options didn't appeal to me whether it be because of their build quality, feature set, or design. The set is expected to arrive in June.
  4. @Jessex you mentioned dust collection. In my opinion if dust collection is something you want then I would go nothing less than a track saw. Even if you think the saw is overkill you will be thankful you had the saw with decent dust collection versus one that might have a dust port but poor dust collection. Also the fact you are cutting MDF is a huge incentive to go track saw since MDF is extremely dusty. Maybe you could find a nice deal on a used cordless track saw? In terms of Erics clamp method, any handheld circular saw should work. You just have to take into account the offset
  5. We don't have the brush cutter in North America.Are you using the Brush Cutter from the commercial line or the residential line? On another note, I would like to see a standalone light. Maybe a single battery option and a 4 battery option. Single battery option could be a Rover style light. Basically something small and compact but still outputting a good amount of light. The light should also have optimal color accuracy Like you get with Festool and Milwaukee. Maybe it would offer something in the 10,000 lumen range. The 4 battery option could have a built in charger like the Nexus but la
  6. @Jon H I have used Bostitch nailers and from my experience they were prone to jamming. I haven't used brad nailers from DeWALT. The nailers I have used from DeWALT work ok. If I had to go with a pneumatic brad nailer I would go with Grex, Cadex, Senco, or Paslode and just order extra nails to have on supply.
  7. I'm going to say the commercial but my memory is a bit rusty when comparing the 2 (I haven't done any string trimming since last fall). My preferred choice in most cases is the commercial. It feels nicer in the hand, the trigger is much better, and the carbon fiber shaft helps to balance out the machine quite nicely. It is more noticeable when a gas unit bogs down than the Ego's. They get tangled and keep on spinning with no noticeable change in motor sound.
  8. The next generation Planex is coming to North America. This is the successor to the regular Planex and not the Planex Easy. This means you will retain some of the features the regular Planex had that the Easy removed like the ability to add extensions for extra reach. It has a supposedly improved connection system for the extensions. The sander now has a random orbit motion (at 4mm orbit) instead of a rotary motion. The sander has a light ring around the pad that can be turned on or off. The sander comes in the new XXL Systainer. The dust collection has been improved. I was watching Sedge demo
  9. I have the Ego version and it is ok. It has roughly 300 more watt hours than the Makita. They are reasonably close in charge capacity. It's not officially supported for the larger tools like the mowers and snowblowers. I don't know the price of the Makita but the Ego is not cheap ($1300 usd without charger or tool) but the runtime is great. You will probably go through close to 2 tanks or more of fuel with a gas string trimmer before the battery runs out on the Ego trimmer.
  10. I bought a front mount Dethatcher from CMP Attachments
  11. Even if you could find a way to clamp the attachments on you would still need to figure out how to made the drive shaft compatible. The drive shafts might not be compatible.
  12. If I understand you correctly you want to add aws to a cordless vacuum using the adapter that brings aws to corded vacuums?
  13. nice to see that it is all metal design. Will this fit the more heavy duty 6in sanders like the Festool Rotex 150 and the Bosch equivalent?
  14. Modular storage like Systainers, Tough System, or Packout are a great option. You should be able to order foam inserts to fit them as well to make your own custom insert for the box to fit your needs.
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