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  1. whats happening forum? my name is Edgar. i started my account earlier this week. didn't see that i could introduce myself first, i already started a post.... ops. anyway im a 22 year old that has been working in construction and landscaping for 12 years. I do everything from indoor remodel to building patios and waterproofing (currently starting to build a pool). its not until these past couple of years that i started to buy my own tools and worked for myself. I stumbled across (tools in action) when looking for reviews to start building up my toolbox. I already see this is a great and active community, so im happy to have joined and cant wait to learn from you guys.
  2. wish i had the dough for multiple platforms, but im also 22 so there is still time for me to build up my arsenal.
  3. thats one of the major reasons im not as excited for it yet. i wanna see it in action to see about recoil.
  4. Edgrrr

    20v max lasers!

    this makes sense to me. i always thought that the 12v lasers just didnt seem good enough for outdoor jobs like surveying a backyards for pools and patios. they seem alot more for indoor jobs then anything. i would love to use the 12v to install cabinets quickly.
  5. Sounds good at least you got a game plan. Im waiting to see a demo on the reciprocating saw. ive been wondering when dewalt was gonna get there act together and finally come out with a brushless reciprocating saw. not ready to upgrade mine unless they make a compact version then i will jump on that bandwagon.
  6. Ive been drooling over this for the past two months. cant wait for the U.S. release date.
  7. cool il take a peek on over then. also don't worry i wont judge about switching over to Milwaukee. everyone is so quick to marry into a brand and defend it. but they all have there ups and downs.
  8. Hello everyone so lately, dewalt has been going after our wallets HARD. it feels like they have announced so many juicy things these past months, and it has me hyped. with of course there announcement of the flex volt and all there goodies. My eyes mainly set on (cordless miter saw and table saw). not to mention there new radio DCR025, which Ive been wanting a dewalt radio. I tried there exciting ones but they all seem to fall short on receptions something that they have promised has improved on said new radio. now the thing that i really been wanting is that new md501 dewalt phone. I do alot of different jobs everything from waterproofing, landscaping and interior remodeling. so I have been trough alot of phones and have been dying for a tough smartphone. so all in all im jazzed so much so i made this account so i could talk to some lovely people from the tia crew about it. so how are you guys gonna deal with the incoming hole in your pockets and what has you most excited?
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