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  1. Dewalt were talking about the end of the year maybe but I have my doubts. They just released flexvolt kits with 18v tools and FV batteries. U.K. Doesn't have the 18v 6.0 and we get what they get. I bought some in America, also a eBay seller in Melbourne importing and selling them here.
  2. The new dewalt grinder will get longer run with the 20v max XR6.0 with double row 20700 cells vs the FV 6.0. My dch293 gets more holes drill with the 20v max XR 6.0 than the FV 6.0. I'm only assuming at this point until I get the new dewalt grinder
  3. The rpm on the fuel and makita is painfully slow when cuttung/grinding, good for a flap disc. Check out the metabo 7" bl 18v, its same size at the 5"
  4. And the new dewalt brushless 18v grinder. Pair it with a FV 9ah or the XR 20v max 6ah battery, it should run good. Plus the metabo brushless grinders and 7ah battery
  5. The makita 5" is fine for all day use with a flap disc. I've had the fuel but get heaps of thermal overload of the batteries when pushed hard
  6. You didn't answer my question, do you have the x2 9" ? No I don't use utube, but I have 15 years experience as a boilermaker/welder using a lot of different brand/size grinders. The grinder did not stop once in any of the cutting/grinding in my photos. The motor barely bogs down when leaning on it hard.
  7. Have you used the makita x2 9" ? This is no toy and puts out plenty of power
  8. Not for industrial grinding, said who ? Im using an array of cordless grinder in my workshop doing heavy metal fab. My go to mainly is the FV grinder and makita x2 9" now it's out and have it
  9. Yes you are correct, the sub compact drill/driver and hammer has been out here for well over a year. The impact around march this year. We got everything except the sub compact recip but shouldnt be too far away. Who did you order the black kit from in the states ? Aok power equipment will ship to Australia. I pick up a black sub compact kit from Home Depot and carried it back to AUS meself
  10. Couldn't agree more. One good example of this I was thinking about the other week. I had 2 in my workshop, both approximately 2 years old, one of them gearbox blew up and the other just stopped working. I've got a Bosch 5" that's around 4 years old and it hasn't missed a beat. Over the passed 15 years I've used a mix of Bosch and metabo grinders it seems Bosch last longer. One thing I've noticed you get a lot of these box opener tool reviewer that get sent sample metabo grinders, use them for a few hours and say they are the best on the market
  11. Yes, the 9" spins at 6000rpm, max rpm on a 9" disc is 6800rpm. The 7" spins as 7800 rpm
  12. You certainly can, there is a spot and they slide in. The spacing is bigger for when the new batteries come.
  13. You should see the case that they come in here in Australia lol, it's huge. I think I'd take the bag
  14. That's pretty good to dubbo. Yes mts is one, think they offer 1 year warranty on their tools and 3 months on batteries. National power tools is another, they offer 1 year on batteries. That can be taken into consideration when buying eBay Australia 20v max tools vs eBay US 20v ma tools, that these Aussie sellers offer a small warranty
  15. There is a few Aussie sellers on eBay importing 20v max stuff with a warranty. Some stuff is actually cheaper than buying it in the US, I know for a fact, I bought a few 20v max tools while I was in the US, saw these Aussie sellers on eBay months later with it cheaper. 2 weeks that's ages haha, I got a dch293 in 2 days from the US to Sydney
  16. If that was the case why in Australia is makita's 10.8v slide called 12v max ? M12, it's also 10.8v. It's far from misleading if you understand the word max and what it means. Dewalt in North America couldn't swallow their pride, they said they would never change the battery style back in the old xpr pod style days. They had to come up with a new name hence the 20v max branding. FV just followed on with the same MAX branding
  17. It's not descriptive if you multiple a few numbers. Yes agree they should put the actual watts hours regardless of the max branding. Dewalt in North America branded slide 18v as 20v max cause they couldn't swollew their pride. They said they would never change battery style from the old 18v xrp pod style, So they needed to come up with a new name. Yes pretty dumb idea as the rest of the world didn't have problems changing. Unknown why they did the same with flexvolt, calling it 60v max, probably cause it sounds better haha
  18. Really ? Anyone with half brain can understand the meaning of MAX and work out the correct watt hours. Explain why it is bullshit marketing?
  19. The barrel grip isn't out in the states. No idea why
  20. I checked the 54v rotary today, definitely no 2mm rubber boot over the housing. It's just a different colour to the 20v max
  21. Yes I agree with you. Hence 54v, higher voltage is more efficient
  22. I'll have both soon and will be testing them against each other. I'll check one today but I'm sure it isn't rubber. It's also has the 2 flexvolt tabs, you would have to snap them off. So Can you can say for sure that the 20v max would likely have identical power to the 60v max if a FV packed was used ?
  23. They are identical in look, but the specs slightly different. Joules, rpm, bpm are the same, but the 20v max is rated at max Dia 28mm and the 54v is max Dia 30mm. I'm 99%sure it doesn't have a rubber overmould as you say, it's just coated in a black/dark grey colour last time I checked on in store. I'll check again next time
  24. I have a 20v max dch293 over here in Australia, there is also another 54v rotary in Europe dch323, less impact joules, bpm and rpm.
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