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  1. Giveaways are kinda broken at the moment with all the fake accounts trying to scam people into thinking they won. It has gotten so bad that krugerconsrruction suspended all giveaways until things get fixed.
  2. super excited to get it. My most expensive tool purchase yet (apart from my pickup truck)
  3. I got a shaper origin and workstation set ordered today from festool products. I also got a Woodpeckers slab flatening mill pro and an Amana bit to go with. I also got 4 extra rolls of shaper tape from Rockler. I probably won't receive any of it until the end of next week.
  4. I like Packout but one of the reasons I wasn't considering switching from Tough System was because of no wall rack and drawers. With the most recent announcements, we are getting both. There's not really anything feature wise that I would be missing from ToughSystem if I switched to PackOut now. I'm still holding off on PackOut because my biggest complaint with Packout is the value. Looking at the PackOut shelving (amongst other packout products) the price is not great. I can spend $120 for the ToughSystem wall rack which maybe doesn't use e track but you get 5 pairs of brackets and an organiz
  5. husky is sold at Home Depot. On another note I got some new tires for my mower. this time the right ones shipped.
  6. I will probably just have to buy one new.
  7. I guess I will try one more time. @duchessis this still available?
  8. Doesn't TTI make all his wish tools in the Milwaukee brand? (apart from the power washer)
  9. I feel the auto locking side latches are a step in the right direction. not sure why the front latches are plastic but I don't see that as being much of an issue. I heard about some hinge problems but I never looked into it. The modular storage trays look nice but it is kinda disappointing they are sold separate from the large and xl 2.0 boxes. Right now some of DeWALT's resources are going into manufacturing ventilators to help with Covid but that doesn't excuse a lower quality product.
  10. I bought Fusion 360 for one year yesterday for 40% off. I will probably utilize this tool to work on furniture plans and also use it for cnc work. I plan to get a Shaper Origin and will use it in conjunction with the origin. I also got a pair of 15 foot quickloader ratchet straps. They are good straps. I can see advantages and disadvantages to the quick loader straps. They stay much neater than other straps and are built well. Sometimes, depending on the load, it is easiest to throw one end of the strap to the guy on the other side. It would be tricky to do so with a Quickloader. Otherwis
  11. I have used Black and Decker, Bosch, DeWALT, Festool, and Skill branded sanders. My favorites were Festool followed by Bosch. The Black and Decker Was by far the worst sander I have ever used. I hope to never use one again. Festool corded 5 in random orbital for $205 is what I would recommend for a corded option. You can also get the bare tool cordless/corded for $225.The dust collection and vibration reduction are superb on the Festool sanders. Bosch makes a decent 5 in for around $100. DeWALT’s are also decent. I’m not sure on pricing. If you want rectangular or delta pad orbitals you will p
  12. One thing to consider is what material will be used for proper balance between slipperiness and friction. I thought I have heard of felt boards but I could be wrong. A smooth laminate counter material might work. Is epoxy slick enough? If so you could try that. if you want bare wood a nice sand and some paste wax might work.
  13. What did you guys think of Episode two of Pipeline? What were your likes and what were your dislikes? The additions are nice but the pricing is steep in my opinion.
  14. Jronman

    Shaper Origin

    @Eric - TIA Yeah I tried with her but she wasn't responding so I thought maybe I could give this a try. That thing is hard to come by outside buying one brand new.
  15. DeWALT Cordless Fastener is my guess.
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