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  1. I order mine from Japan in lime green. Got it the other day. The wrtining on the control panel is in Japanese, no big deal but.
  2. I got one last week, very impressed with it
  3. I got the brushless model dtp141 last week. It's an awesome tool, the electronic clutch is impressive. The specs say max dia 10 in steel. I was running dia 13mm into 6mm steel plate all day, did it with no problems
  4. The 14.4v makita batteries work in makita lights, usb charger, radios, fans, etc. Sydney tools in Australia are selling them for $49aud at the moment. Good value for 43.2wh battery.
  5. 36v model has a performance gain over the 18v. Harder material, it can cut quicker. I was at a makita expo in Sydney yesterday and tested this myself. Makita rep using the 36v model, me using the 18v, cutting austrailan hardwood. 36v was quicker. Djr187 is made in China and djr360 is made in Japan.
  6. Some new product from the makita expo in Sydney. A new 18x2 brushless chain saw. A new brushless 1/2 impact wrench with a new mode, cuts power under no load in reverse dtw285
  7. Makita DDF483Z tge compact drill drive been in Australia for a few weeks now. Specs in photo
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