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  1. On 3/4/2021 at 3:34 AM, Jjwillac said:

    There's been some clarification on this.  So the entire backpack appears to be its own battery unit (i.e., individual XGT or LXT batteries are not used) that is charged directly. You can get output cords that will attach to either XGT or LXT X2.  So really it isn't compatibility across platforms, just an "accessory" that will work with either platform. 

    It’s already out and available. 3 adapter available, X2 36v, XGT and direct plug in tools. 

  2. On 10/9/2019 at 4:58 PM, ToolBane said:


    Same here. I’m not sure what the thinking really is. Unless they’ve run these 36V tools and have simply found them to out-perform 18V by a very consistent and significant degree. Then as the two lines grow people may transition on their own accord. I’d speculate that to be unlikely, but we’ll see how that plays out.


    I’m actually a little relieved at the cumulative message as it appears LXT will continue to be their bread and butter.


    I’ll say what I think I’m most optimistic about: this strongly suggests to me Makita likely has 8Ah batteries on the way, with a compact form-factor not unlike what Bosch managed to do with their Core batteries. I say this because the XGT 2.5V looks like nothing more than their 5Ah LXT but with all ten 18650 cells in series instead of a pair of 5 cells in series. The 4Ah 40V Max XGT is only slightly longer at the front, and possibly slightly wider. Those are likely 21700 cells, 10 in series, that would make 8Ah if formatted to 18V for LXT. I’m hoping these come out sooner rather than later.

    There will be no new batteries for the lxt platform. 6ah 18650 will be the biggest for lxt 

  3. 53 minutes ago, ToolBane said:

    Hmm...I dunno...while there are people around social media saying...or perhaps like myself strongly hoping for...backwards compatibility...I’m looking closer now and am not so sure.


    Since I’m on a road trip and can’t access any photoshop software this is about as close to a direct visual comparison of these new batteries vs LXT I can get out of my iPhone and I am NOT at all sure these new ones will fit in LXT tools. Having left all my LXT tools home isn’t helping.


    The other thing is, there’s nothing on these batteries that suggests a second voltage available akin to LXT. There’s noise both ways on social media but at least one person is going so far as to say he’s been attending Makita presentations in Japan and compatibility with LXT has been stated repeatedly. Can’t say that’s more than hearsay until an official press release though.


    From a distance, losing backwards compatibility sounds like it could be more trouble than it’s worth, having to remake almost every LXT model into 36 volt versions of themselves. There also wouldn’t be any option for compact batteries. And most importantly ditching the largest 18V platform on the market to start over could be suicide. They already tried 36V in the past and the market did not embrace it.


    It’s not backwards compatible, it’s pretty clear it isn’t. It will be just another platform in makita’s line. Can’t see then ditching their 18v line. It’s possible the tools are multi voltage and 18v batteries will work on these new tools. There is an adapter being shown, but just speculation at the moment. The global press release is in a few days 

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  4. On 10/3/2019 at 12:05 PM, 07Sierra said:

    Well I just picked up one with the 2018 35 date code and it had the new Samsung cells so if you have anything passed that date code you should have them as well... And that was built in August last year

    Early 2018 they changed to 21700 cells 

  5. On 10/3/2019 at 12:16 PM, xrh07 said:

    Except the 2.0/6.0 uses 15 cells.


    15x 18650s can definitely match (or even exceed) 10x 21700s. 


    And if Dewalt upgraded their 2.0/6.0 packs to the newest Samsung 30A 18650 cells then the Flexvolt packs could very well be capable of significantly more peak power output.  It's worth mentioning because the XR 6.0s & Flexvolt 9.0s were recently upgraded from Sanyo 20700s to the 21700 Samsung 30T.  (The Sanyo 20700s were a 30A cell)


    5s3p Samsung 20S = 90A max @ 18v.  Or 30A @ 54V in Flexvolt mode. 

    5s2p Samsung 30T = 70A max @ 18v. 


    The xr 6.0 will slightly outperform the fv 6.0. I got 10 cuts of 150mm x 8mm thick flat bar with fv 6.0 and 10 1/4 cuts with xr 6.0. It was a xr 6.0 with 20700 and both tests were done with Dewalt’s 18v brushless 5” grinder 

  6. On 8/4/2019 at 10:05 PM, method said:

    Haven't been on here in ages! Would have been 9mm, I measured with my multitool at the time so not the most accurate. I haven't purchased any 8's yet. I see one store has a good deal on at the moment, 2 8's and an ultra charger for $500 I think it was so I might pick them up. I haven't used their 7" but prefer 9” anyway as the wheels are more readily available, last longer, especially when grinding and I get them very cheap these days. 


    Where did you find the info that the 5.5s push out more amps than the 8.0's?


    I had my DeWalt dcs690 cut off tool stolen last week, rumours have it that a 12" model is coming out soon so I will not repurchase for as long as I can in hope it will be here before Xmas.

    On Metabo’s website they makes this claim, it was also on a Metabo flyer at one point. I’ve been using the 7” for a few weeks now and I can’t really tell the difference in power between a 5.5 and 8 besides the poor runtime when using a 5.5. 


    7” wheels are available pretty readily and cheaper than 9” wheel. It has nearly the same grind/cut depth as a 9”. The cordless 7” is very compact, it’s the same body size has their cordless 5”s

  7. On 10/30/2018 at 8:59 PM, method said:

    I can definitely now confirm that after much use, the LiHD batteries keep a more consistent load on the tool. The 7.0ah also lasted almost three times longer than two sets of 4.0ah batteries when cutting 100x100 SHS 8mm thick. Loving this tool! Just wish metabo would hurry up and release the 8.0ah batteries! 

    If you want maximum power for the 9” 5.5ah put out more power than 8.0s. Obviously 8.0s will give longer runtime 

  8. On 10/30/2018 at 8:59 PM, method said:

    I can definitely now confirm that after much use, the LiHD batteries keep a more consistent load on the tool. The 7.0ah also lasted almost three times longer than two sets of 4.0ah batteries when cutting 100x100 SHS 8mm thick. Loving this tool! Just wish metabo would hurry up and release the 8.0ah batteries! 

    You get any 8.0ah batteries yet ? Have you look at Metabo’s 7” cordless grinder ? It has the same depth of cut as a 9”. 


    On another note 100x100 shs doesn’t come in 8mm thick, there’s  6mm and 9mm

  9. On 4/5/2019 at 1:29 AM, ToolBane said:

    Someone came across this and posted in regards to Makita also now releasing high efficiency miter saw blades in both 10” and 12”




    The a4 makita flyer with their range of tools that comes in makita boxes, well a picture of the x2 12” mitre has been there since around August 2018

  10. 14 hours ago, Biggie said:

    Simple answer is yes they can be used interchangeably, a wood circ saw can cut metal and a metal circ saw can cut wood as long as you have the correct blade. 


    A few considerations to keep in mind though:


    1. They usually require specialty blades to switch from one to the other.  A metal saw usually has a slower rpm under 4000 where as your wood saws get up into the 5000rpm range.  The two saws also have different arbor sizes which makes finding a metal blade for a wood saw or wood blade for a metal saw more difficult.


    2.  A metal saw will throw a lot of shrapnel so they have guards that are more enclosed.  If you're going to use a wood saw to cut metal you better have safety glasses and long sleeves. Also because the guard is more enclosed on the metal saws, they don't have a bevel adjustment.


    I'm more accustomed to the metal circ saw as its what I use every day at work and in a pinch I've used it to cut wood 2x4 with the metal blade.  You probably wouldn't want to build a house with it but for a few cuts it has no problems.  I personally have never tried using a wood saw circ saw with a wood blade to cut metal so I don't know what those results would be.

    Wouldn’t recommend using the 680 at all to cut metal. Makita will void the warranty if found out it was used to cut metal, that’s if you had a warranty problem I guess. From memory a 165mm metal cutting blade is 5000 and the 680 is 5000, that’s push the blade at its limit. It will dull quickly. If I’m cutting steel on the 551 with the saw 45° to me I can feel chips hitting, it would be worst with the 680 because it doesn’t have that clear PC cover. The 553 is a lot better with the chip collection. FYI the 680 and 533 both have a 20mm arbor, will be the same in most metric countries. The North America 680 as a 5/8 arbor and their 533 has a 20mm arbor 

  11. 2 hours ago, Jamie Winter said:

    Hey Guys 


    i know a lot of people import from the USA I’m just wondering if anyone here knows of any decent tool company to use


    it would be great for any recommendations

    They’re available on eBay. Should be released to other countries very soon but 

  12. On 2/4/2019 at 4:03 PM, The.Handyman said:

    Where did you get the CFM rating from. I spoke directly to the product manage who said that spec wasn't going to be available until closer to release as they tweak the product.

    Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk

    One of the younger Dewalt’s rep gave me that information. He asked someone else. Also was told it was only for overhead and vertical drilling 

  13. 7 hours ago, Roasty said:

    Just picked up 2 12’s at total tools today.

    you can check their stock on the website and check each store to see who has them in. Can’t wait to test out runtime

    Everyone should have stock. They got delivered to most stores last Wednesday-Thursday 

  14. On 12/14/2018 at 10:12 PM, method said:

    They are listed for $249AUD but says available from the 7th of Jan. Originally it was available on the 30.10 then 07.12 now 07.01 on the Sydney tools website. Total tools have them for special order.  It's strange the way they work here, I bought my dcs690 from Sydney tools in port Melbourne,  no other Sydney tools store stocked it at the time, and total tools got it over a month later. Wouldn't you think it's released on the same day everywhere? Something to do with the deals the store owners make with the company so I was told.

    The 12.0s have been in the country for 1.5 month waiting for fumigation. Stores will start receiving stock on Monday. Not really dewalt Australia’s fault. It’s customs 

  15. On 10/27/2018 at 9:53 PM, SchenzhenSpecial said:

    Personally think it needs AWS and it needs Makpac compatibility. Until it has both of those it's not for me. Would have been nice to see it on a 36v platform too as cordless vacuum run times are pitiful.


    This example is the best I've seen with 36min on low with a 6ah.

    This vac was developed for the cleaning industry not so much for construction trade industry. There’s a huge commercial cleaning industry at the moment and they’re screaming  for cordless solutions. This is the information I got from Makita research and development team about this particular vacuum 

  16. On 11/22/2018 at 8:17 PM, method said:



    I went to use it at work after asking in store if it accepts 1/4", was told it does and then found that none of my carbide bits fit. The store gave me a makita collet to use until the dewalt ones come in later this month but it comes loose after a few minutes of use.



    Dewalt’s corded die grinders have a 1/4 collect. The parts is around $40 from Dewalt Australia. I got them to take a 1/4 collect out of a corded model at Sydney Tools and they ordered a new one to replace that. 


    Ive got the 54v grinder but prefer the 18v brushless grinder. A tad less power. I use grinder daily and found my self picking the 18v grinder more. Longer runtime too with a 9.0 than the 54v grinder 

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