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  1. Thank you. I honestly don't see myself expanding much beyond the combo kits themselves. Mostly a DIY/homeowner. I do like the fact that Metabo HPT has a converter, just because it future proofs the platform if for some reason batteries don't become available/discontinuation. I already have a Multivolt hammer drill I picked up for cheap bare, from when Lowe's was resetting a bunch of displays and had some pretty big discounts. If it sounds like I'm leaning away from the Kobalt XTR, it's mostly due to Lowe's barely marketing it and their history of flaking out and underpromoting/discontinuing several cordless platforms in the past (Rockwell, for all intents and purposes Porter-Cable, 12v/18v Kobalt, etc.) I'm glad to see they've stuck with the 24v line for the time being and just hope that continues.
  2. Just noticed that both of these kits are on sale (the Kobalt is a New Lower Price, but Lowe's is infamous for bouncing them back up to full retail): Metabo HPT 5-tool kit for $399 (includes 36v Multivolt circular saw, everything else is 18v brushless): Metabo HPT (was Hitachi Power Tools) 5 Tool Cordless Combo Kit in the Power Tool Combo Kits department at Lowes.com Kobalt XTR 5-tool kit for $349: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-XTR-5-Tool-24-Volt-Max-Brushless-Power-Tool-Combo-Kit-with-Hard-Case-Charger-Included-and-2-Batteries-Included/1002274180 Thoughts on either, and/or suggestions on which you'd recommend?
  3. aabee

    Hitachi sold?

    I know it's been a long time since news broke that Hitachi would be rebranded Metabo HPT but I still can't get over the stupidity of this new name. Anything that's 6 syllables long for a tool company is 3 syllables too much. Not to mention that these new Metabo HPT tools won't share Metabo batteries and vice versa. I don't think Metabo is as popular a name in power tools among mainstream users as this forum would have you believe.
  4. I know, just being sarcastic. DeWalt hasn't given a crap about 12v for the last 6 years so part of me wonders why they even acknowledge its compatibility.
  5. Post of the century right here. It's funny 'cause it's true.
  6. The Milwaukee shills are the easiest to identify. They're the ones who cite the PowerState Brushless Motor (tm), Red Lithium Batteries (tm) and Red Link Plus (tm) technology. There's one in particular who fits this criteria to a T and his show rhymes with Snarky. Oh yeah...this saw looks sweet, too.
  7. Looks just like a yellow trash can.
  8. Looks like a glorified PC 2.0 with nothing that screams innovation or even reaches for it. I'll pass. Made in Murrca only goes so far if you don't have the specs or performance to make anything stand out.
  9. Is it me or does Bosch brighten up their blue when pics of new tools come out? I remember they did the same for the 12v brushless line. You see them in person and they're so dark the blue is barely visible from a distance.
  10. Looking forward to updates...I have lots of corded Bosch and think their quality in general is second to none. Really hoping for them to step up their game in the cordless sector, especially in NA as a lot of their stuff is brushed and at least 5 years old.
  11. In all honesty, you'll be happy with either brand. I only own Milwaukee 18v & 12v and Makita 18v and there's nothing more I need. Milwaukee releases their tools at a faster pace (at least here in NA) so they frequently have class-leading tools in terms of specs. Obviously their reciprocating saws are their bread and butter but their circular saws are also great and when it comes to jobsite lighting, they're in a tier by themselves. They have lots of promos at Home Cheapo but I generally prefer eBay or Acme for red tools. If you only want to invest in 1 platform, I'd give the nod to Makita. You can go small with the subcompact line or go big with their X2 tools. I feel Makita's drills and impacts are the most refined and highest quality available. Milwaukee and DeWalt often have quirks with theirs, such as jaws that continue spinning in the chuck after the trigger has been released, obnoxiously loud brakes in speed 2, high-pitched squeals and difficulty feathering the trigger (the latter two were especially prevalent in the M18 Fuel Gen 2 drill/impact). Makitas can be feathered far easier than any other brand if you're doing precision work. Another thing to note is their standard charger is the most efficient/fastest of the "Big 3" brands. Ergonomically their grips and trigger placements are the best, with only Hitachi and DeWalt coming close. Lastly, there's little to no battery slop. Either way, you can't go wrong.
  12. I actually ordered one of those online months ago; at the time, it came with a free M12 2.0 battery and charger. I won't say where I ordered it from, but apparently a mistake was made and I ended up having 3 BT speakers w/battery and charger instead of 1, so I sold one of them, kept 1 for myself, and gave the other to my now-wife. I think I'm going to stick with my black Makita AM/FM BT radio. That's the best-sounding radio outside of the huge Tough System/Power Box models I've heard and its footprint is a heck of a lot smaller to boot. I love Milwaukee but I couldn't believe how lackluster their most recent M18 radio was. In terms of features and sound quality it might as well have been released in 2010.
  13. This radio goes for $219. Hard pass. semi-OT, but my favorite radio is the Makita black AM/FM with BT. It's reasonably small but has loads of features and sounds better than larger radios (like the DCR025).
  14. Is there a special sale/promo going on, or is it just finally being sold in US stores? I can't even find it on eBay except for international sellers. And to those who have it, is this basically a smaller ToughSystem radio with 60v compatibility with (I hope) at least as good sound?
  15. Hi all! I'm in the market for a quality AM/FM radio. Bluetooth would be nice, too. I've used the most recent M18 radio (which doesn't have BT for some reason) and really wasn't impressed with its sound quality. It seems Milwaukee really doesn't have much to choose from on this front. Their most recent AM/FM radio in the M12 line was released 8 years ago. I was also looking at the M18 BT AM/FM radio/Charger; it's been out for about 3 and a half years but it averages out to be more than $200 and I haven't heard much about its audio quality. Any opinions on how it compares to, say, the DeWalt DCR025 or Makita radios? (I'm assuming it doesn't match the Tough System radio so I'm excluding that from comparison) Thanks!
  16. For those who have this set, I have a question: I've used both M18 and M12 Fuel drills/impacts (both 2nd gen) and have noticed when feathering the trigger they both let out a shrill, high-pitched noise when feathering the trigger prior to the chucks rotating. Does that happen with these?
  17. Milwaukee misleads more with their bar graphs on their packaging than your average politician. I like their tools, but MAN are they fishy.
  18. Got myself the 2nd gen M12 Fuel drill/impact combo for $199 with a free 6.0 battery. Last day of the sale!
  19. I've owned DeWalt power tools but currently own Makita and Milwaukee. I think DeWalt's power tools are very good, but the forward/reverse switches on their drills and impacts are too far ahead near the front of the tool to switch as easily as most other brands, which is a shame as the handles are among the most ergonomic. I used to own their 12v tools and watched as they remained utterly stagnant in that platform year after year while Milwaukee ran circles around them. I asked why they no longer supported that platform and was told they were still being "supported" (i.e. still available for purchase) but they wouldn't address WHY they abandoned any type of advancement. Ditto for their 8v platform. I'm not a fan of their "20v Max" nomenclature (ditto for the rest of the SBD platforms such as PC, B&D, Bostitch, etc.) and having worked at Lowe's it became extremely tedious having to explain it away as a marketing gimmick to casuals who figured it meant moah powah than the 18v competitors. The fact that they're seemingly content to put a cap on their 20v Max platform's potential to shift the heavier duty tools to FlexVolt is a concern. Why not come out with a more potent brushless reciprocating saw in the 20v Max category? Ditto impact wrenches, etc. In general I just find myself questioning how committed they truly are to 20v Max innovation in both the short and long run. Just my .02
  20. I'm invested in Milwaukee and DeWalt; don't have a strong preference for one platform over the other. I realize the Milwaukee Fuel has been around for a while and I own both 9.0 and 5.0 batteries. Meanwhile I own some 5.0 batteries for DeWalt. Right now Lowe's has a deal were you buy a bare brushless 20v saw and you get a free 6.0 battery. Does anyone have first-hand experience from both? In protoolreview's circular saw shootout the DeWalt finished higher than the Milwaukee FWIW. Thanks!
  21. Both programmable lights with 360 coverage, both about the same height, Milwaukee's is brighter, but there's a huge price difference ($200 or so for the DeWalt vs $599 for the Milwaukee). Is there anyone who has experience with one or both that could shed some light (clank) on how these compare?
  22. It's definitely not just a Milwaukee thing; DeWalt's first brushless 20v Max brushless drill (the DCD790) had the loudest brake of any drill I've ever used.
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