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  1. No I just have them in my garage. I personally wouldn't use them in a van. I would go with the van racks if you can even find any. Not sure why DeWALT discontinued them van racks
  2. DeWALT is introducing a new 20v max battery called Powerstack that foregoes the cylindrical cell system for a flat pack design. It will be available later this year. Here is a good read about it on ToolGuyd. https://toolguyd.com/dewalt-powerstack-battery/
  3. I have 3 of the regular wall racks setup and haven't had any issues even after a few years of use. Swapping out the plastic for metal just isn't needed in my opinion.
  4. I ordered the 2021 Wera advent calendar. I also got the new Knipex twin grip pliers.
  5. Yeah. Tough System 2.0 was a step in the right Direction in many ways but I think at this point Tough System the biggest issue with Tough System still lies with the mechanism for latching boxes together. I would keep the side handles to retain compatibility with Tough System Wall Racks but change the lid latches to be more like Packout.
  6. interesting. I think they make some things for Festool or used to.
  7. I have seen guys use this thing with rollers attached to a long pole with a slippery fabric connected. they push the roller up the roof then the snow slides down the fabric onto the ground. It might be an option. Also you could try a power broom. There are handheld options and options that look almost like a snowblower.
  8. @David London Battery powered equipment has come a long way. I currently use an Ego single stage snowblower. Runtime is good enough. I use it to make money in the winter. I don't even own a gas unit but I also have more Ego batteries than the average person. You won't likely run out of charge on your property unless you have a large amount of snow. In that case you would want a 2 or 3 stage snowblower. I want to say you could get 2 driveways of 2 car widths done on a single charge with a couple inches of snow.
  9. Milwaukee has announced plans for NPS and/or Pipeline. It is not looking good. They stated we will get neither in 2021.
  10. I have the m12 installation driver and I like the Eccentric driver from DeWALT better. It has a locking collet vs the m12 only has magnetic. I would like to see if the DeWALT chucks fit the m12. They look like a very similar connection system.
  11. interesting. I hope other SB&D brands switch to DeWALT batteries
  12. The residential battery stuff can't compete. If you look into commercial battery equipment you might be surprised. You can get one that has 600 cfm and runs 90 minutes straight with max output enabled. Not going to out perform your more powerful backpack blowers but it should compete with the mid power blowers.
  13. I bought a couple spare ego commercial trimmer heads. I found out they are compatible with the powerhead string trimmer. Super awesome because the quick reloading heads on the power head break quite easy. My last residential head I started using this year and it already broke. The commercial one will last quite a bit longer. I have yet to break the commercial head after heavy use.
  14. There is also Metabo Metaloc which fit within the Systainer/Makpack system
  15. No other regular impact driver is shorter than this. you would have to move into right angle impacts.
  16. DeWALT is releasing a new Impact driver with essentially the same specs as the 887. According to the specs sticker on the tool, it has a bit more ipm but otherwise the same specs. The biggest difference is the size. The tool is now 4 inches from back to front. So small that the battery sticks out farther than the chuck. Shortest impact that I know of. In my search I found no impact that was as short as the DeWALT. The tool has xr branding but apparently it is an atomic tool. The picture shows no Atomic branding. It was pictures of a European model which might have different branding than North America. Travis from Tools by design made a post about it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSzaFkxnWVw/
  17. As someone who does lawn mowing as their main source of income, The biggest issue I see with the electric equipment is not power. It is runtime and rpm. If you want runtime you have to either buy a bunch of batteries or buy a backpack battery. Either option will be a good amount of money. Most battery equipment has loads of torque but lack in rpm. The Ego string trimmers I use are in the 5000-6000 rpm range while a gas unit would be 7000-10000+ rpm. Also you don't have many options for 17in+ battery powered string trimmers. Also .095 is likely your max size of line. My commercial grade Ego is only 15in with a max of .095. My Ego made my 21cc Echo look weak but if I had the 25cc would I be saying the same? I'm not sure. Electric is hard to compare to gas because with electric you basically have max torque all the time. With the gas unit the torque varies quite a bit depending on the rpm. I can get the head on my electric to spin up from a stop with tall growth tangled around it. A gas unit would likely seize up if it tried to do the same from a stop. At least my 21cc wouldn't have enough torque at 0 rpm to get the head spinning if tangled in tall growth. Many of the handheld lawn tools are still supplementary to gas for most lawn professionals. Unless you're someone like me who has enough batteries to get through a day you still will have gas as backup. The first and probably only lawn tool in 2021 that I can't justify having the gas counterpart (even for the pros) is hedge trimmers. Runtime on hedge trimmers even in the least efficient configuration (tiny battery and brushed motor) give great runtimes. For most jobs you don't need a ton of power and if you need a bit more power you can always upgrade to the brushless model and likely get more power. Every other tool will have some kind of compromise
  18. Autodesk Fusion 360 is 30% off right now. Not something you would normally think of when you say tool, but it would be a great addition to the shop. I use it to draw furniture plans and use it in conjunction with my cnc.
  19. I bought a 3 year license for Fusion 360. An expensive purchase but was 30% off which was nice.
  20. Most of the time I will go cordless if I can. I don't have many corded tools. Mostly a few specialty tools from Festool. I currently have batteries from Ego, DeWALT, Milwaukee, and Festool. Many on this forum will likely have multiple battery platforms as well. There are advantages and disadvantages with having one or multiple battery platforms
  21. The Festool Recon site normally only lists one item at a time but today it has around 10 items listed and some of them have some decent savings.
  22. couple new rotary hammer drills and a new 15 ah battery
  23. My sys light kal II and two 6.2 ah batteries arrived. The light is ok. I would have expected a much brighter light for the $200 price tag. The light it shines is a nice light though. I would like to see a 3rd generation that is brighter to make the value of the product much better.
  24. You mentioned diy but also woodworking. If your going into woodworking you might want to look into multichuck drills like the m12 instalation driver, Bosch Flexiclick, Festools, etc. If you get into larger tools, that Flexvolt kit will be a great option because you can use the battery to power the more powerful tools. I would look into other brands in addition to the DeWALT kits you mentioned.
  25. It seemed kinda meh this year. Companies didn't go and a good number of the usual media didn't go. I saw ToolPig and HDCarpentry went but other than that no idea who else went. Maybe Protool/Shoptool Reviews?
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