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    after xmass sale

    @346 Makita offers a regular circular 6-1/2 inch blade size in both blade right and left. They also offer an x2 track saw which is also 6-1/2 inches but also more expensive. Like @aessu mentioned I would only get a kit with 10 cell batteries preferably 5 ah batteries.
  2. I heard drain at least once a month. Unless parts are loose or something is majorly wrong, you shouldn't have to worry about explosion.
  3. @dustman DeWALT didn't seem to offer what you were looking for in 1-7/8. there was an 1-1/4 one but it wouldn't work. If you don't find something at Rockler you could try a different hose. The vac likely has a different size at the intake that might not be 1-7/8. You would want to make sure the new hose will fit.
  4. Check Rockler. I don't know if they have specifically what your looking for but they have such a large vac accessory offering that they are probably your best option. If DeWALT sells what your looking for then there is no need to search Rockler.
  5. Festool Recon is seemingly back. I haven't bought anything from it personally (yet), but I know some here have scored some pretty good deals on some normally expensive tools that are in excellent condition for being used. Apparently the site wasn't actually inactive, but every time I would check since maybe summer-fall of 2019 it would show the screen indicating the previous item sold out quickly. It is basically a placeholder screen for when nothing is being sold. I always thought they just hadn't been adding any items to the site and I didn't think much about it. Normally I should be gettin
  6. I ordered a second DeWALT dxst10000 shelving unit for my storage unit from Home Depot. I chose ship to store. It was much cheaper than ship to home. I also got a polishing pad for my Rotex 150 and a Surfix finish applicators set from Festoolproducts.com. I heard The Surfix system was being discontinued and wanted to give it a try before it was too late. I wanted to try to buff out finishes with my rotex and I think this kit will be a good start. I will more than likely fill the dispenser cartridges with my own finish once I use up the included Festool finish in them.
  7. I preordered one of Woodpeckers new combo/double squares. I went with the 12in double square option. I also got a belt for my ego snowblower.
  8. Sounds like it might be a corded hedge trimmer but I could be wrong. The ego hedge trimmer goes and keeps on going. A 5.0 battery on it should last most of a working day easy. I'm sure other ope brands would have similar runtimes.
  9. Jronman

    Tim Gebert

    Are you using DeWALT branded nails?
  10. That may be true but doesn't mean the place that sells Bosch blades will sell Diablo.
  11. depends what you do. You have the basics already. Next up would be more specific tools.
  12. Will be interesting to see how the new carbide recip blades compare to Milwaukee and Diablo. Doesn't look like the US will be getting the new blades.
  13. The most powerful battery powered vac that I know of is the DeWALT Flexvolt and Metabo HPT at 124-125 cfm if I remember right. Most vacs that meet osha silica requirements are around 150 cfm. Bosch makes a corded vac with 300 cfm which would exceed your power needs but it is probably going to be about as portable as your 10 gallon Ridgid. Another option for you is a cordless power supply. This would allow you to power most 120v corded vacs. These power supplies aren't cheap. Ego and Milwaukees offerings are over $1000. In the battery platforms you own, Makita makes the most powerful cordless a
  14. Milwaukee version of Tstak????????
  15. @power to0ls here are some things I do to keep safe. I hope they help. If the material is 1-1/2" or less in width I would use a push stick. For material wider than that I rest my right pinky finger on the top of the fence to ensure my hand stays away from the blade. I don't like using push sticks for wider material. It increases the difficulty of getting an accurate cut. If you want to use a push block or a sled that should work just fine since they would have a wider surface to push with. Another tip is don't stand directly behind the piece you are cutting just incase kickback occurs. You wou
  16. I mostly go to Menards for buying the big bags of shelled pistachios. In terms of tools and tool related accessories, I might get something every now and again but they don't carry any of the battery platforms I own which is a reason I find it hard to shop for cordless tools at Menards. There are a few quality hand tool brands I have gotten there. I've gotten most of my Knipex at Menards and half of it I used rebates on. Thats where Menards does a good job. You use your rebates to buy tools that you wouldn't normally buy. I probably wouldn't have gotten my first pair of Cobras if it wasn't for
  17. My shortcomings with Packout have pretty much been resolved during the pipeline. Drawers and wall racks were what I was missing. It might be enough to make me switch but I probably won't consider it until I get a new shop space. I'd like to see customizability features like Tanos has. How cool would it be to option out the other boxes with the white lids from the cooler or have a blackout with red lids. Maybe a red packout with the red handles from the blackout boxes or blackout with black handles from the red boxes. These would just be Milwaukee specific colors but Tanos doesn't limit their b
  18. One step closer to being more like Tanos? Will you be keeping the lid and handles black?
  19. I probably wouldn't worry about my packout if I had any, but I am normally careful with my boxes anyways. Packout may be more expensive than Tough System but you are also getting more strength. Video demos showed it resisting what looked like 12in concrete block while Tough System failed. Do I need that level of protection? It is unlikely I would need this level of protection but I know if I had Packout I won't have to worry about them breaking. This is only if these tests are truthful. The tests I saw were from Milwaukee themselves from an nps coverage.
  20. here is something to consider the original flexvolt 2/6 ah has 15 18650 cells. The xr 6 ah has 10 21700 cells. The 18650 cell is less powerful but you have 5 more to draw from at one time. I'm not sure if the updated flexvolt 2/6 ah has 21700 cells now but if it does then there is no longer the argument towards the battery being less powerful than the xr 6 ah. Also if you want the versatility of having the option of using flexvolt tools, going with the flexvolt battery might be the better option. If you want a lighter weight battery, maybe the xr is the better option.
  21. sweet, Are there any flexvolt tools that you going to use the new batteries in?
  22. I would recommend getting the fuel version of a tool if it is available in m12. I don't know if you are still in need of higher demand tools but since you are in the m18 line now it might be worth looking at more m18 tools. The higher demand tools like the circular saw and jig saw might be the more enjoyable experience over the m12 variants.
  23. I ordered the DeWALT cordless heat gun. I plan to get into epoxy woodworking and in some cases bubbles can occur and the heat gun is supposed to help. I also got some Keen work socks from a 50% off sale.
  24. @Badgerstate it really depends on what product in the m12 line you get and the battery as well. The newer m12 products really perform quite well. If you have the old brushed tools you will find they are very much lacking in performance. I currently own the new 3/8 stubby impact wrench with a small battery. It does everything I need it to do including change tires on my class 4 utility trailer. I don't own any of the larger 6 cell batteries but every video I have seen about the larger batteries shows they have a very much noticeable performance increase when compared to the smaller 3 cell batte
  25. or pull a Tanos and make Packout available to any brand.
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