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  1. First, I love my Z6. Its the best investment I've made in a while. At the rate of innovation that EGO has demonstrated, It was only a matter of time before they delivered on a 4 wheel steering zero turn platform. Cub Cadet has already delivered on the whole steering wheel zero turn thing. And not surprisingly, Cub Cadet's steering wheel zero turn is as ugly as EGOs. I'll be blunt, this steering wheel not only looks stupid, the idea of ditching lap bars for a wheel is a non starter. Especially when compared to zero turn sticks and how well they operate for speed, direction and forward/reverse motion. Give us 4 wheel steering, yes. But do it with lap bars, not a steering wheel. Here's hoping that EGO will be porting this technology to their lap bar zero turn model. It would be the world's first lap bar zero turn with 4 wheel steering. Anyway, what do you guys speculate as to how they are controlling the front caster steering? From the pics we've seen, it doesn't appear that the casters have any external parts that are different from the current Z6. If that holds, the best guess I can come up with is that they have embedded a small, high torque DC motor into the caster fork spindle shroud and mated it directly to the caster fork. In terms of control, it would appear that each spindle motor has a potentiometer that is used to set and report its position back to the main controller circuit. The same controller circuit already reads the lap bar position in order to control the speed and direction of the rear wheels. Adding the front caster DC motors to this circuit should be trivial for the EGO engineers. I bet they have been sitting on this tech for a while. Seems like a no brainer - but ditch that ugly steering wheel! Thoughts?
  2. Newbie Z6 owner here, I checked the user manual but couldn't find anything on this. When I'm done mowing for the day (I've cut the lawn twice so far, lol), I park the mower in my garage in such a way that I need to push it into its designated place (pic below). However, after shutting everything down, the little "gear" icon on the LCD panel keeps flashing for about 5 minutes and as long as its flashing the mower cannot be pushed and will not move. Once it stops flashing, I can freely push the mower around. Does anyone know why this happens, the purpose of this and can it be manually overridden or shut off in order to be able to push the mower freely?
  3. I just noticed than there are 4 bolts holding the seat cushion to the metal seat shell. After removing those screws I could see how its possible to shim the seat to create a better recline angle without affecting the seat rails at all. As a first attempt, I decided to try some thick rubber washers I found at Lowes for less than $2. Adding them to the front left and right bolts holding the cushion to the shell yields about 3 degrees of incline without much effort at all. Pics follow:
  4. My new EGO Z6 is fairly comfortable but the seat is dead flat. I'd like to try to set it up to have a little bit of a recline angle like I'm used to in my SUV - not to that extent but atleast not dead flat so I feel like I could slide forward off the seat. I've taken the seat off the base and I can see how I may be able to do it but I'm not sure how the seat slide would be affected with the offset angle. Best case would be to tilt the suspension base a tiny bit to give the seat a better angle of recline. I'm checking the teardown videos now but curious if anyone has tried anything.
  5. Just brought a Z6 home myself. Preowned, so I'm definitely taking a chance without warranty, but I have never had an issue with any of my Ego products. Having never driven a ZTR before, Its definitely going to take some getting used to, especially on my sloped lot. I have very little flat ground, so probably not the best candidate for a ZTR but I got a killer deal from a local guy so I went for it.
  6. Does this mean EGO has licensed away their option to produce a Reel/Cartridge based mower? That's a damn shame since this one is nearly $2K - <<< update: I was way off, apparently it cost double that!
  7. Yes, its currently set for release in the UK any day now and coming to the US "this year" according to the EGO brand manager:
  8. I've only ever seen it with the backpack unit. I can't say for certain but since its made for commercial users, meant for all day use, I'd say its optimized for the backpack unit.
  9. Similar to this > https://www.allett.co.uk/mowers/homeowner-mower-range/liberty-35/
  10. To my knowledge, you can't currently purchase a cordless electric de-thatcher in the US. Amazon has tons of electric ones though. It would seem a perfect fit for EGO's tech. There is only one cordless reel mower that I'm aware of and its an overpriced, underpowered 15 minute runtime toy (see below). One thing I'd like to see and would definitely be first in line to buy, would be an combo EGO self-propelled reel mower that has a removable blade cartridge so you could purchase additional cartridges like a plug aerator, scarifier, de-thatcher and lawn sweeper (with a collection container that throws clippings into a standard plastic trash bag). Something a bit beefier than this overpriced toy and with maybe a 30 inch cutting swath (this 15 inch is a joke for this price):
  11. Resurrecting an old thread I contributed to a couple years ago! Ego has made some significant moves since then but we still are not seeing the full range of products available outside the US. However, they are expected here this year. The new commercial line that is, which includes a beast of a brushcutter with bike handles, a 26 amp hour backpack battery (9 hours runtime) and some crazy strong 650 CFM blowers:
  12. If I had to guess, I'd say this: https://egopowerplus.co.uk/products/commercial Confirmed from EGO rep, these are coming to the US this year. A 26 amp hour battery that lasts 9 hours on a single charge. Charges in 3.5 hours. A bike handle brush cutter: A brush cutter attachment for power head system: A new line of commercial pro grade trimmers and brushcutters including this beast:
  13. Initial impressions on actual usage I had a few minutes today to test the CORE trimmer out today. I only spent about 15 minutes with it in parts of my front and back yard. First I tested it on the high speed setting with some bushy privet in the back yard. Surprisingly, it did just as well as my 31cc gas powered trimmer on the privet. It was able to cut it down almost to the ground. I'm using the factory line, appears to be .080 Due to the fact that there is no noise and no vibration, the trimmer gives a false impression of its power. I'm used to my 31cc's feel and on that machine, when you rev the engine, you definitely feel like you can dig into some serious overgrowth. On this machine, you do not get the same feeling, but its just as effective. Pretty cool, but definitely something you have to experience to believe. This thing has some serious torque. Interestingly, initially is seems just as effective on the slower 5000rpm setting as on the 7000 rpm setting. The latter definitely feels and sounds faster, but the lower setting appeared to cut through things effortlessly as well. The weeds don't seem to slow it down at all. I need to experiment with some thicker line to see if there's a different feel at all. Bottom line, everything I threw at it in this small test, it handled pretty much effortlessly and the motor didn't feel hot to the touch afterwards, only slightly warm. I'm anxious to get some more time behind this to really get an overall impression of gasless power vs gas, but at first pass, I'm definitely impressed thus far.
  14. The last few pics where you can see closeups of the male/female electrical coupling that CORE power has developed. I believe there are currently only a handful of companies currently offering attachment capability for cordless trimmers and CORE appears to be the ONLY one that is doing it without a drive cable through the shaft. it will be interesting to see what follows in this regard. Here is a unit from a EcoPro that features a removable shaft similar to the Ryobi 40v cordless system: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D1663IC/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=3B43ZE3AGB7LE&coliid=I2OKRR1EDWS0Z6
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