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  1. Yes that 18v makita smashes all the competition but you would expect that from a company that made the first electric planer I believe
  2. What are the new heavy duty red and green lasers, line lasers ? From the previous post you made.
  3. That would really depend on the tool being used, for example Milwaukee 2715 fuel rotary hammer drill. Drilling a 25mm dia hole paired will 9ah battery will run circles around the same drill with 5ah battery. 9ah gives the drill more power, drilling time is quicker and the 5ah battery overheats pretty quickly
  4. It's just a rumour I've heard from a few Milwaukee reps in Australia. Not sure on how ture it is
  5. That's what I've heard too. I also heard it's height is shorter then the current 2ah and a 12ah battery is in the works. I've been told is height is shorter then the 9ah
  6. This drill is out in Canada. Dhp484, same part number as Australia. US is different part number
  7. They were selling dt170 in the USA with made in China on the box but the tool sticker said made in Japan. Doesn't matter if you buy from Japan or not. I bought a td111 from a eBay seller in Japan who I bought a my green td170, the td111 was made in China
  8. The tick is the same thing used in one key tool, you can put it on ladders etc. It works on Bluetooth, they need to make one with the ability to have a SIM card, same with one key tool. You could track your tools everywhere then
  9. Makita x2 is a quick drill and specs are underrated, it's down fall is the vibrations. Milwaukee has that covered
  10. The makita x2 drilling a 1inch hole will drill quicker then Milwaukee 2715 with a 5ah battery, throw a 9.0 and it will beat the x2. 2715 vibration is way less then the makita
  11. A guy in Japan on eBay sells the colored impacts, eBay name yosh-set
  12. Can't beat the Milwaukee one key, I have makita BL 36v and the Milwaukee one key saws. Milwaukee runs circles around the makita
  13. Makita_2233

    m18 9.0

    Do you a notice a performance boast with the 9.0 on the sds max ? Compared with the 5.0
  14. The drill has been out for awhile in Australia but not in black. The drill is the same as the 12v expect the chuck on the 18v is 1/2 not 3/8 as the 12v, makes the 18v slightly longer
  15. I've got the 18v drill you posted links too, I posted photos earlier in the thread. I also have the 12v BL cxt drill. It is a tad shorted then the 18v, but only because the 12v has a 3/8 chuck and 18v having 1/2. If I had to choose between the 2, I would take the 12v cxt
  16. Yeah I know and thought about buying the m12 rotay hammer for small holes but I only drill 7mm and below diameter holes a few times a year. I mostly drill 12mm-28mm and got the makita BL rotary hammer, the milwaukee m18chp and a few corded hilti's
  17. I agree on that. What I was getting at if you don't drill small anchors regularly a hammer drill will get the job done for a few holes around the house
  18. Sometimes an sds is not really suitable, too much impact joules. An example of where a small compact hammer would be good, installing wall plugs in a house with old brick ( soft brick ) and the dill dia is only 6mm or 1/4
  19. One the makita BL cxt 12v max the hammer adds 14mm to the overall length and bugger all weight. Comparing it to the BL drill/drive
  20. This is the new BL hammer model in Australia DHP483Z
  21. Toolpig's video is of him doing both. Something eles interesting is, he has a China made 36v and it doesn't have a tool free shoe adjustment lever
  22. Toolpig on Instagram has a video showing the same result as my video, 36v more powerful. It seems that makita are making 36v model, 18v model in Japan and China
  23. I saw that, I aslo have a video I did at a makita expo a few weeks ago. It's a similar result as toolpig
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