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  1. couple new rotary hammer drills and a new 15 ah battery
  2. My sys light kal II and two 6.2 ah batteries arrived. The light is ok. I would have expected a much brighter light for the $200 price tag. The light it shines is a nice light though. I would like to see a 3rd generation that is brighter to make the value of the product much better.
  3. You mentioned diy but also woodworking. If your going into woodworking you might want to look into multichuck drills like the m12 instalation driver, Bosch Flexiclick, Festools, etc. If you get into larger tools, that Flexvolt kit will be a great option because you can use the battery to power the more powerful tools. I would look into other brands in addition to the DeWALT kits you mentioned.
  4. It seemed kinda meh this year. Companies didn't go and a good number of the usual media didn't go. I saw ToolPig and HDCarpentry went but other than that no idea who else went. Maybe Protool/Shoptool Reviews?
  5. I don't think the carrier brackets are compatible with the shop racking but I could be wrong. I suppose I could test it out.
  6. Wow impressive setup. Roughly 60 boxes.
  7. Anything notable at World of Concrete 2021 besides it being in June this year. The 15ah Flexvolt battery was interesting. There was some new cordless cutoff saws in the 12 inch range. I think it was from Husqvarna? DeWALT had more color options for concrete fasteners. Makita did not attend which was surprising.
  8. the van brackets are different if I remember right.
  9. My Ego Nexus arrived. Haven't had much use with it yet. I also had a Festool battery go bad. It was an older model of 5.2 ah 18v pre fuel display. I decided to stock up on batteries. I ordered two 6.2 ah from Acme Tools yesterday. I also preordered the limited edition energy kit and ordered the Syslight Kal II (withiout the mount) from Festool Products today. The energy kit comes with 4 batteries and one airstream charger. 2x 5.2ah and 2x 4.0 ah high power. All 6 batteries I got are the bluetooth enabled options. I should receive the 6.2 ah batteries and light soon and the energy kit in August sometime. Many kits are moving to the 4.0 ah slim packs which are not compatible with my tsc55. The Tsc55 requires either the 8 cell 15v or 10 cell 18v batteries. The limited options of kits with 10 cell batteries made for a tough decision. The kits included 10 cell batteries included tools that I either didn't want/need or wasn't ready to buy yet. The energy kit is a good value but with it being a preorder item I would have to wait almost 2 months to get it. I opted for a combination of energy kit and single batteries. Single batteries isn't ideal in terms of value but I needed replacements soon and with the better value of the energy kit it would keep me ready to go once my other older packs fail on me. I would have ordered everything yesterday, but I found out FestoolProducts/ToolNut has removed PayPal as a purchasing option. They don't know if or when it will become an option again. Super disappointed with this decision since I make most of my online purchases using PayPal. My debit card is limited to $1000 per day which occasionally becomes an issue when I need to make high dollar purchases. I think PayPal has a $10,000 limit per transaction which is much nicer.
  10. @Daniel Wheeler Even your cordless Festool stuff should work. All you would need is the North American chargers and you would be set. Also on all your 110v tools with the removable plug you should be able to buy a North American plug. You shouldn't need adapters then. Your 220v stuff will need other solutions that others have suggested above. Festool should be able to confirm everything you need.
  11. Ordered the Ego Nexus 2x7.5 ah kit. Going to try and make a second work space in a storage unit I rent. I ran out of space in my garage and the storage unit isn't powered.
  12. The DeWALT power station doesn't count?
  13. They have the flexvolt vac which is most powerful cordless vac I think.
  14. The 15 ah is likely going back to 18650 cells but including 30 of them. I heard the 21700 cells required to make a 15 cell battery at 15ah would have less power than the current 12ah.
  15. Which do you expect will happen this year; Milwaukee going back to NPS in May/June or sticking with Pipeline for another year in the fall?
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