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  1. 18v brushless grinder is maybe available late Q3, if not Q4
  2. Nice! I have a dch293 here in Australia, a buddy sent one over from the US for me. I thought it was a better choice over the 54v sds plus we get in Australia. The dch293 is definitely the quickest 20v max/18v rotary on the market at the moment. It's doesn't get know near as hot as the 2715.
  3. 36v at 12ah It's 36v at 6ah with 2/6ah batteries
  4. You know the makita x2 rotary smokes the 2715 and the makita is only rated at 3 joules on paper. Milwaukee always blow the ratings out on paper out. Another example is the new fuel metal circ saw, the box states fastest on the market, however the makita bl metal can cut quicker. I reckon the dch293 will easily outperform the 2715. Biggest problem with the 2715 it gets hot very quickly and the batteries go into thermal overload, even the 9.0's
  5. In Australia we got a 54v version of this 20v max rotary. US didn't get a 54v sds plus ?
  6. I'm still waiting to get sent the photos. Ive heard it from a few reps, photos have been getting around makita worldwide and sample units aren't far away
  7. From what I heard the compact 3ah won't fit x2 tools
  8. A compact 3ah with 20700 is in development. Something similar with a 9ah too, possibility vertical mounted cells to keep pack the same length across as current packs or they ain't fitting x2 tools
  9. From information I got it was a 305mm bl x2 mitre ? Photos are already floating around of the 7 and 9 bl x2 grinders
  10. It's oscillation is 45 degrees. 3 speed and 3 timer setting. I actually had it set up on my bedside table in summer. It was a tad noisey on low as the motor made a whine sound. Need to put it on speed to to drown the motor whine sound out.
  11. I have one and it's unreal. Best cordless fan on the market. Only thing I don't like is the run times isn't the greatest
  12. My flexvolt rep told me aug for 12". Plunge is available now but back line order so 7 days same goes for the 9ah. No one has the 9ah in store yet
  13. 12inch mitre saw isn't available till August
  14. Definitely wouldn't want to pushing the lock button while it's still spinning, I seen heaps of grinders break from doing that. Chunking metal sounds are never good. It's easy enough to get Thur nut off by hand. Definitely wouldn't want to be grinding so close to cars like at the start of the video either, you'll get little burn marks in the paint, it will cause rust spots. What are they thinking ?
  15. 18x2 brushless 9 and 7 inch grinders are coming this year
  16. Makita_2233

    Makita App

    Interesting it's a charger, what did it look like ? The sub compact kit I picked up in the US had the below information on the side sync lock controller
  17. Makita_2233

    Makita App

    Apparently the technology is already in star makita batteries
  18. Makita_2233

    Makita App

    Word from a makita Australia R&D rep was that it wasn't coming to Australia any time soon
  19. Makita_2233

    Makita App

    It's been developed for the US market. It's called sync lock and need adapter to put on the battery. The sync lock information is on the side of the new sub compact stuff being sold in the US. I spoken with a USA makita rep recently while I was in the US and the adapter isn't out yet. I've asked my local makita Australia rep and was told it's unlikely come to Australia
  20. Yes we do but the Australian minimum wages is higher then the US, as some one previously said. I noticed a fair few tools in HD that cost more then in Australia. Milwaukee 9ah $169-$199 USD, Australia $185AUD Makita blower i think was $69USD in HD, its $71aud here. Same for the stick vacs, cost more in HD. There was a few other things but can't think of them at the moment. I picked up an oil impulse drive from tool nut and it ended up cost $280aud. They costs $570aud in the tool shops here.
  21. Yes some lasers do. I have a green line laser that can be locked off on any angle
  22. I didn't see any 148 left in any HDs while I was in the US and I went into about 12 stores. The 154 replaced the 148. People in Australia are still searching for old stock of 148's. I was in a tool shop in Sydney around mid January and some guy came in asking for the makita made in Japan impact and my mate who works in the shop goes yep got one left 148 in stock. He told me after heaps of people have been looking for them. I look over and see about 8 170's sitting on the shelf and Im like you could be selling them, they are made in Japan. He goes I didn't think of that
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