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  1. I don't know of any that come from the factory with reverse only but it wouldn't take much to open one up and modify the direction switch on the trigger.
  2. Biggie

    20V Impact Wrench

    It really just depends on your situation. If the blades have been taken off regularly and not over torqued the compact dcf880 should be sufficient, while being much lighter and depending on what you have for a lift its also more compact. Now if the blades haven't been taken off in years and are rusted or they have been off and someone over torqued them, you might need the mid range dcf894 or high torque dcf899. Just be careful with the dcf899 if you're not familiar with impact wrenches because it does have enough power to strip and break things. Personally I have about every imp
  3. With all Milwaukee tools the first 4 numbers indicate the tool model and then the last 2 numbers indicate if its a bare tool or if it comes in a kit with batteries and how many batteries. example: 2825-20 bare tool 2825-21 kit with tool and one battery 2825-22 kit with tool and two batteries( I couldn't tell you if this is even offered for the sting trimmer)
  4. I always assumed the F was for fastener.
  5. My tool addiction really stems from my daily use of impact wrenches. So you would think when they release two new impact wrenches in my primary tool line, I would be excited. But to be honest I don't really need either of these new models. I already have the m12 stubby and gen 1 mid torque and while they're both nice to have in the tool box, that's where they stay 90% of the time. My main go to is still the compact impact wrenches for my work and I've found that the wide body on the stubby doesn't fit into a lot of places i commonly need to so i just don't see these new gen 3 compact model
  6. When you're as late to the game as dewalt was with this light why would they not incorporate more hanging options. I have the original m18 flood light and the new flood light with swivel head. While the original was nice and bright its not nearly as versatile as the new one with a built in magnet and clamp. You can attach it to all sorts of surfaces and the the swivel allows you to focus the light where you need it.
  7. As a result of competition most impacts are too powerful. Sure its great that a guy on youtube can drive a 1/2" lag bolt or take off a lug nut but for driving screws they don't need that much power.
  8. Don't have the saw but looking at the diagram it would only make sense that the cup of the spring washer faces in towards the saw blade. The smaller diameter bolt presses on the center of the spring washer compressing it against the blade acting as a sort of lock washer. If it was with the cup out it wouldn't hardly compress the spring washer.
  9. Yea the m18 right angle is small and fits in a lot of places but its pretty weak when it gets there.
  10. I haven't really had a chance to use it and see how it compares but here are a few side by sides of some comparable tools if anyone was wondering. Personally I wish it was a little smaller head but to get 220ft/lbs of torque I guess you can only get so small.
  11. Tool body is a little long and the head is pretty girthy but for the right situations it'll come in handy.
  12. My dad has the 20v and I have the 60v. I haven't used his 20v in a couple years now but from what I remember it had decent power for a homeowner trimming grass around the house. When I got my 60v they had a really good promo going for the kit with a 9.0 battery so that was my deciding factor. Being 6'2" tall, the first thing I noticed was the 60v is longer and was much more comfortable for me. If I remember right with the 20v it seemed to work best in the higher speed. With the 60v trimming around the house I never use the high speed and actually still feather the throttle so
  13. We have a dcd995 that's about 6 years old that makes a similar noise. Started doing it when it was like a year old and has never caused any issue with the drill. Its annoying but I've never actually tore it apart to try find out whats rattling.
  14. I personally think its a design flaw and the gears are too weak. We use the saws daily but no where close to using them enough to wear them out in under 6 months. Doing the same work we were getting over 5 years out of the corded 8" model. It was always a specific abusing task that broke the corded model, like one broke the day after a newer guy was cutting some heavy I-beams. That wasn't the case with the fuel 5⅜", I mainly cut 12ga sheet steel with it and I was never abusing it when it broke.
  15. I keep taking out the gears. Started with a new saw in fall of 2017 broke it, sent it in and they repaired it with armature and gear housing. Stripped gears again and they sent me a new saw. Broke 2nd new saw and sent it in to warranty to have them replace armature and gear housing. Broke repaired saw and I'm now on a 3rd new saw. I see in the online parts manual they have updated the gear housing, but I haven't even used the newest saw because about the time I got it they released the new 8" so I've just been using my brushed 5⅜" saw. I'm still trying to decide if I should k
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